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11/19/2010 - 11:05pm Toasting a U-M victory tomorrow!!

Since I live in L.A. & am attending a U-M viewing party at a bar and have to get up early, I decided to stay "dry" tonite & save my drinking for tomorrow at the bar...hopefully, toasting a "signature" victory for our beloved Maize & Blue...and continuing all night at home, LOL!!

Favorite drink is soju (Korean rice wine) & orange juice...but I'll be going with Captain Morgan & Coke and a shot or two, depending on how the game is going.


11/19/2010 - 6:48pm 2012 Schedule

I normally love tough schedules...after all, this is Michigan & we shouldn't be afraid to play ANYBODY...but 2012 is already a "killer schedule" with games v Alabama @ Dallas, @ ND, @ Nebraska & @ OSU!!

While I'm not a fan of scheduling a "cupcake" at any time, I think our 2012 schedule is already one of the toughest & we should schedule a "weaker" opponent at home. No App. St. or UMass but a MAC school would be fine with me.

I, for one, can't wait for 2012...going to do my best to get to Dallas for the 'Bama game!! GO, BLUE!!

11/18/2010 - 4:17pm Signature wins!!

Bo's win over #1 OSU in 1969 & Carr's win over #2 OSU in 1995 are two of the most memorable "signature" wins in Michigan & U-M coaching history. Moeller's "problem" IMO is that his team was so highly regarded that, anything less than, a NC would not have been classified as a "signature" win and, truth be told, with the talent Moeller had, he under-achieved IMO. He won three straight B10 titles & was 3-1-1 v OSU, 2-2-1 v ND (who were a powerhouse at the time) & 3-2 v Sparty...not to mention, 4-1 in bowl games! But he lost v #1 FSU at the Big House in 1991 & the heart-wrenching loss to #7 Colorado on the Hail Mary by Kordell Stewart in 1994 at the Big House.

As for RR, I was one of the very skeptical ones when he was hired...and still am...but I said, at the beginning of 2010, that if we went 8-4 (4-4, B10) that I would accept RR, once & for all. Well, we're 7-3 in 2010 & going "bowling" after two LONG years! We're also 2-1 v ND...but that's not saying much...0-3 v Sparty (which SUCKS) & 0-2 v OSU!

If there's a "signature" win in RR's future, there's never going to be a better opportunity than the next two weeks....v Wisky or @ OSU! If we could win both, that would be AMAZING...but I'll be happy with one and, while I'd love to finally beat the "Evil Empire", I'm guessing RR's best shot for that elusive "signature" win will be this Saturday v Wisky!!

11/18/2010 - 3:48pm U-M v 'Bama in 2012!!!

I love this match-up...and hope we get more of these, instead of the Eastern Michigans & UConns!

I do worry about our depth, defense & special teams but, hopefully, recruiting will take care of that in the next 2 years...and IMO, it's totally worth the gamble. Not to mention, beating Nick Saban would be SWEET!!

Hopefully, I can find tix & go cheer on the Wolverines...GO, BLUE!!

11/18/2010 - 3:38pm Burbank, California

Buffalo Wild Wings

127 E. Palm Ave.

Burbank, CA. 91502

(818) 524-2373


And this is where I'll be watching Michigan v Wisky!!

11/17/2010 - 4:43pm WOW...four years already?!

I still remember that day was the day before the biggest game in the history of "The Game" & I was reading my email and watching ESPN's First Take, when the news broke of Bo's passing. I started crying like a baby...and I had never met the man or been to the Big House or even a Michigan football game...but Bo was one of the reasons I became a Michigan football fan in the 70's, despite not being an alum or ever setting foot on the campus. The only other time I cried like that, for a sports figure, was in 1991 when a certain basketball player announced he had the HIV virus & would have to retire. 

The truth is that, once the shock wore off & I calmed down, I thought there was NO WAY we would lose the next day @ C-bus. Just thought fate was on our side. The main thing I remember about Bo, besides his love for the maize & blue, was his "It's all about the TEAM" speeches!

You may be gone, Bo, but you will NEVER be forgotten...GO, BLUE & HAIL, TO THE VICTORS!!