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12/11/2013 - 1:39pm Quantifying Intangables

I think the statistical analysis is a great starting point for discussion, and you obviously put a lot of work in to it - which we all appreciate.  I think there are also intangables that need to be considered when look at this, however.

1.  What was the state of competition for the coaches and can there be any way to adjust numbers with this in consideration?  I think an arguement can be made that when Bo was coaching, the landscape of competition - both on the field in the Big Ten, and in recruiting - was quite different than the more modern era.

2.  What shape was the team in when each coach took over?  I think with Mo's sudden departure due to an off field issue, Lloyd was left in much better circumstances than a steady down turn in talent would have (ex. RichRod).

3.  (Ties in to #1) Strength of schedule.

I hate to say it, but considering these factors, the jobs that Saban and Meyer have done would seem much more extrodinary; and the task ahead of Coach Hoke that much more difficult in comparison to past coaches in some respects.  An average of 10 win seasons over the next two years would be wonderful, but I think 9, possibly 8 wins ALONG with a steady stream of high end talent coming in AS WELL AS improved development of current players would be grounds for sticking with Coach Hoke.  If it then becomes stagnant at that level, I feel there would need to be a hard evaluation and thought to "moving on".  On the other hand, IF there is that steady stream of talent and development, 10+ win season should be a natural progression.

Thanks, again, for your work and contributing to a worthwhile conversation!

Go Blue!

10/01/2013 - 11:26am Charlottsville, VA Contact

Steve Rappaport, one of the news anchors in Charlottsville, VA was a fraternity brother of mine at UM in the late 80's.  He's a huge fan, try texting, emailing, or tweeting him through the station, and I'm sure he would like to get together for games with fellow fans...

Best of luck growing the group!

08/08/2013 - 12:48pm I will miss Bruce...

Worked for Bruce in the SID from 1992-1994, ultimately serving as the Hockey SID for him.  I couldn't say enough in support of what he has done for the University and Athletic Department.  Sitting in the office or late in the Press Box while the West Coast media took their time filing game stories was always a wonderful time.  I will always have extremely fond memories of the time I spent with both he and Jim Schneider - it was impossible NOT to like what you were doing with those two!

Enjoy your "retirement" Bruce, you've earned it!!

07/23/2013 - 9:32pm Agreed

Oh, I agree.  Desmond was a dominant player, no doubt.  The extremely difficult part is that they all were dominant players.  The rest really comes down to personal iterpretation...

07/23/2013 - 9:07pm Does this mean anything at all?

OK, that's great they are circling the waggons of their Alma Mater; but does it really have any influence at ALL on the legal side of things?  It doesn't change the fact that the University and Athletic Department basically aided and abetted someone they pretty much knew to be a pedifile.  In fact, I would agrue that by lauding all of the honors onto him when he "retired", it gave him more sway and power over the children he victimized.


I honestly understand why these people want the sanctions to be changed as it hurts something they loved and worked for; but, come on, the punishment may be too weak for the crime in my eyes...

07/23/2013 - 8:53pm No. 1 Everywhere

Well, apparently, I'm old.  Born in '68 and '91 UM Grad apparently makes you that these days...sigh... I do, however, have the privilege of having the experience of walking around the stadium tailgates those wonderful fall days and seeing every man, woman and child wearing the AC #1 jersey.  That, and every child between the cars running routes, catching passes, and doing the AC high-step trot into the endzone.  I hope I never forget those days.

However, my Top 10 Football Wolverines of all time would be IMHO (and I had the pleasure of seeing all but two play in person)...

1.  Tom Harmon

2.  Charles Woodson

3.  Anthony Carter

4.  Rick Leach

5.  Denard Robinson

6.  Mark Messner

7.  Desmond Howard

8.  Dan Dierdorf

9.  Ty Law

10.  John "Jumbo" Elliott

06/25/2013 - 3:04pm Congratulations!

Always happy to see a life-long fan able to fulfill his dream!  And, obviously, he has worked hard at making that dream become a reality.  The young man seems to have no fear of competition and challenges.

I continue to be very pleasantly surprised at the quality in character of the young men this staff continues to bring in to the program!

06/25/2013 - 2:57pm Now THAT's a Baller!

Fournette, on the HS field, truly looks to be a man amongst boys on a playground of girls...  Unlikely we will see him in the Maize and Blue, but... there are still seven months until signing day...

One can dream...