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12/31/2018 - 6:40pm We were never them anyway…

We were never them anyway. The fact that we now measure ourselves against MSU in any capacity is gross.

12/30/2018 - 10:50am (Coaching, players)

QB - C+…

(Coaching, players)

QB - C+, B-

RB - C, B

TE - C+, C+

WR - C+, B-

OL - A-, B


DL - B+, B+

LB - B+, B+

CB - B+, B+

S - B-, C+

ST - A, A-


Defense largely gets a knock on each category for play in the 3 biggest games (national stage). It's a unit that'll destroy bad-average teams and struggle with good-great teams.


Offense was another disappointment outside of OL play to me. I truly didn't think an OL with Runyan, JBB and Onwenu could be so much as mediocre, let alone decent. They definitely improved so that's positive.

The rest was largely what I expected and that's sad as I have very little faith in Pep, Jay and at this point Jim when it comes to doing even the most obvious to win a game vs anyone better than average. It's as if they assume the defense will always pitch a sub-10pt game and up through the bowl game we had starters looking absolutely lost out there. 

The schemes and concepts themselves don't make sense, execution or not. It just doesn't make sense too often to trust they'll ever be more than mediocre. I couldn't grade anyone but Warinner above a C+.

Special teams was solid once we got Moody in there, punting great.


12/21/2018 - 1:51pm Yeah, I recall he chose Cal…

Yeah, I recall he chose Cal due to a perceived slight by USC. They were THE program at the time and LB Poly was damn near untouchable in that Carroll era (as English mentioned).

He felt USC assumed they'd sign him and "only' sent 2 coaches to his in-home. Cal sent the entire offensive staff and he signed with Cal.

I still contend that he'd have likely clashed with Carr anyway. An outspoken player that had many demands and makes them known wouldn't have flown under Carr. He'd have arrived in Fall and transferred by January.

12/21/2018 - 11:27am That early 2000s was my…

That early 2000s was my prime era for following recruiting. I was nuts about it.

The WR we passed on Jackson for was LaTerryal Savoy, a WR from Louisiana that did very little here. I'm sure he's a good guy and I honestly can't imagine Jackson being happy under Carr (really think about it) but it's still amazing that they told the best player in California AT LONG BEACH POLY no because of Savoy. Even then it seemed insane.

12/19/2018 - 11:47pm NFL teams plan to MURDER Jim…

NFL teams plan to MURDER Jim Harbaugh if they cannot obtain him as HC?!


12/19/2018 - 12:44pm Seems like a good kid and he…

Seems like a good kid and he may be a project but he's a heck of a project to have. Bummed he's going to osu but this seemed inevitable to me for as long as I've known about him.

Hill returning to the fold definitely softened the blow.

12/19/2018 - 12:17pm This and Parade Magazine for…

This and Parade Magazine for me. Parade had their Parade AA Team and I'd scour it for UM players. I miss those daya of being mostly ignorant about it.


I've mostly returned after years of hardcore following but I still can't stay away from NSD.

12/19/2018 - 12:03pm I get your sentiment but ZH…

I get your sentiment but ZH along with them would have been huge. I'd put ZC and DH both ahead of him as far as need (rankings not mattering, tbh) and he's a project but he'd be an amazing project to have.

ZH is a freak athlete. Yeah, it may take a couple years and he may never get there but if he does...with that athleticism...forget about it.

I just get your point. Getting Hill back and signed softened that blow a lot.

12/19/2018 - 11:02am I think that was the first…

I think that was the first plan but he then decided to not enroll early a bit after initially committing to us.

12/19/2018 - 10:58am Smith, Hill and Jackson (ST)…

Zach C, M Smith, D Hill and Jackson (ST) are sure bets to get a lot of time, IMO.


I'm still not sure that Hinton is better suited for DL than OL so he may not even be the freshman with the 2nd most snaps at DL, IMO.

12/19/2018 - 10:41am Crazier things have happened…

Crazier things have happened but Zach is gone. He's already informed the programs. So, unless he feels differently by Noon he's going to OSU. 

That said, I didn't think Hill was coming back. I didn't and don't follow recruiting much anymore so I didn't hear Webb say anything about Hill as much as I didn't think we could get him back from Bama.

Anyway, I had pretty direct info from last Summer (explained the other day) that Zach didn't like Meyer. It was said that he was going there but didn't like Meyer. His later scandal is what opened the door for us in a real sense. The rumors I heard seem to have been proven via recent news so their cause truly was helped by losing their HOF coach. That's mind boggling but true.

Zach is 99% gone. I'd say 100% but crazier things have happend so 99%.

12/19/2018 - 8:15am But he didn't. He was asked…

But he didn't. He was asked to break down national stories after talking about Michigan and quickly mentioned Georgia because he was clearly busy and trying to end the segment.

Both should have fine days but this is a bit of a misrepresentation of what was said.

12/19/2018 - 7:20am Because he's going to OSU…

Because he's going to OSU. The ballz left are those just hoping for the big points in the 0.001% chance he doesn't. Some people with ballz don't even participate anymore and 2 still have theirs on UM (last time I noticed a few days ago). 

12/19/2018 - 7:15am Excepting Dobbs? I'd have…

Excepting Dobbs? I'd have him as the 4th or 5th best player in the state. I think Barnett, Brown and Smith (at least) are all better.

Anyway, it was a top-heavy class in the state and even if we added a 4th player to the list before Dobbs I'd say UM went 2 for 5 at best. Some say Dobbs wouldn't have been recruited regardless. Let's assume so despite contrary evidence and UM landed 1 or 2 of the top 4 kids. Not great, not bad. JMHO.

12/18/2018 - 4:14pm The reasoning seems a bit…

The reasoning seems a bit weak but we'll see. I'd bet he doesn't end up here as much as I did the second I read he flipped. That said, a chance is better than no chance, right? That'd be huge and he'd play a position that Brown hasn't had a real star at since BC. It allows more of the stuff that's been burning us when you have an athlete like that at Safety.

12/18/2018 - 3:53pm I mean, as opposed to what?…

I mean, as opposed to what? As opposed to nothing special about signing a bunch of recruits on Wednesday?


He's say this if the class was built of 3 2 star kids right now. Any coach would.

12/18/2018 - 1:20pm Ok. As posted the other day,…

Ok. As posted the other day, I never really thought he was going anywhere but OSU. Even during the flurry of UM ballz and positive vibes I knew it wouldn't happen. Why? OSU is OSU and he basically lives in Columbus. He seems like a nice kid that doesn't want to have everyone he knows questioning him after not going there.

Further, if one game changes a kid's mind he hadn't made it up to begin with. Had NSD been after his official here I'd say we had a 49.99% chance. Basically a coin flip with...but it wasn't and isn't so unless OSU imploded from then out (they didn't) he was going to OSU. The only thing The Game did was harden those that were in the pro-OSU camp. I can't imagine the jokes and comments made after that and at the end of the day he's a kid. It has an effect. Yet, one game didn't turn him from UM to OSU. I'd bet on that. He was always a heavy OSU lean, IMO.

Finally, I have some connections within Ohio HS football. I don't share much with anyone (not nor want to be an insider guy) and what I was told last Summer was Zach didn't like Urban Meyer. He was going to OSU but really didn't care for Meyer. That rumor has since spread so I definitely believe it. I'd then assume the scandal didn't help and provided our only chance at him. So, losing a Hall of Fame HC literally helped their chances with him. Had Urban stayed he'd probably have *some kind* of decision to make. With Day he pleases everyone, plays for a coach he likes (Johnson) and a HC he doesn't dislike.

I'm often called a pessimist but I'm a realist. I've lived in Ohio. I can imagine the pressure a kid feels to go there especially now as it's not the 90s anymore. It's the last 15 years, not a single game.

Here's hoping we somehow get Hill back but I don't see that happening either. 

12/14/2018 - 11:39am Possibly but doesn't seem to…

Possibly but doesn't seem to be trending that way to me. In the past you could really get going after multiple years of perceiving to "build" or underachieve. In the age of social media it really feels like you have to do big things quickly to become elite. It seems like Clemson under Dabo is the last to be mediocre for a few years (for their expectations) and then go to another level. He also revamped the entire program before that happened, IIRC.

I dunno. A lack of elite athletes and a system that has proven to not be able to beat elite teams doesn't instill a ton of confidence in me that this staff can make Michigan elite. They could! I just wouldn't bet on it at this point. Is the sky falling? Am I an apocalyptic fan? No to each. It's just strange how this program can't seem to get put of it's own way. Something is off within the program itself and I have my theories that I've shared before so I'll avoid doing it again.

So, the best 2nd tier team in the country? Ok. I think even that could be debated but ok. I guess that's what Michigan's always been or what we're ok with being now. I'll still watch games.

12/14/2018 - 11:06am Nope. There is a local paper…

Nope. There is a local paper that he gave an interview with post-flip, in it he doesn't mention staff rumors or anything but wanting to go to Bama. Insinuates the SEC CG solidified it for him and it was a hard decision he felt he had to make, doesn't sound at all like a kid that's confused or debating anything. He's gone, Bama will take both and we'll keep being a 2nd tier program because you need multiple kids like him to be elite in today's CFB.

12/13/2018 - 9:56pm I've never really thought he…

I've never really thought he was coming here but that's not out of some apocalyptic view of the program. My confidence in getting him here has always been and remains at about 5%. I mean, maybe but I always assumed he'd go to OSU.

Admittedly, there was that small time about 6 weeka ago where ballz were flying in, UM felt to be on a rocket trajectory and OSU slowly imploding where I felt about 50% confident. Still never thought OSU was out of it but really felt there was a chance. That week or two went without a verbal and I dropped back down to what I've always thought.

I trult think Urban leaving is a benefit for them as much as The Game was. I don't know how any single game can cause a 180 in the mind of anyone (let alone a recruit deciding his future) but it has for seemingly everyone.

I'll be stunned if he comes to UM so no real gut punch for me on that front. It'll suck but what hasn't sucked for 15 years at this point?

11/24/2018 - 11:53am I just don't like the feel…

I just don't like the feel of this game. If at home I'd pick Michigan but I don't like this offense a lot on the road.


OSU by about 10. Something like 31-21. I want to be wrong so very much.

11/20/2018 - 8:57am If he goes into CFB he would…

If he goes into CFB he would absolutely crush. Pete Carroll-esque "go into any school or living room and steal your recruit" levels of crushing if at a big program. It would be a awful if ND opened up and he took that job. OSU? Forget it. Disaster.

I remember being asked a hypothetical while undefeated in 2016 of whether I'd rather have Jim or John at that moment and I honestly couldn't answer. I couldn't say I wouldn't swap the two out if I magically could have. John is basically Jim with none of the "oddities" that work against him as much as they work for him. He'd absolutely dominate at the college level, IMO.

11/19/2018 - 3:38pm If there are changes within…

If there are changes within the AD he'll have a miracle health turnaround and pretend like it was never a big deal, that the media ran with speculation.

If there are no changes he possibly retires. I'd actually bet on the former.

11/17/2018 - 8:38am The word is that he never…

The word is that he never planned on staying for more than this season.

Now, before a game was played I said that he was the most talented QB we'd have had here under Harbaugh but he also wasn't an NFL QB. Just my opinion at thw time and I have to say that I still feel that way. I watch him play and that's exactly what he is in my eyes. 

I feel good about DMC so either decision is fine from a selfish fan perspective. From a perspective of what's best for him, I'd say that he should absolutely return. Again, he's not NFL ready, IMO. His arm could get a bit stronger, he could get more comfortable in the pocket, get more comfortable reading a defense and improve his decision making. 

He barely outruns CFB LBs so his proclivity to scramble isn't going to be a positive in The NFL, let alone his habit of turning blindly to the right and trying to stretch wide all the time. He could out-run HS kids doing that but he's slower than many (most?) NFL rush ends and LBs. He needs to work on the "stereotypical/prototypical" league QB stuff.


But whatever he does he does. Again, I have only heard one rumor that he's thinking about staying and a ton that he made it clear to the staff that he was 1 and done before he transferred.

11/16/2018 - 7:05am Gray is really good so this…

Gray is really good so this sucks but best to him and we still look great at HB this cycle.

11/12/2018 - 9:59am Wrong. He has alcoholism.


Wrong. He has alcoholism.


Never underestimate the ability of an addict and/or crazy person to obtain forgiveness after seeking help. I'm not saying he'll ever be in the position he was but you described a sober psychopath. A drunken psychopath can come back on the fact (a lie, often) that it was the addiction making them crazy.

11/12/2018 - 9:35am No, you don't understand. We…

No, you don't understand. We fixed. The glitch.

11/12/2018 - 1:52am Too high. It'll be a 14-21pt…

Too high. It'll be a 14-21pt game.

The main goal of this two game stretch is to clean up the passing game and get out healthy. Indiana will come to play and don't bw surprised if it's still a game at halftime.

11/06/2018 - 8:28am He's bad at his job but his…

He's bad at his job but his voice is one of two voices I associate with UM Football.

It's something I don't fret about due to that and due to the fact that he'll likely only be doing it a bit longer.

But yeah, he's bad at play by play.

11/04/2018 - 10:09pm It's above-average, at least…

It's above-average, at least.

Compared to the last handful of years and even the first couple of games this season that's incredible. Better than I thought this particular unit could be.

Yeah, lock him down long-term. Asap. 

11/04/2018 - 8:45am This is specifically what…

This is specifically what will cause this team to run the table or eventually fall before the playoffs.

The Michigan offense is definitely improved and currently improving (more than even I thought they would, esp on the OL) but it's still a wildly inconsistent unit. I'd really like to see numbers for what they do pre and post-40, forget redzone. They mostly seem to bog down once they hit the 40 but, again, I'd like to see data ad opposed to soley use what I seem to see.

During this 3 game run we've seen Michigan DOMINATE opponents and yet go into halftime with the game still within a couple scores. While that's not really a complaint anyone can make (ha) it does show a team that can't kill an opponent when the opponent is begging to be killed. That will bite them, be it Indiana or OSU or The B1GCG or Playoffs. It WILL bite them.

Very impressive wins but it still seems a bit unfortunate that they can't bury an opponent as early as they seem to be fully capable of doing. If that comes, this won't be a "can beat anyone but Bama and Clemson" team. They will be in that tier.

And imagine saying that after the ND game or even NW game.

11/01/2018 - 11:18am Absolutely wrong, IMO.

A 1…

Absolutely wrong, IMO.

A 1-loss Bama has already proven to be capable, they are the defending NC and they've already done enough to warrant entry with a single loss.


Michigan needs to win out and get a tiny bit of help ASSUMING Bama wins Saturday. A Bama loss would make the road for a 1-loss Michigan so much harder. A 1-loss UM still needs Oklahoma and Georgia to lose again for safety. They're ahead of both today but if both rattle off a string of blowouts it could get iffy, especially if UM is winning by single digits vs PSU, OSU and a West champ deemed weak in the media. Style still matters a bit and our offense still looks inept for 2 quarters a game.

As bad as Bama losing to LSU would be, Bama not losing until a UGA SEC CG could be worse. Again, they wouldn't fall far and still have the Bama credentials. The impact there would be the late loss.

Our best setup is Bama winning out and a loss hitting UGA, OU and/or ND. We have to win out, obviously. A loss and we're talking about the best bowl possible. 0% chance a 2-loss UM gets in.

10/21/2018 - 4:23pm Not at all an insider. I…

Not at all an insider. I know nothing wrt Gary.


That said, you can only travel with so many players. In a game like this a player is worth more than even the best hype man. You may need that 3rd QB or 6th CB. Gary - even if hyping and coaching his teammates up in injury - cannot play. It's that simple.


Now, could he be done? Sure. If he were I wouldn't fault him while also acknowledging how sad (righteous?) the new world of CFB is. It would suck to start losing guys 2.5 years in but I wouldn't blame them.


Pay the players. Insure/ensure their future when they're clearly just waiting to go pro. Insurance is a start but not nearly enough.


All THAT said, I'd be a bit surprised if he were actually done. I say that with zero inside info.

10/21/2018 - 4:49am I didn't worry about them…

I didn't worry about them but I knew they were a an actual rival. I was always nervous but confident.

There are 18yo osu fans that have no real concept of UM being at their level. That's so fd and just breeds this entitled "lose a single game and kill everything in the program" mentality.

10/20/2018 - 11:42pm This is what being spoiled…

This is what being spoiled fn rotten does to a fanbase. It's almost as bad (in ways worse) than a struggling program. The Bama meltdown will be EPIC when it comes (whenever it does). They each have a generation that assumes outright domination is the norm. They have no perspective of real rivalry or challenge.


I couldn't imagine being a late teen with almost zero idea that OSU was a real threat...and I was a teen in the 90s!


This is glorious.

10/20/2018 - 9:47pm I think Nordin is mostly…

I think Nordin is mostly fine. One off game and then a terrible kicking surface are not a sure sign that the guy has yips or lost his swing.

There was a KO or two that had the kicker fall flat on his back.

If anything I think he misses consistent holding. The snap-hold on kicks has been wonky all year after having *the greatest holder in the history of holders ever.


*objective fact

10/18/2018 - 4:26pm How this dude ever fooled…

How this dude ever fooled anyone here - people that will demolish others for posting anything heard from a source - is comical.

His name is umbig11 because he has 11 accounts to paid scouting sites. That's it.

10/17/2018 - 10:58pm I swear that I just said I…

I swear that I just said I had a feeling he'd transfer last Saturday. I've seen him play maybe once on ST but it wasn't even that. It just felt like one of those kids we randomly lose every year, a mid-high 4 star type that didn't pan out here but will go on to be an NFL talent somewhere else.


I don't know how he could be behind Anthony, atm. The little time he got was rough. He didnt even look like a LB. I'm sure he'll be fine but there had to be some health or other hurdles to be behind him on the depth chart right now.

10/14/2018 - 6:00pm A guarantee:


Look at…

A guarantee:


Look at their post history and I guarantee half of those posters were calling for MD's head this time last week.

It's fn comical. The best coach/situation they've had since the 60's and they can't decide if they want him or not on a weekly basis since 2016.

10/14/2018 - 5:55pm Good or lucky? Mostly good…

Good or lucky? Mostly good but I think it truly is a case of their staff being A+ at getting them in the mindset of underdogs. I really do. #dizrespekt is real with MSU, meme or not. I think their 21 loses to unranked opponents under MD is due to #dizrespekt ultimately being an unattainable constant. Human beings cannot ALWAYS be "on". It's a finite resource.


As for talent and execution, they're talented. I'm MUCH higher in Lewerke than most I hear speak about him. He has a good arm, usually makes the right read and has surprising mobility (somewhere between Shea and DCaff). He's a good QB and their QBs tend to not beat themselves in big games under Dantonio. 


I don't think their OL is very good right now but they've done fine with less. They beat our ass a few years back with a converted 4th string Freshman DT having to switch to LG the week of our game. He played like an All-American. They get up for us (obviously).


Their defense is flat-out solid against th run. Force the run and you'll likely lose. Pass defense is a bit suspect.

All in all they're a solid team, definitely top-25, IMO. A bit of luck but every team needs a bit of luck at times. PSU didn't play a good game but MSU did what they've done for a decade under MD and won. It's not complicated and won't be as long as he's there. Hate him all you want, he's a very good coach. The demand many MSU fans had to remove him last week was comical then and especially now. He's the best they've had since the fucking 1960s. Yes, Saban included. Saban bounced ASAP due to the restrictions he had at MSU. You're #2 in an average HS Football State, surrounded by blue-blood powers. MD fits that culture perfectly and 2018 MSU is the possibly the perfect average of the types of teams he's had in his time there.

10/12/2018 - 4:23pm How did you slow down that…

How did you slow down that footage?

10/02/2018 - 9:56pm Not here to argue but a few…

Not here to argue but a few things (can't copy/paste on Chrome mobile).

The first paragraph has a few points so I'll go to each (generally):

1. Improvements.

 Are there improvements? Sure. I honestly think the OL is improving. Some don't see it and it's mostly pass-pro but it is improving, IMO. No difference in opinion there.

 Backs seem about the same as last year, IMO. Mason is terrific but that's more an addition really. Depth is a bit better as I was never a big fan of Walker's game (best to him, of course). Wilson has been a great emergence, for sure. Otherwise I'd call it about the same.

 WR/TEs are better in the sense that they're a year older...which is good for Sophmore WRs! So, ok. 

 QB is just an upgrade but a definite upgrade. That said, I'm still on record saying Patterson isn't the 1st round pick everyone still makes him out to be but he's easily the most physically gifted QB Harbaugh has had. So, yeah.

In all, would I say the OFFENSE is improved? Sure. In the respect that we have a QB and everyone is a year older. They still fail at a discouraging degree at the same places. That's the problem and a problem that's leaving people to finally assume that it's the system. QB isn't an excuse anymore. It CAN get better during the year but can you blame anyone for assuming it probably won't after the last decade?


2. Northwestern

A good defense and they pooped rainbows for a quarter? Ok. I generally agree. That said, that one quarter or rainbow pooping still put them at midfield for a final heave to win. That one rainbow pooping quarter and NOTHING else after damn near won the game. The defense has to be allowed to let up 21 points and not lose against anyone and especially NW. Doesn't that seem like a fair statement that also seems far too common a thing to happen?


3. Refs, play calling and execution

Won't defend these refs. I was on the "this isn't normal" train 4 years ago. No guff here.

 Yes, play calling was peculiar at times. If by "at times" you meant "kind of a lot". It was most of the game.

Yes, players have to execute. However, isn't it possible that the constant lack of execution against any decent defense is odd? Like, the consistency with which UM players don't execute in all road games and most home games vs a decent team? At what point is it ok to ask if the plan they've been given to execute isn't ideal?

What more do we want? I'd settle for consistent competence (even in failure) and a clear, no-BS understanding of who does what on staff. Players that look to appear to know what they're doing, why they're doing and doing it. It happens all across the country! It's possible! It happens. Most of the time it's due to running a basic, common sense system that a 19yo can understand.


As for the 2nd paragraph, I hope so. I truly do. I don't care about comeuppance and outing critics after the team does whatever. I want to see the team I've supported my entire life live up to what we all know they can and should be. 2 decades of OSU domination, a decade of MSU domination and a bunch of wtfuckery can make people question. That's a long time.

Go Blue.

10/02/2018 - 8:57pm This will be short and not…

This will be short and not at all a long rant from a usually optimistic fan:

I think he's mostly correct. The system does ask too much of everyone and it says a lot when the OL talked of "everything being simplified". I cannot see this team for the last few years and think that over-complication doesn't run across the entire offense. You can't watch guys look lost for 3Qs against any team with a pulse and think "we just need MORE 5 stars". Sure, we'd like more but that's not the problem. We're asking 18-22yo students to run NFL systems/schemes. That's a problem. A team of Stanford enrollees may grab it quickly but UM isn't Stanford, like that or not.


You can avoid being 2012 Oregon and still get kids ready for the pro game. Further, you can't run a job like this as if you're trying to re-live your glory days. UM can't ground and pound anyone but the weakest teams right now. Ok, fine! You have a bunch of really good athletes at WR and a damn good, mobile QB. The level of stubbornness and ineptitude needed to not take advantage of that is astonishing.

Last week saw us throw a poorly executed rub-fade (used a ton in the pros) to Grant Perry...all while 6-5 Nico Collins was singled on the other side with a 5-10 CB, no help. How does your system not have the ability to see that and take advantage? The issue not being QB, btw! Nico ran a fake route. He knew he wasn't getting the ball. The rub-fade was the design, go there. So, it's complicated but not enough to check into basic slants, fades, curls when they single DPJ with a garbage CB...because he's not able to plant his foot and outrun a fn nobody CB for 5 yards?! 


It makes zero sense and to this day we get "it's coach's offense" or other runaround answers when we ask who calls the plays. Well, duh. Who's calling plays? We don't get "Jim does". We get "ehh, it's a bit of input from everyone" stuff. A real "we all know but don't know and The Fort so we'll never know but we all know so who cares" - type deal. It's unnecessary to be that misleading about job duties.

It's just borderline criminal to have never paired a Brown defense with an offense worth half a shit. We're likely losing half our defense this year to the draft and they'll have never had a single offense they can rely on should they have a mediocre day. 

 I'm a big Fitzgerald fan. Very good coach but it's Northwestern. To have a hard time scoring 20 on NW is insane come year 4. They have a good defense but it's NW. The defense could only give up 19 to NW or we lose?! That's crazy. Sorry. The OL is improving but this offense won't get us by anyone left but Maryland and Rutgers. Not what we've seen so far from the only two teams worth half a shit.

It's this constant cycle of blowing out bad teams and everyone talks positively (rightfully). Hang 50+ on Nebraska? We're gonna be ok! Hang 70 on Rutgers? We're clicking now, baby! No, you just played garbage teams but nobody sees it that way. We're on a roll!

Then come the mediocre teams that take us to halftime (at least) in a dogfight and we start to admit what we are again...but we barely pulled it out so it can get better, right? Right? Next week will be different. MSU is bad this year so...


...loss. Well, the rain! It was the rain. We'll get PSU because when they had no OL or QB or defense we blew them out.

...embarrassing loss. Well, Barkley and McSorley's 50/50 balls. Can't stop that or keep up with it. Impossible schematically. Also, why put McCray on Barkley but whatever. Moving on. OSU, this is the year because it's only been literally almost 20 years of incompetence.


...loss. But the refs so don't lose all optimism and I'm sure it'll be different doing the same shit next year.


Repeat. For...11 years now? If we're being kind to the late-Carr years, 11 years of bewildering "let's make this so much harder than it has to be" bs? 11 years? I don't know.


So, I agree with Baumgardner (lmao).



08/07/2018 - 5:31pm I was a young, healthy guy…

I was a young, healthy guy at the time so I know it's very narrow to say that my experience was mostly fun...but it was.


Again, I didn't need power for any medical reasons. I could have hypothetically lived a month drinking cola and eating chips. I was 20yo so the biggest gripe was the heat and no TV.

Yet, I still bring that event up all the time because it was the last time it felt like how it was when I was a kid. Everyone was outside. I'd go for a walk and everyone was hanging out, some grilling, kids playing outside. People were talking to each other, a party hopping on every corner.

Then I went to the store with friends and people were calm. It was barely lit and the lines were a mile long but, again, people largely just hung out.


I can see how it was terrible for many but my experience was mostly good. It only became a real bother by the 5th day or so. Around then I also noticed more arguments and anger outside.

At worst it showed me that society would be ok for about a week into a permanent loss of power. After a week it would get dicey.

08/07/2018 - 5:19pm Milton is just a physical…

Milton is just a physical freak. His hype is mostly built around the fact that he's a legit 6-5+, 200+ and can throw the ball over that mountain over there. He's still incredibly raw. You absolutely would not want him on the field this year and likely even next year. 


By comparison he'd make most look bad in a loose, meaningless throwing session. That said, I'm not nearly as high on Shea as most. Is he the best/most ready guy Harbaugh has had at QB here? Yes. Is he the 1st round pick many assume he'll be next April? I don't think so. Not even close, IMO. I'd even go so far as to predict that he may stay another year despite all word being that he's already decided to be 1&done. He'll possibly stay because he'll very likely need another year before The NFL. His skills don't translate very well at this moment.


That said, he's miles above what we've had the last 2 years. He's a good QB! He just isn't as good as many seem to think, IMO. I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong, btw.

08/07/2018 - 5:19pm Milton is just a physical…

Milton is just a physical freak. His hype is mostly built around the fact that he's a legit 6-5+, 200+ and can throw the ball over that mountain over there. He's still incredibly raw. You absolutely would not want him on the field this year and likely even next year. 


By comparison he'd make most look bad in a loose, meaningless throwing session. That said, I'm not nearly as high on Shea as most. Is he the best/most ready guy Harbaugh has had at QB here? Yes. Is he the 1st round pick many assume he'll be next April? I don't think so. Not even close, IMO. I'd even go so far as to predict that he may stay another year despite all word being that he's already decided to be 1&done. He'll possibly stay because he'll very likely need another year before The NFL. His skills don't translate very well at this moment.


That said, he's miles above what we've had the last 2 years. He's a good QB! He just isn't as good as many seem to think, IMO. I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong, btw.

07/14/2018 - 1:43am I also still play the PS2…

I also still play the PS2 NCAA Game (NCAA 11). I firmly believe that EA hasn't made a playable game since that gen. I don't think they're simply bad but literally unplayable. Stiff, robotic animations, bad player models and atrocious physics. True Fact: the ball didn't even spin more than once on any pass until NCAA 09, IIRC. 40 yard throw? One rotation. 4 yard dump? One rotation. Oh, the UI was atrocious even up to NCAA14. Slow, buggy trash. Literally unplayable to me.


Horrible games starting with the PS3/360 generation. Anyway...


I currently play NCAA 11 on PS4 via the 5.05 exploit. It has a built-in PS2 emulator and I made my own PS2 Classic to run on it. After tweaks I'm playing it in 1080p, 60fps. Looks so crisp.

 As for emulation, there is not a viable PS3 emulator available. PCSX2 is a great PS2 emulator (Sony basicslly stole that for PS4, even uses similar config files). Works great on a moderate PC. Similar PS3 emulation is at least a decade off. PCSX3 technically exists but you'd get about 10fps and major glitches from even a very strong sytem. The PS3 architecture was just too strange to emulate on what is common hardware in PCs.

Just glad to see another that agrees the PS2 era football games were best. I don't know why they messed with them in later gens as Madden is garbage to this day for the same reasons. They merely polished a turd.



04/20/2018 - 12:47pm Agree with the general sentiment

I don't think Peters starts a game over an eligible and healthy Patterson. That said, I don't get the 1&done Patterson talk as he doesn't look or play like an NFL QB to me. I think he's overrated in that regard but underrated as far as our current QB situation goes. We need him this year. Bad.

That said, besides a really good deep ball I'm notnsure what he offers an NFL team atm. He's not a big, durable guy so his mobility isn't seen as a great positive. He doesn't have a huge arm but he can throw a football with some zip. Ok. He isn't terribly accurate and if not eligible he'll have about a season of CFB (in a hyperspread system) under his belt. Nothing he did at OM was "OMG he's going to be the top pick one day" stuff. A ton of no-read quick throws and "just make something happen" plays where he'd sit in the pocket for 5-7 seconds, move right, move left, spin back right and run for his life for 2-10 yards. Nothing he did or was asked to do screamed "NFL QB".

Crush it in a year under Harbaugh? Possibly. Ok. As of the last we saw of him? Not an NFL QB to me.

02/10/2018 - 12:34pm Nice...

Used to go to the Naptown bowling alley every weekend as a very young kid (8-12yo). It was basically the hub of civilization for the remote village I lived in. Good times but 24 is still one of the worst roadways I can remember. Literally lost 3 friends on it while in HS.

02/10/2018 - 12:31pm Right on

I grew up watching Clark Forward murder dudes haha. He eventually went to Michigan.

He'd go to tournaments, sign-up under 2 weight classes and dominate them both. Fun to watch.