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12/28/2017 - 6:15pm Nice!

Love it! But I already posted this clip a few weeks ago!

11/28/2017 - 12:13am Do you have any better thread

Do you have any better thread ideas??

11/28/2017 - 12:13am Douche


11/28/2017 - 12:12am You’re a fucking hater!! Go

You’re a fucking hater!! Go to bed!

11/28/2017 - 12:08am Why oh why??

Why do people get so worked up over someone posting on a PUBLIC FORUM???

Hello this is a Michigan Athletics blog y’all...quit hating on someone for being excited about this football team!! So much hatin’ for no damn reason!!

We could all use positive news...thank you OP for trying to do your part!!

11/26/2017 - 10:40pm South Carolina

Michigan v. South Carolina...rematch from a few years back!!

Only difference is...we got the D line they’ll be worring about this time around!!

10/27/2017 - 9:21pm While I value your opinion...

Tell me how you get to this Score? Wrecked my brain going thru scenarios...I’m curious!

10/21/2017 - 5:45pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

How we get to 28 I’m not sure!! I’m just feeling the Score!!

Go Blue

08/21/2017 - 12:27am Charleston, SC

I'm going to get to see it off into the horizon from Charleston, SC. Most of all of South Carolina is going to experience totality pretty pumped about getting to see that!

05/09/2017 - 2:26pm Trans am or Wrangler

My 2 bc I couldn't pick just one: mid to late 70's Pontiac Trans am and any year Jeep Wrangler!! I know it's not super fancy but I've always no matter what loved these 2 cars!

10/03/2016 - 12:03am Texas Tech

Texas Tech did open student body tryouts when Mike Leach was still their coach. The walk-on that tried out was a random student that actually ended up starting the rest of the season and finish college on a football scholarship!

There has got to be someone in Ann Arbor with eligibility that can kick!!

09/24/2016 - 3:25am 48-0 M

48-0 Michigan

09/23/2016 - 8:44pm Anyone?

Does anyone know what happened to the "Guess the score"? Weekly post?

I'm trying to put in my prediction for the week! One of these weeks I will win that shirt or book!!

09/15/2016 - 12:58pm 58-0 M

58-0 Michigan

Go Blue!

09/08/2016 - 5:09am 56-7 M

56-7 Michigan

Go Blue!

08/31/2016 - 11:30pm 48-0 Michigan

48-0 Michigan

Go Blue!

06/09/2016 - 7:04pm Olympics in Brazil

I was just in Brazil and had no issues with the zika virus. I know this is a really small sample size but our media is really hyping it up. No one there is happy about the Olympics bc of all the political turmoil going on but overall no one there is overly concerned with Zika. But that's just one man's take!

05/07/2016 - 3:58pm Skatin' Station

First Job in high school was at the Skatin' Station as the guy who wore the ref jersey yelling at people!

04/08/2016 - 6:35pm NCA

NCA would be the equivalent of the highest regarded competition for Cheerleading. Although, the U-M Cheerleading team competes in the Co-Ed Intermediate Division. This is a lower division within the competition. The D1 Large coed division is the true National Champion.

03/18/2016 - 2:52pm 2 of my favorites

Pentwater in the Lake Michigan area.


Lake Leelanau in the Traverse City area

12/04/2015 - 9:34pm For me it would be:

Kerridge and Houma!!

I loved watching our fullbacks this season! I've actually started using the fullback plays on NCAA 14 bc of our offense this season!! It's been awesome watching those guys tote the football for positive yards!!

Go Blue!!

12/02/2015 - 1:10am Maryland

I could see him at Maryland or Rutgers.

11/28/2015 - 8:34pm Alternate universe

In an alternate universe...that roughing the kicker penalty never happened and we are all currently celebrating a Michigan win!!

11/27/2015 - 6:07pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!!!

11/20/2015 - 12:31pm Is the week 11 edition on the way?

I love reading these every week!!

Thank you for the good work!!

11/18/2015 - 10:39pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!!

11/12/2015 - 10:10pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!!

11/06/2015 - 12:23pm Anyone?

Anyone here think Peters steps in and starts all 4 years?

I'm thinking O'korn next season and Peters for 3. His play granted while in hs is incredible...the kid can sling the ball.

11/06/2015 - 11:51am 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!!

10/29/2015 - 11:52pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!

10/18/2015 - 11:59pm Anytime I get to watch

Anytime I get to watch Gameday I'm always looking for it. That Washington State flag is always there!

10/18/2015 - 10:45pm Was it any more odd than the

Was it any more odd than the Washington State flags flying around during college gameday? College kids are going to be college kids!! The Italian flag is awesome and someone wanted to rep it during tailgate! I used to put up my pirate flag on gamedays for good luck!! No reason for it lol

10/17/2015 - 10:09am Correction: Hi, I'm Mike

Correction: Hi, I'm Mike Dantonio

10/17/2015 - 10:06am Dave Brandon made me pay for this sign!

Hi, I'm Mike Dantoni

10/15/2015 - 10:59pm MGoBlog

MGoBlog sounds like a good place to start!!

I hate how people like you can post this stupid shit post. But me who has some insightful things to say regarding the our athletic department doesn't have the ability to post anything!!

Can a brotha get some upvotes or something?

10/14/2015 - 3:19pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!

10/14/2015 - 11:39am Spurrier is a character! He

Spurrier is a character! He is hilarious. His former players still love him. He's already been asked to come watch practice. What he did sucks but nobody down here in SC hate him for it. Instead of going thru a whole season of people hating him for his team doing poorly. he's an instant icon and everyone loves him. Hoke shoulda done the same thing last season.

10/14/2015 - 8:12am ESPN

ESPN has been using that logo as our "secondary" logo during games. I remember seeing it earlier this season during the broadcast of a game! I swear I'm not going crazy!!

10/10/2015 - 1:09am In the submarine in S.C.

It's still raining...trying to weather the flood!!

Football please come sooner!! The state is shut down!!

10/08/2015 - 10:55pm Haters!!

Haters gonna Hate!! She needs to worry about her own damn University and Football team. And not worry about what Hackett and the boys are up to in Ann Arbor!!

10/08/2015 - 2:18pm 28-0 M

28-0 Michigan

Go Blue!!

10/07/2015 - 12:03am Blake O'neill

I could easily see our punter be up for top punter awards if he keeps up his play this season!

10/04/2015 - 5:41pm 28-0 Michigan

28-0 M

Go Blue!

10/04/2015 - 5:39pm The real deal

I don't see many people scoring on us this season!

10/01/2015 - 10:44pm 34-0 Michigan

34-0 Michigan

Go Blue!!

09/24/2015 - 11:42am 21-7 Michigan

21-7 Michigan

09/20/2015 - 11:43pm I wish it was...SC

I wish it was South Carolina. They could use an overhaul...especially with a Hoke on their staff!

But it would definitely be somewhere like Texas or Miami.

09/17/2015 - 12:20am 55-0 Michigan

55-0 Michigan

09/10/2015 - 5:40am 31-16 Michigan

31-16 Michigan

09/05/2015 - 10:09am Been here before.

But hopefully we'll get to see both our QB's in action next Saturday.