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09/06/2011 - 4:45am Taco is now 6'7" & still growing. Strobel & Kalis like O$U best

too.  I still think Pharoah Brown would make a freak wide receiver and we could put Taco @ DE.  Love getting a pipeline @ Pickle Central.

07/19/2011 - 10:11pm somebody please email the coaches. Gotta think he'd be a great

fullback.  Kid still had 4 years left.  wonder if Arky game him a release, if he'd still have to sit out, having redshirted last year.  Wonder if 10 players leaving Arky since Spring are part of cuts for SEC oversigning.  Last year when Barnett decommitted from Arky @ end, they had 3 TEs committed and 29 kids for 27 spots already.  Gotta wonder if they ran into exceeding the 85 limit.

07/14/2011 - 5:27am kid's Dad went to AZ.-I'm in Tucson0O$U is trending toward

taking no names, nondescript recruits who commit on the spot b/c they never thought they'd get an O$U offer, ever since Tressel was fired.  I think it is b/c they don't want the pr of cde-commits when penalties w/ bowl bans come down.  these kids are so happy to play for the Nuts that they would not think of de-committing.  Not even RRod while @ WVU would have offered this kid.  Heck even MOO-U did NOT, despite him wanting an offer from them.  Of Course, they are "going National" this year (Ha Ha).

07/07/2011 - 12:45am While coaches have said they see him as a db, he wants to see

how Denard does in the O this year.  Hard to see him visiting & sayin that unlees they have said they'd give him a shot @ QB 1st.  Be foolish not to.  

I'm surprised they are being so honest as to say they see him ultimately as a db.  most schools would not & that he is still visiting is great.  No harm giving him a shot at QB 1st and it gives depth w/out a qb transfering.  If they land him, instead either he is next Denard or they have a super db or wr who is one of top athletes in U.S.

06/21/2011 - 2:47am You are reading too much into it and Dennis is wrong to think

Wormley would end it for DEs.  Our coaches are about done filling needs and will take the best athletes @ the end, regardless of position.  They've been quoted as saying such multiple times.  This is not about somebody's recipe, but about signing top talent.  Our coaches are not following some needs recipe and you would not know what it is if they were.

This is the way Bo, Mo and Carr recruited and how GMattison always has.  I was an M athlete 72-76 and have been following recruiting for over 40 years, starting w/ Joe Terranova, a young Lemming and Rivals and Scout since before they were Rivals and Scout.  By the way, what if the coaches wanted Stanford and Washington to come together and maybe they wanted those 2, Wormley, Strobel & Kalis visiting at the same time?

06/13/2011 - 10:55pm have been w/ the Beav since he first started & he is usually

rock solid and right on w/ his info.  sometimes things change, but if he said @ pt. 1 it was A= it was in fact A.

06/13/2011 - 10:52pm I am BBA M 76 & Law Deg. IU 79- Kiel's home is 35 min.s from

Bloomington, which is full of foxes-way better than AA or EL.  I was head tennis pro @ the top Resort between Bloomington and Columbus for 3 years during law school and summers.  The drive is not bad and the women left this old guy with fond life long memories.  So not so crazy w/ his bro there and the offense they are running.

By the way, the IU folks tell me Kiel is M bound.

06/10/2011 - 1:50am Never get why people don't let the coaches decide that and just

trust them to do what is best.  When you are trying to upgrade the talent level on your roster, especially on D, to compete nationally and in Big 10, you take the top athletes.  Have seen recent quotes from our coaches to the effect that while they have to fill some needs, there is room for top athletes.  I think this will be particularily the case witht the last 7 to 10 recruits in this class.  

Those who try to figure out this class w/ some positional recipe are a bit misguided.  I was an athlete for M and have followed recruiting since the early 70's and these people who think they have figured out a  hard and fast position recipe crack me up.

05/31/2011 - 10:47pm I'd keep a spot for Kalis-not over yet-Fickell shoulder deep in

feces that was/is the O$U pay for play programs, w/ cars, cash.drugs, firniture, condos/housing, trips, etc...  He knew all about it as an assistant and it was going on when he was a player per SI.  O$U cannot afford to make him permanent coach and they have said there will be a "coaching search"  after the season.  Plenty of amo for negative recruitng by schools, other than M.   Few kids will go to coaches that have not been recruitng them or to unknown not yet named coaches. 

Not like U$C where there was doubt about any sanctions and skillful recrutiers-Kiffins and Ogeron were in place lying and saying nothing would happen.   U$C is subject to 75 limit as a oft overlloked sanction, and thus has only 6 shollies to give this year, w/ 8 verbals already.  Big time problem and O$U sanctions will be worse.  Media frenzy/investigation not near over yet & it already got Vest and Pryor.  Fickell has a brand new big media & recruitng target on him.

05/29/2011 - 2:10am due process clause only applies to government subdivisions and

entities-NCAA is not subject to it.  Was a consitiutional lawyer for awhile.