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12/17/2014 - 5:51pm It's a lot of haters

On mgoblog, I can see why the university of michigan has fallen to a unimaginable place in regards to football. This kid Attended a school that many of you profess you love, but you continue to down or berate your own. The same people who are talking mess about funchess will be the first ones on the bandwagon if he's successful at the next level. It's either you role wit em or you don't. Trying to discredit Todd makes you look even more foolish, given his credentials and his job. I have no horse in this race, so I can care less. I just find it ridiculous to attack your own.

04/03/2014 - 4:32am Fans are at times silly

when most of us when it came time for u to step into the real world and start your career, you didn't just out shine everyone in the building as soon as you got there. Some maybe but not all. It takes time to get yourself together. How is possible to judge KCP, Burke, thj, and mcw future success just under 82 games? Let them get acclimated to the nba for a few years before we go all Darko. I just don't think it's fair to say a KID is no go when he's now mixed in with grown men. KCP at times looks like he's thinking about what he has to do instead of just doing it, Typical for a youngster.

03/10/2014 - 6:02pm I don't know who's better

But it's kinda hard to say Lebron couldn't play in Jordan's day, when Jordan couldn't play with that style back in the 90's. Do you guys remember how the Knicks got shafted game 3 up 2 games, or when the nets a few years later got hammered by the refs for the almighty Jordan. Jordan was a great player, but stern made sure his main man got hooked up. Not saying Lebron doesn't but it was crazy for Jordan. 29 free throws in one game I recall that's a lot of free throws for one guy in a game.

02/22/2014 - 4:06pm No disrespect

But he didn't have the fastest time. There where two other guys who ran 4.84. He had the most impressive time in regards to those who have recognizable names. His time is still noteworthy considering his size. He would be a good fit in New England, his style of play is ideal for their type of system.

02/16/2014 - 7:22pm You say darko

I say Monroe

02/16/2014 - 12:30pm His shooting sucks I get it.

Josh is in the top 15 in blocks, plus shooting percentage has gone up last few games. Maybe he's getting acclimated to his new surroundings. Josh smith is good basketball player well above average.

02/16/2014 - 12:23pm For every bad draft

Pick of joe d's I'm sure there was a good one in there as well. Example you say cleaves then I say Drummond

02/16/2014 - 12:19pm Trey Burke putting up

Good numbers but they not great. Similar squads like Jennings had in Milwaukee in his rookie year and he eclipsed fifty in a game and average more points. Trey Burke is gonna be good. I don't understand why people can't just be happy for trey and hope our local team does well at the same time.

02/16/2014 - 12:14pm I go to the

Games ( tickets are cheap). KCP is not the reason people don't go to games. I believe there are many factors non basketball related, that attribute to the decline. I'm not Slow, the product on the floor in the past has been underwhelming, but this team can actually be good with a few added players. Miami is not good just because of the big 3 but because of the financial sacrifices made by other good players on their roster. It's unfortunate we have to over pay free agents too come play with us, I serious believe there are external factors that play a Hugh role. I find it appalling that many think joe d somehow just lost his mind, and that they know more about running a nba team then he does. Trey Burke was special and very likable and did greats things for michigan. Let's not forget the owner did go to msu

02/16/2014 - 8:36am Mcw

Can't shoot teams are giving him the lane. If he gets a shot then he may be dangerous but I'm not overly excited until he does develop that coveted jump shot. I mean was he gonna do when teams play off em and dares him to take the j.

02/16/2014 - 8:32am Cole

U stupid

02/16/2014 - 8:31am Ineffectiveness

Do you watch the games ? The only thing on the court he can't do is shoot. He blocks, rebounds, passes, scores, and play D stop hating

02/16/2014 - 8:26am Hmm

How many points do you average?

02/16/2014 - 8:17am Lol

No one in the nba is giving Utah jazz two of anything for trey Burke haha. I know you love trey. Sorry but trey not even in the top five in the west just stop it. I like trey but your ridiculous. Trey Burke wasn't the best player if so his draft selection would've reflected such homer

02/16/2014 - 8:07am You a hater

I'm glad all of you are excited about trey & thj, but most of you suck. It's crazy people on this site act is if they have all the answers & are never wrong. Most of u rag on KCP like you know him or actually watch him before he was in A piston uniform. The guy can play so stop pole riding Burke I'm pretty sure the ladies are helping him out he don't need all of you. It's funny when trey Burke has a bad game or don't do shit, it's crickets around this piece. I mean steph curry scored 44 the other day, nothing from no one. So chill out both of those kids are less than 60 games in their first season. I know of tons players in all sports who start off well but finish bad or vice versa. So just chill out on that KCP the Garbage it's getting annoying and old.

02/16/2014 - 7:55am How so

Since 1980 only 9 organizations have won a championship and Detroit is one if em. So explain to me how they look dumb?

02/12/2014 - 1:41pm If tony snell

Was picked in the first round please believe gr3 will do the same

02/05/2014 - 10:34am No reason to cry over spilled milk

But wtf happen? I mean the last 14 months for me far as recruiting has been indifferent. losing treadwell, Campbell, hand, Malik, and Harris sucks. Those are players that would've put michigan up there. The d line was suppose to be crazy . I'm excited about michigan football, but I guess the only reason is because I'm a die hard. Treadwell was suppose to be our Julio jones. Campbell was suppose to our Calvin Johnson. I wish whatever this is michigan is going thru just would just go away.

01/25/2014 - 7:43pm When you watch as much

Sports as i have over the years this officiating doesn't surprise me. With 3 mins left mich will start getting calls trust me

01/21/2014 - 12:13pm I don't understand

How this is viewed as a reflection of something Fred Jackson did wrong or some inability on his part. The issue is these young kids aren't buying what the entire coaching staff is selling, which falls on Hoke.

01/19/2014 - 10:06am Why do most of you

Feel the need to rag on KCP, like he a scrub or something? I like trey but seriously you dogging this kid for no reason. That man did nothing to you or yours, so leave him alone. No reason for you to compare the two . It's funny I always read some garbage about screw joe d why? Honestly how many championships the pistons was really gonna win during lebrons prime without having a legit chance at obtaining elite talent in the league ? But joe d stupid in most of you guys eyes cause he has taken to playoffs and just loose like the tigers get you all excited for no reason. Joe d knew we weren't gonna win during the leagues best players prime. How many championships were won by different teams when mike magic and bird was running the league? C'mon the pistons run was done when lebron beat us in the playoffs by himself. Sometimes you gotta step back to step up. I believe in joe cause he did take us to the promise land so why so much hate? The logic behind hating KCP is silly he didn't draft himself.

01/17/2014 - 8:26pm Good sequence

For trey trey

01/17/2014 - 8:25pm Most teams

Without their point guard really don't do well

01/17/2014 - 7:55pm I really hope

Drummond continues to develop his game, he could be special.

01/17/2014 - 7:50pm Nice shot


01/12/2014 - 3:10pm They spoke on gruden

The other day and they simply said the guy wasn't interested in coaching until his brother got a head coaching gig.

12/25/2013 - 11:01am Go blue

IMG_8160.png merry Christmas to all of you and happy and wonderful new year

11/23/2013 - 5:54pm side note or off topic

Derrick rose out with torn meniscus too bad for him

11/16/2013 - 7:29pm Lol

Anything to keep that man down wow some of you are amazing

11/16/2013 - 7:19pm I feel you

It's a bunch a half ass fans on here

11/16/2013 - 6:11pm Not only are you a hater

You seem clueless. Who in their you right mind runs a corner router with a midget when they have a beast in funchess

11/16/2013 - 6:06pm You just

A flat out hater plain and simple

11/16/2013 - 4:59pm Some of you

Are just searching for an excuse. Our defensive head coach has a proven record, which many of us will never have in regards to football. If it wasn't for defensive coordinator the past few years would look a whole lot worse. So chill out with that.

11/16/2013 - 4:56pm U should be benched

Our scheme is garbage don't put the blame solely on him cause our coaching staff doesn't put the team in a position to win. Why would u want the future Qb to get destroyed.

11/14/2013 - 12:18pm I wonder

If the reason the decision is taking so long because everyone is submitting their last silent bid to the hand family

11/12/2013 - 9:15pm Off topic

since Morgan really doesn't have a nba future, would it be bad idea considering the new trend in the nfl after the season he thought about being a tight end? What u guys think? I think he runs the court well. I'm not sure how fast he is but he seems to have decent coordination and okay hands.

11/12/2013 - 8:02pm How is Kentucky

Number 1 in the country? I don't see it

11/12/2013 - 1:42am And one more thing

For all you people that keep pointing to the fact that al Borges is west coast off cord need to leave it alone. He needs to coordinate his ass to the west coast with his offense, and take funks blocking schemes that stinks like along with him

11/12/2013 - 1:26am I can care less if hoke

Know offenses, but what I do care about is having a top ten coaching staff which we don't have. I see michigan as a top ten program so why do we have a sub par head coach. Hoke may be a hard nose tough sob, but clearly prior to and as of now he has yet to show he's ready for the big boys. It's really not a knock on him or meant to belittle what he brings to the table . C'mon be real with yourself do you honestly believe hoke will have our program anywhere near what Alabama is doing? Better yet do you see him bringing in a big ten championship in the next few years? I won't even say national championship cause that's fantasy. A top ten team deserves a top ten coach only the Miami heat can win with just anybody coaching them. I also find it it hilarious that we are making excuses for the coaches & the team for their performance on Saturdays. regardless who shoulders most of the blame changes should be made immediately

11/03/2013 - 12:21am Lol

I can't believe some posters are complaining about Fitz, dude was a1000 yard rusher before this staff. To say he falls on first contact is laughable. The funny thing is that's Green's role, I've seen that guy fall when a defender looked at him too hard. I don't buy the argument he's a freshmen I've watched some pretty decent backs across the country who are freshmen. The offensive game plan just sucks. The plays the whole idea. It sucks too see the very thing hoke wants to go away from offensively always seems to gets the team going or down the field. For all those who want to say Gardner sucks, I say go to go hell, just imagine the rushing totals this season without Him ( ouch). Utilize the talent on the team instead of forcing something that just doesn't work. If the o-line can't block for long periods of time, then get the ball out quicker. Stop it with this deep double move go routes that I like use on the video game. I saw a play with Jackson going deep, I'm seating watching it like for real

11/03/2013 - 12:03am I can't remember

But when the tigers went on their historically run to try lose every single game, who was their catcher again? Sounds like the tigers are getting a winner.

09/23/2013 - 9:54am Michigan problem

I see the offensive line struggles with assignment pickups. Whether its blitzes or when the linemen pull its not all there. I'm not discounting the situations when someone just gets beat off the ball, but I do see a ton of miscommunication or some bad read pre snaps as too whom to block ( running backs included). Like unnecessary double teams that causes an unblock defender or a lineman not blocking a D-end on stretch play because he's coached or the plays is designed for him to take out the LB, ultimately leaving this man to destroy the running back. I think it's an experience problem & can be fixed. The talent is there and developing continuity we all know is essential to establishing dominance across the line of scrimmage.

09/13/2013 - 5:52pm Alabama is good

But I really don't see how anyone believes Texas a&m will only score 14 PTs. They might lose but to think Alabama defense which lost tons of leadership in key areas will dominate is silly. If Sunseri has a good game bama wins, if not watch out. Yeldon will do his thing the game will be alot closer than Vegas see's it.

08/25/2013 - 11:51am I'm game

[email protected]

08/01/2013 - 3:49pm I know Mr. Blackwell

We were at king at the same time. This guy is great. I won't say he didn't need the money, he was already in a great financial situation. I wish him well at his new position. I recall Northwestern was recruiting him to play football, so I'm glad he has continued his dream to be a part of football in some capacity.

07/30/2013 - 5:54pm I recall

BJ scoring 45 points in a half & he is the youngest player to ever tally 50+ in a nba game

07/30/2013 - 5:49pm Wow are you guy serious

This guy averages close to 18 & 7 game, far from a bad move. Only time will tell if the team will be successful, but from the looks of it they look a lot better.

07/24/2013 - 2:25am First of all

Trey Burke didn't play in las Vegas so I can assume thats why he didnt see him( Orlando). Second his summer league team is was not that good. Not trying to make excuses, but it is what it is. The kid will be ok serviceable,if not a quality guard in the nba for many years. He has limitations like most, but his heart and passion will set him apart.

06/28/2013 - 2:50pm It's easy to be called great

After the spurs tanked a season to get Duncan. One of thee best power forwards in the game Joe D knows what he's doing comparing franchises is crazy considering we never had the number one pick in the draft

06/28/2013 - 2:42pm I don't remember that

Please if u can send me a link. I remember Daye being compared to a few notable stars in the league and his size and skill set intrigued most. Your comment sounds much more like a fan stating the obvious after the fact