This Week’s Obsession: Wave a Maverick Wand

This Week’s Obsession: Wave a Maverick Wand

Submitted by Seth on January 24th, 2018 at 3:58 PM


One of us was just called a sports blogger by an Illinois player. [Bryan Fuller]


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Nick’s Question:

If you could wave a magic Maverick Morgan wand over one M baller right now?

If you’re not up on the meme, we mean a player on this team who suddenly explodes like Derrick Walton did last year after Illinois player Maverick Morgan suggested Walton/Michigan was soft. So that this isn’t just a highest ceiling discussion, we’re instituting a Poole Rule: the player can only become the best plausible version of himself this year, e.g. Poole can become freshman Stauskas but not Sauce Castillo.


The Responses:

David: I will take Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman. Granted, he probably does not have a Walton Leap in him, but if can develop a bit more consistency, perhaps with the ability to finish in the lane/at the rim, that would add another dimension to this offense.

Could one of you…? [MG Campredon]

I'm not sure how high his ceiling would be in this regard, but it is most likely the part of the offense that could use the largest increase. Michigan has some shooters—even Z has been able to contribute when left open—and they have a few guys who can exploit some mismatches in Matthews and Wagner, but a consistent lane finisher at the end of the shot clock is a piece that would steady a fluctuating offense. If it could be Rahk in those situations, Michigan would not have to burden other players who have generally performed well in their suited roles.

Ace: (someone should answer Z should I can give my Wagner take without the obvious answer being missed)

Brian: I was going to say Wagner though.

Ace: Okay I’ll take Z

Brian: I mean, you can take Wagner.

Seth: Zagner.

Brian: I just think the Magic Wand version of Z is still a player with 16% usage and always will be.

Ace: Disagree, so you should take Wagner.

Alex: I would take a 50% better Jon Teske if his path to more playing time wasn't blocked by Wagner. Fun fact: he's 5th in steal rate among B1G players who have played at least 20% of available minutes.

[After THE JUMP is it Moe or Mo?]