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02/26/2016 - 6:22pm Collision Low Crossers

I read the book "Collision Low Crossers" by Nicholas Dawidoff. It's an inside look at the 2011 New York Jets. Brian Smith was an assistant defensive backs coach. Here's a quote from the book...

"Then Brian Smith, who'd nearly made the 49ers ten years earlier, stood before the players and described the dark moment at home after San Francisco let him go, when he sat on his couch and realized 'the game I loved all my life was gone for me.' Looking out at the players, B-Smitty, the quietest of the Jets coaches, talked with feeling of how much he envied them. B-Smitty worked long, uncomplaining hours and seemed bashful around his superiors. He was a minister's son, a studious cum laude graduate of the University of Massachusetts. Then I saw him away from the facility, and it turned out he had a switch of his own. He greeted me merrily as Nicky Barnes - a reference to the Harlem drug kingpin who was Mr. Untouchable until, he wasn't." 

In a different section, there's this...

"He threw it so quick, the routes didn't develop," approved Brian Smith. Something had to have worked really well for B-Smitty to say something. 


12/22/2012 - 11:45am M video

The M video was made by kids from the class of 13.

05/14/2012 - 1:58am The Marching Band

The marching band is bad. They played a show last year with a youtube video music theme. Everytime I watch them (which is every home game, I'm a student), the concept for each show always seems like the moment when your mom tries to use a word she associates with your generation, but is actually a generation or two off.

MOM: "How was your night?"

YOU: "Good"

MOM: "Sounds Groovy!

They always seem tacky. Also, band kids/band directors need to learn that they aren't funny. They need to STAY AWAY from comedy! The dancing they feel obligated to do every halftime always has a hint of "We are nerdy band kids, so it is SO funny when we do dances because the crowd is not expecting it at all." Except that we are expecting it. I hate to say it, but other Big Ten bands get it. Ohio State has a real marching band. They storm the field like they came to dominate us in every phase of the game without doing silly dances to youtube music. Ever since the time Delaware State's marching band went Kobe on us, we haven't been able to recover. 

The first thing I would do as AD though would be to burn all the Michigan gear that has that puke yellow color and go back to that beautiful, golden maize color.