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11/17/2017 - 5:54pm I predict overtime and a

I predict overtime and a low-scoring game.

I also think the Badgers can't afford the usual miscues on offense this time. Not excited about Jonathan Taylor carrying a wet football, either.

I think Chryst's mellow demeanor is a plus. I think he means it when he says he wants the players to enjoy the moment, to have fun, and savor the opportunity to play in a big game like this.

Geez. Even as a fan I have to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun as I'm clawing my eyeballs out after the most recent Hornibrook pick-6, lol.



11/17/2017 - 5:36pm I always attend a September

I always attend a September game so that I can enjoy the Union Terrace afterwards. As others noted, too damn cold and miserable this weekend for that. But the Rathskellar inside is a lot of fun, also. Probably pretty crowded after an 11:00AM game, but it's on the way to a dozen other places so worth a look.

I really like Paul's Club which is on State Street closer to the Capitol. I'm old enough to have kids in college and it's mellow but still offbeat.

Honestly, just wander around. The restaurants and bars are innumerable.

If you've got kids (or even if you don't) and you've got a little time on Sunday, Madison has a really nice, free zoo. A visit to the Capital building is worth the time, too.

11/13/2017 - 7:23pm Badger offense

I think Badger fans have all been thinking that If we could just clean up the mistakes on offense, we'd be truly formidable, and a legitimate playoff team.

And I don't just mean the agonizing pick-6's, and the fumbles on the opponent's goal line: it's the stupid holding calls away from the ball; pre-snap penalties at the worst possible moment; and some dumbass personal fouls.

But eventually you have to recognize that "it's who you are." Young-ish OL, sophmore QB who split time with an RS senior last year, amazing but true frosh RB, and a very young - but promising - group of receivers.

These are all mental things. Stuff that should be "correctable." But maybe not this season.

That said, Hornibrook, has a knack for moving the sticks. The OL can open gaping holes. The young receivers have been really good. But, as Keith Jackson, used to say "pretty soon, they're gonna run out of feet to shoot themselves in."

I'm glad it's an early home game. Better for kids like them to get up, eat breakfast, head to Camp Randall and not have a whole lotta time to contemplate what a huge game this is gonna be. Just go play.

Don't think, Meat... Just pitch.