Harbaugh vs. Rolovich in QB Challenge: Who Ya Got?!

Harbaugh vs. Rolovich in QB Challenge: Who Ya Got?!

Submitted by Steves_Wolverines on August 30th, 2016 at 6:31 PM


UH Head Coach Nick Rolovich took to twitter to challenge Harbaugh to a friendly QB competition before the game on Saturday. Harbaugh's response?  

“Yeah, I’d be open to it,” Harbaugh said in response to a question this morning on the Big Ten Conference media conference call. 

“Quarterback shootout? Interesting. I’ll see what he has in mind. Yeah, I’d be glad to talk to Nick about that. Sounds like a challenge, huh?”

Harbaugh then said, “I think I know what competition he is talking about. So, that would be interesting. Yeah, I’d be open to it.”

Of course Harbaugh would never reject a challenge. He's the most competitive guy I've ever seen. My prediction? Harbaugh wins this QB shootout in blowout fashion, as a prelude to what's going to happen on the field.

Edit: For reference, Rolovich was QB at UH in 2001, then had a journeyman career, bouncing from the Denver Broncos, to NFL Europe, AFL, and the German Football League.

(I'm still taking Harbaugh)


Harbaugh ESPN Sunday Conversation [Transcript]: "Play, Coach, and Die"

Harbaugh ESPN Sunday Conversation [Transcript]: "Play, Coach, and Die"

Submitted by Swayze Howell Sheen on August 29th, 2016 at 6:25 AM

There was an interesting Sunday Conversation between some ESPN interviewer and Coach Harbaugh recently. I provide I transcript here for your enjoyment. The best part is the end (though it's all pretty interesting). In this Question/Answer session, "Q" means the interviewer and "A" is Harbaugh, naturally.


Q: Jim, there's something you probably have to fight, perception vs. reality. In the public perception of you, you can be brilliant, you can be calculating, you can be down to earth, and you can be a little bit nuts. What's the actual reality; how would you actually describe you?
A: Uh, nuts? I wouldn't describe [myself] as that.  Very serious about being good at home, with Sarah, as a a husband, very serious about being a good dad to my kids, very serious about being a good football coach.  Pour my heart and soul into those three things.
[Showing video of Harbaugh screaming at referee from last year, with hat falling off]
Q: Is there such a thing as "Harbaugh Light"?
A: Yeah, uh. I'm with myself 24 hours a day, and it would be nice to maybe have some Harbaugh Light, you know, maybe 2 or 3 hours instead of 24. Might be better.
Q: You're reluctant to do a lot of interviews ...
A: [interjects] Peel back the onion ...
[Video showing pictures of Harbaugh with Jerry Springer and Harbaugh's tweet "Great seing jerryspringer at Disneyland. Great guy!" and picture of Harbaugh wearing Lakers shirt and perhaps buying a Sixers uniform with tweet "Last minute shopping in LA. All set for tomorrow, Thx Larry."]
Q: All that, right. And yet you do so many things that draw attention to you. How do you reconcile that?
A: I like to stay busy. I like to do things. The sit down interview, where they take that deep look or whatever, I don't like that as much.
[Video showing of Harbaugh throwing out first pitch at Wrigley]
Q: You are a guy who is known as being ultra-competitive.  When you played, when you coach, shoot, you brought your own cleats and your glove to a ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley [field] recently.
A: Who doesn't?
Q: [interjects] Everybody doesn't!
A: [laughs]
Q: You are the first person in Cubs history to ever have brought your own cleats ...
A: [interjects] I was always trained to bring your own glove to a game; you never know when you could get a foul ball, etc.
Q: But you wore cleats to throw a first pitch!
A: Yeah, right. Ryan, um..., Greg Maddox told me it was one of the slipperiest mounds in the big leagues, esp. at the beginning of the game, something to do with the dirt and the way they water it, so, didn't want to slip.
Q: So you scouted that?
A: Yeah. Well, it came up. I was aware of it.
[Video of rap showing: "Who's got it better than us?"]
Q: OK. You had an offseason to remember. You became the first 52-year old Khaki-wearing rapper.
A: The rap video was awesome. A real toe-tapper.
Q: Toe tapper. Is that a rap term? [sarcastic]
A: That's a music term. [very serious]
[Video with highlights of Harbaugh playing against OSU showing]
Q: OK, sorry, yeah. Do you think you could still play a series today?
A: Yeah, yeah I could do a series.
Q: You could run a ... strap it up, put the shoulder pads on and a helmet, go out there?
A: I believe so.
Q: Would you love to do that, one more time?
A: Yeah. I dream about it still.
Q: Do you? It must be kind of cool?
A: Really cool. I could even smell, smell the grass. I can hear the cleats walking on the cement, coming out of the tunnel. Did I say you could smell the grass?  [Q: yeah] The leather, the leather of the ball, the sound and smell, in those football dreams.
[Showing picture from Chris Fowler, who took a selfie with himself, Harbaugh, and Meyer. Tweet reads "OK, this Harbaugh/Meyer selfie is focused better. So I'll share it for posterity, never to be recreated!"]
Q: How would you describe your relationship with Urban Meyer?
A: Good. Professional. Like him, like being around him. Same with Mark Dantonio, feel the same way, respect.
Q: You like competing against those kind of guys....?
A: Well, yeah, I mean you love it, you gotta have it. It's life giving energy. Wouldn't wanna live without it. But you say "Do you like it?" I can tell you, during the competition, I literally stand there on the sideline, it's like being in the dentist's chair, getting root canal done, [Q: Really?] for three and a half hours.
Q: Cause you look like you love it!
A: I love it when we win. You know, I really, really enjoy that.
Q: If you weren't a coach, you would be what?
A: For so long, I've been determined to be, um, I would play as long as I could, and then I would coach, and then die. I knew that was what I was going to do, so... never thought about the other.
Q: Play, coach, and die?
A: [Clarifying] Play, as long you can, play as many years as you can, and then coach, and then die.

Michigan Satellite Camps on Periscope

Michigan Satellite Camps on Periscope

Submitted by ThereWillBeNoHugs on June 26th, 2016 at 5:59 PM

I know some of you don't use Twitter, or can't access the Periscope app, so I thought I would post this link from Isaiah Hole's Periscope account.


He's been cool enough to give fans a glimpse inside of Michigan's satellite camps while he's photographing and such for 247. There are three videos as of right now from the satellite camps in Antioch and Los Angeles (California). In one video, Harbaugh runs the QB accuracy competition, which is pretty neat if you haven't seen him run it before. The other two videos focus on the tag game.

A few observations/notes: 1). Don Brown IS the loudest person on the field, even with Harbaugh on the blowhorn. Coach Brown is awesome hands down with the energy he brings. 2). The camps are run really well and move methodically at a circuit training pace. You can sense the professionalism that the staff brings and I'm certain this is why a lot of people who have participated/watched these camps--critics included--have said nothing but positive things about the way Michigan runs them. 3). Coach Wheatly is impressive, to say the least. Watch the 22:00 min mark of the Antioch video (23:59 in length) while he works hands-on with Najee Harris and another camper. He brings it solidly as a coach. 4). Trolls most prominently from MSU and Alabama enter the latest broadcast to show their obsession with Michigan and Coach Harbaugh. Isaiah Hole begins overtly blocking them for being douchebags.

Go Blue!!!!!!!

P.S. If anybody knows of any other sources for watching the satellite camps, could you please post them. I'm going through Michigan Football withdrawl. Thanks in advance. :)


How Ali helped mold the Harbaugh family

How Ali helped mold the Harbaugh family

Submitted by Sopwith on June 4th, 2016 at 5:34 PM

NFL.com has a video from Muhammad Ali's visit to the Ravens camp a few years back, and it includes a passionate speech from Jack Harbaugh relating the famous "What's My Name?" story of Ali's fight with Ernie Terrell. Never heard the elder Harbaugh speak before, but after listening to only this clip, almost everything about Jim makes sense. I'm not sure Jim or John could have fallen far from the tree. 


An excerpt:


[Ali] said to the world this: "What's my name?" It became a battle cry in my family. We would talk to John and Jim and Joanie. RESPECT. That's what we're looking for in this world. So when I tell you this, I humbly say, this man [pointing to Ali], this man right here, is my hero. This man has molded not only myself and my family, but all the teams that I've coached. Every team I've coached has heard the Muhammad Ali story. I love this man.


From a different video of the Harbaugh family roundtable (including a cameo by Tom Crean, for you fans), here's Jim re: the What's My Name legend:


The cool thing is, this is the kind of story we've been hearing since we were kids. We didn't get Little Red Riding Hood or The Little Engine That Could stories.


Yep. That explains a lot.



Leach beats Harbaugh in HR Derby

Leach beats Harbaugh in HR Derby

Submitted by UMichStudent2019 on May 5th, 2016 at 10:05 PM

Apparently, Leach won the Derby with 1 Home Run. Also, the event raised over $150k, setting a record. Overall, seemed like the event was a huge success.

Here's the article: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/wolverines/2016/05/05/leach-outdistances-harbaugh-hr-derby/84002096/

Harbaugh Certain To End B1G QB Streak In Near Future

Harbaugh Certain To End B1G QB Streak In Near Future

Submitted by Muttley on April 29th, 2016 at 10:47 AM

He is the Quarterback Whisperer, after all.


And the Big Ten's streak of consecutive drafts without a quarterback taken in first round extended to 21.


The last? Kerry Collins in 1995 following PSU's undefeated 1994 season. (5th pick overall taken by the Carolina Panthers.)

Desmond Howard wanted to see Greatness at Michigan

Desmond Howard wanted to see Greatness at Michigan

Submitted by Eyzwidopn on April 28th, 2016 at 11:44 AM

First post... apologies in advance for any structural mistakes.

I saw this video of Deion Sanders (http://www.nfl.com/videos/back-2-campus/0ap3000000654324/Deion-Sanders-at-FSU-I-came-here-to-be-the-best-ever) addressing his alma mater and immediately thought  back to Desmond Howard on College Gameday in 2014 discussing "greatness" at Michigan at that time (http://michigan.247sports.com/Bolt/Howard-Not-Seeing-Greatness-At-Michigan-31510579).  Desmond said that he "... went to practice this season, and I didn't see anybody who looked like they wanted to be great," and that he "didn't see one guy on that field based on his practice habits that wanted to be great. The only guy I saw who had that kind of swagger about him may have been Jabrill Peppers. They were happy, but I didn't see anybody putting in that type of effort where they wanted to be great, and that's an issue."  

I don't think it's coincidence that you have two all-time college greats talking about wanting to be "great" first.  IMO, it seems since 2006 and the fallout from "The Game" that that type of desire has been eroding in Michigan's football program.  We can debate whether it was due to coaching or players simply lacking that mindset.  I personally think it was a combination of the two.  Enter Harbaugh.  

Harbaugh doesn't want to be second best at anything and we've all witnessed how his relentless competitive nature has brought a swagger, fight and determined focus back to the program.  When Harbaugh talked about signing up to sit at the big boy table instead of the smaller one by the kitchen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4JFqtn3Q6A), I think that was his way of talking about being great, being the best and winning all of the trophies and rivalry games.  

When you look at what Lewis, Peppers, Butt, Wormley, etc., accomplished in 1-year under Harbaugh and how they're primed for All-B10/All-American seasons, or the way the recruits immediately talk about wininng NCs and going to the NFL, you realize that "being great" mindset is taking hold again!  Populate a team, a program with that type of desire coupled with the kind of football playing student-athletes Harbaugh is bringing in and it's easy to picture Towsley Museum adding more NC and Heisman Trophies soon and often.  

Desmond Howard wanted to see it and I think this is one of the best things that Harbaugh has done for this program and the players.  Thoughts? 



Football is no longer a meritocracy

Football is no longer a meritocracy

Submitted by 1VaBlue1 on February 20th, 2016 at 10:09 PM

I won't link a story from the Freep, but it has Carlo Kemp's name in the title.  Go find it if you want to...  Essentially, Coach Harbaugh switched things up - football is no longer a meritocracy, its a cage match!

“We’re a total of 103 on the team,” he said. “There’s no difference between scholarship and nonscholarship to me. That’s the team, 103 right now. There’ll be 22 more coming. Plus preferred walk-ons coming as well. We’ve got to be 105 when we start training camp. Cage match to begin on Feb. 29.”   ...   

“It’s always a competitive thing is happening at whatever positon it’s at. That’ll be something that’s happening at quite a few positions. Might as well say all of them. Nothing’s set in stone. As we said, it is a meritocracy. Cage match. Let’s move from meritocracy to cage match.”