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07/12/2013 - 9:11pm I actually lived the plot of the movie.

Here's a Michigan-Big Lebowski connection:

Originally from Michigan, I've lived in San Diego for almost 6 years now. I had my car stolen on Easter Sunday, while it was parked in front of a church. The cops recovered it 5 days later; everything in it had been stolen.

Whoever stole it was obviously school-age, because they left several sheets of homework in the car, along with a scan-tron(?) test form. Semi-literate at best.

Ironically enough, one homework assignment was the "assigning of negative labels" to criminals.

The San Diego police are worthless, and still haven't even attempted to locate the kid that stole my car, even though I took everything I found and gave it to them.

If I ever find out where this kid lives, I will definitely be paying him a visit. I fully expect his dad to be in an iron lung.

I'm not making this up. I have pictures.