TomVH: Darian Cooper Update

Submitted by TomVH on May 22nd, 2010 at 8:30 PM

Maryland DT Darian Cooper is on his way home from the Big House BBQ, after he enjoying his visit. "Everything went really well," he said. "We got to see the new renovations and the field and everything. We also had a quick tour of the academic facilities, and the food was really good. I really liked the BBQ chicken, so that was nice."

Cooper and his mother got in Friday night, but got in late, so they didn't really get to take anything in until today [Saturday]. It was important for both Darian and his mother to build relationships on this visit, and he said that was accomplished. "My mom and I both sat down with coach Singletary, Dews, and coach Rodriguez. I like them to meet my mom, so I can get her opinion on everything, too. She liked everything, and even exchanged numbers with some of the other recruits parents. All the recruits kind of introduced themselves, too, so I got to know them a little bit."

His mother has now seen Michigan, Penn State, and Maryland with Darian, and they plan on trying to make as many visits as they can. "I'm going to try to get out to Michigan State, Clemson, and NC State, too. I'd really like to visit everyone that has offered me, because I feel like I owe them that respect, since they offered me," he said. Cooper doesn't have a leader after this event, and probably won't until he gets to see all  the schools he wants.

Although he's not ready to name a leader yet, Michigan definitely did themselves a favor with this event. "I liked it a lot," Darian said. "It was real informal and laid back. They weren't trying to hype anything, and I really liked that. We just got to sit back and talk about life and not all football, which was great."



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...that Darian Cooper enjoyed his visit.  The BBQ at the Big House event sure seems like it does a great job of portraying the program as a home away from home for the players.  That's got to be a selling point for many of these kids and their parents, especially the out of staters.


May 22nd, 2010 at 10:33 PM ^

I drove by the stadium and saw a group of big guys wearing hard hats. My brother was in the car with me, and he said, "I can't believe they are working on the stadium today." I responded, "Nope, that is definitely a group of recruits."  Looks like I was right.


May 23rd, 2010 at 9:30 AM ^

These guys are just great recruiters, they seem to always throw a good time and never try to push the envelope with the recruits. Just wait until we start winning a lot of games again and how many recruits will like us then.


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What I like most about their recruiting style is that they get to know the parents of the potential students.  When the coaches take the time to speak with family, it shows that they work to better know the recruit as a person and not just a stat sheet.