We interrupt the reading of tea leaves and the burning of entrails over the scraps of information leaking out of the submarine for an actual news update: Belleville Defensive End Tyrece Woods committed to Michigan last night. 

In the short term, Woods will cause strife between the star-gazers and the numbers guys. A three-star, Woods is currently the 46th-ranked prospect... in the state of Michigan (#1866 overall). Michigan was also his first and only Power 5 offer. However, his measurables suggest he might have slightly more upside than that.

It is worth noting however, that when both Greg Mattison and Don Brown approve of a defensive lineman, it is generally wise to adjust your opinions accordingly.

Woods is the 20th commit in the class, and the 4th defensive end. However, early indications are that Michigan might be planning to feed him many sandwiches and move him inside to three-tech, making him the second interior lineman in the class (joining Mazi Smith). His Belleville teammate Andre Seldon is committed in the 2020 class.

Informative update to follow.

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Essexville, MI — 6'3", 236


24/7 3*, #739 overall
#63 ATH, #15 MI
Rivals 3*, 5.7 rating
#34 ATH, #15 MI
ESPN 3*, 78 rating
#52 ATH, #14 MI
Composite 3*, #626 overall
#50 ATH, #12 MI
Other Suitors Iowa, ND, Mizzou, Minn
YMRMFSPA Khalid Hill
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Ace started Ben VanSumeren's Hello post by saying his commitment was "about as Harbaugh as it gets," and he had no idea how correct this was. A subsequent Mick McCabe article is almost Beyond Harbaugh, describing a footbaw player who:

  • quit basketball because he has to go to bed at 9PM and "my body is my temple"
  • decided in fifth grade to be a football player and told no one
  • gets up at 5 AM to get in a lifting session and then lifts again after school
  • has slept with a football since he fumbled once in seventh grade

This is a man who can have hours-long conversations about milk with his head coach. I have no idea how it took so long for Michigan and VanSumeren to finally hook up. This is like when Dawson and Joey spent like FOREVER just circling each other you know what let's just move on.

VanSumeren committed to WMU early. After there wasn't much movement for a bit since small schools near Bay City aren't recruiting hotbeds. Then he put up some absurd numbers at an Opening regional:

At 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, he ran a 4.76 in the 40-yard dash. He ran 4.03 in the shuttle, the same time as the nation’s top overall tester Christian Morgan ran. He had over a 40-inch vertical.

Morgan is a safety headed to Baylor who was 20 pounds lighter than VanSumeren then; that vert is an inch off a national best; his overall SPARQ score of 127 is a few points short of the national leader, a 5'8" kid headed to Louisville. H-back and linebacker types never rank that high because only one of the four events—a powerball throw—is really up their alley. VanSumeren's numbers are truly absurd.

[After THE JUMP: brick body men still catch]

[photo: Patrick Barron]

Things discussed:

  • Is Jack Morris a Hall of Famer?
  • Heard back in the spring that Kekoa Crawford was leaving but Eddie McDoom leaving sucks a little. Oliver Martin and Nico Collins passed them last year, Grant Perry is performing well this fall, Martin is your guy after Perry.
  • McDoom misused: end-arounds were good but don’t throw him fades. We’ll miss the name the most.
  • OL problem last year wasn’t a Drevno and Frey problem; it was a Drevno and Pep problem. The worst line at picking up stunts Brian’s ever charted.
  • Michael Barrett to Viper: athletically it’s a good fit and it’s a spot that needs depth and a future, but he might outgrow the position if he gets up to 6-0/240. Currently he’s a clone of Khaleke Hudson. Barrett’s shuttle time was better.
  • Kelly-Powell and Brad Hawkins stepped up in spring, J’Marick Woods under pressure to hold his spot, Sam wants Woods moved to Viper.
  • Tackle: Runyan (via Warinner) is going to be one tackle.
  • Running back blocking: it’s about ID’ing the block not technique?
  • Offense coming to Shea or vice versa? Some of both: Ole Miss didn’t have a playbook, which made it hard to move the ball at all against decent defenses.
  • The thing about Shea: he can throw a fade. DPJ and Black can make that work.
  • Over 100 people showed up for the Urban Meyer rally, but the online Bucks sound a lot like them.
  • Last year’s coaching staff: was there some disutility? Yes.
  • What Brian meant was you can get HTTV at MGoBlogStore.com, UGP, the Bo Store, M-Den, Literati, and Nicola’s Books.

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How are we going to have a defense without any dreds?

Jon Teske's a big galoot, but a smart galoot


Michael Barrett is proposed at QB, RB, FB, TE, viper, MLB, and SS by various persons in this post. That's a hot tomato!


Wisconsin has a good offensive line. Nobody else has a good offensive lineman.