OT - I.O.A.N. (In Other Alabama News): Five-star Alabama quarterback to transfer after beginning year as starter

OT - I.O.A.N. (In Other Alabama News): Five-star Alabama quarterback to transfer after beginning year as starter

Submitted by boliver46 on September 29th, 2016 at 11:50 AM
From the starting quarterback of Alabama's season-opener to out the door. That's the path Blake Barnett has chosen, as he's decided to transfer from Alabama. That's according to AL.com, which is reporting Barnett will transfer and has already left the program.

And apparently Nick Saban is aware, but not FULLY aware:

When asked about Barnett's transfer, Nick Saban said he talked to Barnett about his future, and that he wants him to remain at Alabama. He also said that as far as he knew a final decision hadn't been reached yet.

UM recruited him...think Harbaugh would have any interest?  He'd obviously have to sit out a year...but what a QB stable we would have!

As for where Barnett will land, he likely won't find himself with a shortage of interested suitors. He was the No. 2 pro-style quarterback in the 2015 class, and the California-native had offers from schools like Notre Dame, Michigan, Ole Miss, Oregon and UCLA just to name a few.

He's a West Coast kid though...maybe he'll take his talents to USC?  Maybe Kiffin let him know he would soon follow?  #FoilHats

Seriously though, F Nick Saban and all things Alabama.




Down below, I messed up and called Wilton Speight a Junior.  This was based on information I got from the MGoBlue site.

My apologies.


Richmond, Va.
  High School:
The Collegiate School
  Height / Weight:
6-6 / 243


Alabama still loaded with talent

Alabama still loaded with talent

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I know Alabama lost quite a few great players to the draft this year however they still have so much high quality depth it's ridiculous. Dr. Saturday (Matt Hinton) has an article going over the recruiting classes of Alabama since 2008. 

Here's a few interesting quotes:

For the second year in a row, they went into Arizona for one of the nation's top juco players, cornerback Travell Dixon. Not only was no position neglected: With the surprise addition of Lynchburg, Va., defensive tackle Korren Kirven, there are at least two four or five-star players at every position except quarterback and tight end. (And yes, there's a kicker.)


By Rivals' count, it's 'Bama's fourth No. 1 class in five years under Saban, a spree that's now stacked the roster with an incredible 99 four- or five-star prospects since 2008 — 54 of whom, including the incoming class, remain on the prospective 2012 roster.


The Mathematical breakdown of likelihood of Bama/OSU in title game

The Mathematical breakdown of likelihood of Bama/OSU in title game

Submitted by mejunglechop on December 4th, 2011 at 5:08 PM


The coaches poll, Harris poll and Computers each count for 1/3 of a team's BCS ranking.

Coaches poll:

Bama: .9485

OSU: .9268

The coaches poll was released earlier today was not kind to the Cowboys. With 59 total voters, Bama totaled a 32 point edge. While we don't know for certain how this broke down, this result is equivalent to 14 coaches voting the Cowboys 2nd and Bama 3rd (23.7%), 44 voting for Bama 2nd and (nt)OSU 3rd (74.6%) and one voting for Bama 2nd and OSU 4th (1.7%).

This was a significantly worse result for the Cowboys than what they got in the AP  where Alabama garnered a 16 point edge with a total of 60 voters. 


Given that both the Coaches and AP polls broke for Alabama, the Cowboys' hopes seem to hinge on getting help from the computers. There are 6 computer rankings. The highest and lowest result for each team gets dropped. Last week 4 of the 6 computers put Alabama at 2nd and OSU 3rd and the remaining 2 put Oklahoma State 2nd and Alabama 3rd.

If these results hold or the Cowboys are only able to flip one computer, their chance at a title game is functionally zero.

If they flip two computers this will be the computer score

OSU: .95

Bama: .93

This would nearly wipe out Bama's edge gained from the Coaches poll, but OSU would still need to top Bama by a slim margin in the Harris poll to get a title shot. Given the results from the Coaches and AP polls, this seems unlikely, though not impossible.

If they flip 3 or 4 computers this will be the computer score:

OSU: .96

Bama: .92

The remainder of this analysis will deal with this possibility.

UPDATE: 2 computer rankings (Sagarin and Wolfe) have been released they both have Bama 2nd. This means OSU flipping 3 or 4 computers is no longer a possibility. OSU will have to at minimum gain 5 points on Alabama in the Harris poll to go to the BCS. This means they will need to top Bama on 52.18% of Harris poll ballots assuming neither team is ranked beneath 3rd.

Harris Poll

Assuming OSU flips 3 or all 4 computers, Bama would have to make up a .0183 edge in the Harris poll. (The difference in computer score and coaches score)

The Harris Poll has 115 voters. For Bama to overtake OSU they would need to be placed 53 spots above the Cowboys in the aggregate. Assuming all voters put Bama and OSU in some comination of 2nd and 3rd Bama would need 84 of the 115 voters (73%) to rank them 2nd.

For perspective, if the Harris poll comes out with similar results to the coaches poll Bama will top OSU by ,0034 points. If it comes out with similar results the AP the Cowboys will overtake Bama by .0063.


  • If the Cowboys can't flip a computer, or only flip one they are doomed.
  • If they flip 2 it is still highly unlikely they get to the National Championship
  • If the Cowboys flip 3 or 4, Bama will need at least 73% of Harris poll voters to rank them 2nd, assuming all voters rank Bama and OSU at least 3rd.
  • For the non mathematically inclined: If the Cowboys flip 3 or 4 computers and the Harris voters rank the teams as the coaches did it's rematch time. If the Harris voters rank the teams like the AP did T Boone will be very happy.

Updated Conclusions

  • If Richard Billingsly (computer) keeps Bama at 2 they are definitely in.
  • If Billingsly switches OSU and Bama OSU must gain 5 points on Bama in the Harris poll. This means they would need 52.18% of Harris voters to put them above Bama assuming neither team gets ranked below 3rd. Given the results of the coaches and AP poll this seems unlikely.
  • The Tide will likely roll to a rematch.