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09/28/2014 - 5:13pm I was at the game, behind the Michigan bench

Gentlemen, I was at the game, sitting at the southern 35 yard line, behind the Michigan bench, row 57.  My eyes followed the pass Shane threw.  I never even saw him get hit, especially since it was late - my eyes had already moved on.  However, I did see him wobble.  I thought it was because his ankle or knee buckled.  I was surprised there was a roughing call since I never saw it.  When they called roughing, I was like, "Great!  We get 15 yards".  To my knowledge, they never showed the replay in the stadium, so no-one saw the hit.  Can anyone confirm if they showed a replay in the stadium or not?

Hoke was at field level.  If I never saw the hit in row 57, I don't think Hoke did, with all those offensive and defensive line large bodies in front of him?  I don't know what Nussmeier saw, though I believe Nussmeier was left of Hoke (putting him closer to the line of scrimmage than Hoke was).  I saw Nussmeier motion to Morris to lay down, and I saw Morris motion back I'm not doing anything like that.

Without the benefit of replay, announcer's comments, etc., I don't think these guys knew what they were dealing with in the few seconds after Morris got hit.  A similar event happened with Colt McCoy and the Cleveland Browns a few years ago.  They guy got creamed. on a helmet-to-helmet hit.  I don't remember all the details about how no one saw it, but I remember that the Browns trainer assigned to concussion safety was giving another guy a concussion test.  He had his back to the field so he didn't know Colt came off with a possible concussion, so he never gave a test to Colt.  I believe the result of this is that the NFL has since assigned medical personnel in the press box to alert field personnel.

There was absolutely a failure in not getting Morris checked after he came out.  There was ample time at this point for a message to get relayed that he took a massive hit.  While I can see how he didn't get pulled, he should have NEVER been put back in.  How this message didn't get down to the field is beside me.

06/07/2013 - 1:23pm Legacies

Bill Kolesar/John Kolesar

12/02/2011 - 1:29pm Comparing Mathlete win percentages with Accuscore from WSJ

Hey Mathlete, in the 11/23 Wall Street Journal, Accuscore said Michigan had a 60% chance of winning, based on 10,000 game simulations.  Your initial probability had Michigan around 71-72%.  What methodologies do you and they use to come up with these initial probabilities?  Have you tracked yours versus theirs to see who is more accurate?

06/21/2011 - 12:50pm What happened to the holding penalty?

It's great this kid is going to visit UM.  But I just watched his video and he holds on every play. After all, how do you throw a defensive lineman to the ground without wrapping your arms around him?  What happened to the holding penalty?  It seems the definition of holding has changed.  How can you possibly shake a block when the OL has both hands grabbing your jersey?

01/04/2011 - 9:18am Carr escorted to the door by Brandon?

I must have missed that one.  Can someone explain that for me?

11/07/2010 - 7:05pm So what's a better site for general U of M sports reporting?

I couldn't agree with you more Mgoblue0970.  So what's a better site for general U of M sports reporting?  MGoBlog, entertaining as it is, cannot be a substitute for a news website carrying AP articles.  So where should I send my clicks?

11/07/2010 - 9:50am Drew Sharp is a jackass

I need some MGoBlog help.  I subscribed to the Free Press for three years as an undergrad in the 80's, and naturally went to their website to stay in touch with U of M sports.  I stuck with them through the NCAA violations "scandal", chalking it up to tough reporting,  I have been going there daily for general sports reporting and here daily for the instrospective and hilarious posts.  But yesterday was the last straw.  In Drew Sharp's article yesterday (Ties that bind Big Ten in mystery) he refers to the Capital One Bowl as the "Lloyd Carr Classic", and then makes a crack that U of M would ask the NCAA to give them a bowl ban so they don't have to go to the Little Caesar's Bowl.  Why am I even reading this asshole's articles?  What a jackass to intentionally insult Carr, not to mention a majority of his readership.  I'm so done with the Free Press.  It made me so angry that after reading this blog daily for six months, I created a user id on here just to make this post.

So where should I go to get a daily dose of general U of M sports reporting where I'm not going to have colunnists insulting me?