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Per Steve Lorenz:

247Sports confirmed with Michigan spokesman Dave Ablauf on Wednesday afternoon that second-year linebacker Drew Singleton has asked for and received a release from the program.

my name's Kwity and I'm here to say / if you run at me you're going to Paye [Eric Uphurch]

image-6_thumb_thumb5_thumb_thumb_thu[1]SPONSOR NOTE: Reminder that Matt is hanging out at the Charity Tailgate at 327 East Hoover (if you were at the preseason MGoEvents this year and last it's the same place). It's right next to the train tracks on Hoover. The band goes right by it on their way to the stadium, which is cool. Say hi.

When not tailgating Matt is also a person who will get you a mortgage right quick from the comfort of your own home.

FORMATION NOTES: Michigan was content to roll out the base defense against Wisconsin despite the radical change in approach the Badgers are from Michigan's previous spread-oriented opponents. Hudson was omnipresent. There was one tweak on passing downs, with Michigan replacing Gil/Ross with Josh Uche to present a five-man front:


Uche lurking to the bottom of the line; Bush kneeling near the umpire

Note also that Michigan has their three cornerbacks on the field and just one safety. This still comes out as 4-2-5 in my 'package' column but should be something else and will be if it continues.

Just one 3-3-5 snap on a run down in this game, a six yard run.

SUBSTITUTION NOTES: Winovich and Paye were almost omnipresent; Hutchinson did get a dozen snaps spotting them, mostly late. Kemp, Marshall, Mone, and Solomon got about equal time at the DT spots, with Dwumfour a bit further behind. Michigan tried to confine him to passing downs.

Bush and Hudson omnipresent; Gil and Ross split their snaps about down the middle. Uche played in the package above; Furbush and Glasgow made cameos.

Secondary is what you'd expect save for Kinnel missing some snaps with what looked like cramps. Hawkins got that time.

[After THE JUMP: a lot of running and almost no passing.]

Quintel Kent return
[David Nasternak]

Like the hydraulic scaffolding from which David filmed, Quintel Kent has been on the rise. Bill Greene, 247’s Ohio uber-scout, wrote about Kent earlier this month and spoke highly of his skill set; it’s not hard to see why Greene re-ranked him in September. It is a bit surprising, though, as  Kent’s Hello post quotes a July scouting report from Greene in which he says he will remain open-minded but thinks Kent is properly rated. 247’s rating then: #1105 overall, #130 WR. Their rating now: #657 overall, #89 WR. He wasn’t even ranked in the composite when he committed in August, where he is now a three-star and #1257 overall. What a difference an offseason makes.

David thought we should see what we could see over the course of a full game and added Kent to the FBO schedule. He also added Woodstock BBQ in Lakewood to the list of this year’s restaurants, later texting me that it was really good but that the sauce wasn’t as good as City BBQ. Ohioans, to the comments! 

As the saying goes, “the best-laid plans of FBO and David often go awry.” Though there was no lightning delay, Kent’s St. Edward squad ran St. Joseph’s ragged by halftime, which led to a Kentless second half. He did his part in the first half to contribute to his second-half rest, which is my way of subtly influencing you to hit the jump.

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Tyree Kinnel makes a tackle against Northwestern

Tyree Kinnel, Nico Collins and Shea Patterson talk to the media.

Iran's former president slams Colin Cowherd for skepticism about Harbaugh

Shea Patterson

Haha, foiled, you silly tight end. I am inside you and your running back is…wait whereareyougoing?

Jim Harbaugh coaching, as coaches do

Jim Harbaugh talks to the media in advance of Michigan's game at Michigan State.