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08/07/2017 - 10:51pm College Park Intel

I am starting my 9th year on the UMD faculty--attended Michigan for undergrad and master's degrees (long ago...).  Here is some info for those coming to campus for the game.

College Park is a good (no, GREAT) college town IFF you take the metro into DC.  If you want to stay in, not so much.

Getting there.  From NYC, I recommend bus or train to Union Station then metro.  There is a free shuttle from the College Park metro station to the Stamp Student Union on campus.  Five minute bus ride and about a 2 minute walk to the stadium.  Folks have already outlined the red line/green line transfer at Ft. Totten.

It's also possible (but a lot longer) to metro from New Carrollton to College Park.  This, however, is a little rougher area than Union Station.

By car.  As others have said, if you Uber from DC you will probably get surge rates, etc.  By DC standards, game day traffic isn't too bad.  (Keep in mind what DC traffic standards are, though...)

If you're driving, you can park at the College Park metro station and take the shuttle to the game.  The parking is cheap, though you'll have to spring for a DC metro "SmarTrip" card to pay the $5.  They don't take cash or credit cards at the parking exit.

Food.  In College Park:  Ugh.  There is a restaurant in the UMUC (U of Md. Univesity College) Marriott that's decent.  THe places on Route 1 (the main street that passes campus) are very student-ish.  They're all ok, and I don't have any to especially avoid or favor. 

There is a Gus's Famous Fried Chicken on Greenbelt Rd. that's very good.  There is a Hard Times Cafe (chili/beer/sports on TV) on Route 1 and a Buffalo Wild Wings also on Route 1.  All three of those would require an Uber ride from the stadium, though.

Food recommendation:  If you can, take the metro down to Columbia Heights in DC and you have awesome choices.  Free shuttle to/from metro station and easy train ride.  Other areas of DC are great too, but Columbia Heights is right on the green line metro and would be the easiest for out-of-towners to navigate.

Where to stay.  Close = expensive.  The "traditional" choice would be the UMUC Marriott.  Very nice rooms.  Link:…

UMD is also opening a new luxury hotel right across Route 1 from campus.  You could walk to the game from either hotel (UMUC is closest but this new place is easy, too).  "The Hotel" is scheduled to open any day now, but it's still screwing up traffic with construction.  They are hoping to have it open before classes start.  We shall see.  Link:

There are also Best Western and Quality Inn on Route 1.  I've never stayed in them, obviously, but have never heard good things about them.  All of our campus guests get put in the UMUC.

Concessions at stadium.  Usually not too bad.  If you had issues in 2015, it's likely because a major hurricane was forecast and fewer people showed up to work. 

I hope this helps some folks.  Enjoy the game!

11/23/2016 - 10:59am Great Nostalgia

Thanks for this.  I was at UM 1974-1980 and didn't miss a football game.  The article brought back a lot of memores--a perfect accompaniment to Ohio St. week.

Go Blue!

01/19/2016 - 8:22am More to the UMD story than meets the eye...

I was here when Ralph Fridgen was fired, and the indications were that on-field performance was not the deciding factor.  The team was definitely on the uptick and the boosters were relatively quiet.  Off the field, though, there were issues.

Randy Edsall's hire was an attempt by a new administration to address the off-field issues (that, and the fact that they couldn't get a higher-profile coach to touch the job with a 10-foot pole).

There is no doubt the administration would have kept Edsall to the end of his contract, except for a mutiny by the boosters.

I think there is enough potential at UMD for DJ Durkin to come in, get enough good players and coach them up to make a splash, get some UA $$ and other juice going to have a good buzz around football--and then leave for a better gig.  He seems like the kind of guy who can come in, work a little magic and get out in a way that is good for his career.  I certainly hope so.

01/18/2016 - 11:29pm I Got Your Original Joke...

...but then, I'm now in Maryland.  (I'm from Detroit...)


11/28/2015 - 9:04pm Need More Talent

I think UM needs to get more talent---better players at some positions, and more depth everywhere.  They seem to have trouble hanging in against deeply talented teams.  Fortunately, the coaching staff seems to be on point with the recruiting.  Maybe they'll be competative at the highest levels very soon.

11/24/2015 - 9:53pm Do Not Underestimat UMD

Maryland has zero football tradition.  It's been an ACC basketball school.


With the right coach (Mullen, Miles, O'Brien), UMD could become a real thorn in the side of Ohio St. , Michigan, Michigan St. and others.

I've seen enough of the UMD program to know that it can become something really close to the best teams in the B1G east--and if the fan base ever gets to thinking that football is just something you do before kicking ass during the basketball season, look out.

This place is all in to try to have really good football.  If they get this coaching hire right, everyone in the conference will have a significantly harder job.

11/24/2015 - 9:44pm Urban Meyer Retirement II...

...will be prompted by Jim Harbaugh.... will the departure of Mark Dantonio from MSU--assuming JH stays long enough at Michigan. 

The other stuff is a side show.  Once the Michigan machine starts to roll again--sucking up recruits and winning games--the B1G East is going to seem like a very inhospitable environment for other coaches.

"Having accomplished my purpose in coming to The Ohio State Uinversity--winning a national championship--I feel that it is time to devote myself to my family and to my faith..."

10/18/2015 - 9:31am Tater = on the money

Gotta say I agree with Tater on this one--in two ways:

1.  Age gives a much different perspective on the "agony" of 20 year olds losing a football game.  I want them to win very much, but some kids made boo-boos and they lost.  They will, however, be the class of the B1G in a year or two.  Vengance will be sweet.  :)

2.  I think the big difference in this game was the quarterbacks.  MSU had an NFL-caliber guy who made key throws at critical times.  Our guy isn't that good.  He is amazingly better than what I thought the QB situation would be this year, but isn't going to be high draft pick.

Silly fumbles aside, it's clear this team is light years ahead of where one could have hoped--and it's looking really good for the future. 

PS.  I still think the Kordell Stewart pass is the most heartbreaking loss that I've seen.  This is close, but that was worse.

09/26/2015 - 3:26pm We Might Have...

...a quarterback this year.

We sure as heck have a defense.

This could be good...

09/04/2015 - 6:33am Not a bad team--except for the quarterback

It seemed clear from before Harbaugh was hired that this team was going to struggle at the quarterback position.

The good news is that we have a coach who seems to have a magic touch recruiting and developing quarterbacks.

The better news is that the rest of the team looked good--and this was the first game.

The only cloud for the silver linings is that this season is going to come down to how well the current QBs can develop.

12/28/2014 - 9:02am Lesser of Two Evils

I feel your pain--Josh Gordon put a dent in my fantasy team the last two weeks.  I agree that neither of your guys is a great option.

I'd lean toward Golden Tate.  I think the Lions may have to play from behind (i.e. throw the ball downfield more) and the Packers can double cover Calvin but will leave Tate single-covered.  Against the Packers defence, he could do pretty well and might scavenge a touchdown along the way.  Your biggest worry will be the Curse of Stafford (road game in December).

The only arguement for Herron is that the Titans are terrible, especially against the run.  Of course he's been pretty terrible, too.  He had something like 5 yards total last week.

So I'd go with Tate and hope the Lions aren't really the same old Lions.

12/12/2014 - 8:53am This is not going to be a fast turnaround

There are still holes and lack of depth on the team, particularly at quarterback.  Hopefully improvoement will come quickly.  Success will take a while.

11/30/2014 - 10:20pm Except a Quarterback

A coach doesn't have everything he needs to win at Michigan.  There is no quarterback on the horizon.