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03/30/2012 - 9:19am Think Spin Doctor, not Cardiology

Hello Everyone, former Ann Arbor resident, big UM fan, big Hoke fan(went to HS with him) and die hard college football fan living on the west coast.   I have to chime in on this one, since it seems everyone outside looking in continues to be very well meaning, but are continuing to believe what they 'read' instead of looking behind the scenes and getting the Paul Harvey "The Rest of the Story'

1.  Tee Shephard is a fine young man

2.  Tee Shephard has had many people trying to influence him and his father from a very early age, influence that, on one hand has helped him get his deserved national attention but, on the other hand, has gotten him suspended from playing HS ball for 2 of his 3 years of playing time in Fresno, CA.  Bad advice, illegal transfers, lots of people trying to 'work the system' for their own advantage, and they have gotten Tee into sad situations so far.

3.  Move forward to those same people helping him get to the next level.  Yes, Tee did have a heart condition, and yes, it needed some attention, and yes, the simple(as far as cardiac treatments go)  outpatient procedure was successful, and yes, all of this was known and COMPLETED at ND. 

Now, if I were Paul Harvey, I would have creative license here, as well as lawyers to back me up, and a public forum where investigative journalism is applauded.  However, I am not at liberty to share the information that Paul Harvey WOULD.  What I can tell you is this.   Tee Shephard is healthy enough to be cleared and to play football at ND.  Tee Shephard is not at Notre Dame because of other factors that are not health related.  The health related SPIN DOCTOR position is a convenient(serious, but convenient) way of positioning the situation so he will be able to petition the NCAA to NOT LOSE a year of eligibility due to his actions and choices he made. 


He already lost almost 2 years of elligibility in HS due to some of these similar choices. a We all know the NCAA is much more strict in enforcing their legal definitions under their scholarship and eligibility requirements than the local HS governing bodies are.  The Spin Doctors(not the cardiologists) are the ones putting out the one piece of the ENTIRE story that MAY give the young man a very tiny loophole to slide through, and maintain his full 4 years of eligibillity(5 counting redshirt)