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11/01/2013 - 3:13pm Michigan Bar in Providence - Update

...We are rotating to Hanley's Ale House on Pine St. in downtown Providence for the 11/2 game against MSU. This is the place that used to be McFadden's, which often drew a small group of M fans.

10/29/2013 - 2:41pm Closer to Attleboro...


We've been really trying to get gamewatch events going down in Providence (also through the alumni association). We have nowhere near the population of Boston and it has been rough winning bars over, but we'll be at Hanley's in downtown Providence for the M-MSU game this weekend with somewhere between half a dozen and 20 people (and sound). We'd love to increase the group size.

10/02/2013 - 10:50am NEW Michigan bar in Providence, Rhode Island

Heya, this thread is totally ancient, but in case anyone is still in Providence (and given that McFaddens is no more :)--

We'll be having a gamewatch at Rick's Roadhouse in the Jewelry District in Providence, RI for the Minnesota game 10/5. Right off I-95 and also accessible on foot or transit from downtown Providence or the East Side.

Lots of screens, sound, good prices on buckets of beer, good food.

This place seems enthusiastic about hosting for the remainder of the season as long as we can get a crowd this first week, so please come!

10/02/2013 - 10:47am NEW Michigan bar in Providence, Rhode Island

Hi all! I think it's doubtful that anyone is searching for this, but I wanted to alert anyone interested that we'll be having a gamewatch at Rick's Roadhouse in the Jewelry District in Providence, RI for the Minnesota game 10/5. Right off I-95 and also accessible on foot or transit from downtown Providence or the East Side.

Lots of screens, sound, good prices on buckets of beer, good food.

This place seems enthusiastic about hosting for the remainder of the season as long as we can get a crowd this first week, so please come out if you're in Rhode Island, nearby areas of Connecticut, or Southeastern Mass.

(Yes, I am trying to throw in any regional words people might search for, since I figure that's the only way anyone will encounter this post. :)

09/22/2013 - 12:11pm I had a good time, aside from the football.

I drove out to the game from Providence and was pretty pleasantly surprised. Big props to the guy from the Hartford alumni club who gave very detailed instructions on the back entrance to the airfield tailgating lot. I headed there at 3:30ish, seemed to be at least 50% Michigan fans. Being on my own for the most part, I met some great fans from both teams.

The UConn fans I encountered tailgating were mellow and friendly as can be.

I've got to say that it's crazy to me that all these East Coast MI fans have so many tents, flags, etc.--have they just been sitting in their garages since 1995 or whenever? (I actually joked about this with of of the MI fans, and they explained that they took the tents to lacrosse games. Ah, the East.)

I bought a single seat from the UConn ticket office in row 11 of section 103--a great seat. The UConn fans around me were totally swell. We spent some serious time drunkenly debating whose team was worse at football. We did witness one fist fight between fans of the two teams a few rows in front of us; both guys were hauled out by security.

I could see the endzone of MI fans, but definitely thought the UConn fans were much louder. Though not especially impressively loud or anything. Too many Michigan fans wearing blue as well--hard to pick them out, and on a couple of occasions where plays were at the other end of the field and hard to see I will admit to being confused about which teams' fanbase was happy.

I did not enjoy the canned 'first down', the music, etc. I could see the scoreboard very well, but I didn't find the presentation of the relevent game numbers to be that great (this might have been due to the number of beers I had). But the stadium was easy to get around. I had remarkable amounts of room to sit.

After the game in the airfield lot some partying was continuing. One UConn guy had an entire bar he drug in behind his car and was cheerfully serving fans of both teams.

I had zero problems pulling in or out of that lot. On the way in and out I did not spend even a single second sitting in traffic. My ride back east was creepily deserted (and I left within 20 minutes of the game ending).

Not dying to go back for another game, but it was a pleasant tailgating experience, and I give UConn fans a thumbs up.

09/20/2013 - 3:07pm Section 103...

I bought a ticket through UConn when they went on sale last Tuesday and am in section 103. I am nearly certain that I will be in a sea of UConn fans all by my lonesome, though I will hold out hope that there may be some Michigan fans not too far away from me... And also that the game is much higher quality than last week...

09/04/2013 - 5:08pm Did anyone sit in these seats?

Did anyone sit in the seats behind the student section and want to comment on how they were? Did people stand like they do in the student section? Did it have any of the same atmosphere? Was it an enormous pain to get in because of the student crowds?

I have never watched a game anywhere other than the student section and am a little tempted by some of these tickets on the resale market due to the combo of student section proximity and price...

08/27/2013 - 2:29pm Boston

Oh, I also noticed that on the map, The Place is still listed as one of the Michigan bars. I do not believe that to be accurate. Also, it kind of sucked even when it was a Michigan bar....

08/27/2013 - 2:27pm NYC Bars - Best Option Without a Reservation?

I posted this in the stickied thread, but it already got buried -- I'll be in NYC for other reasons this weekend. Anyone have an opinion on which bar is best if I'll be by myself and thus not making a table reservation? Any chance of getting a bar seat (or leaning spot) with a good screen view if I go early to one of them? I am not constrained to one area of town, and I do love an enthusiastic Michigan crowd (ideally one that actually cares about the game... as much as you can care about CMU).

08/27/2013 - 2:23pm Oops

Somehow missed that the poster above had mentioned Suds. Glad to have corroboration, though. :)

08/27/2013 - 2:22pm Syracuse

When I lived in Syracuse 2 years back, good sports bars were sorely lacking, but the guy who owns Suds downtown is a big Michigan fan and would almost always put on sound as long as games didn't directly conflict with 'Cuse's. I ran into 5 or 6 different Michigan fans there during the season, which is kind of a lot for 'Cuse.

Also, in Tipp Hill, Rosie's was usually pretty nice about putting on sound and usually had a few fans of different Big Ten teams. I do think one of the managers is a State grad, though, and had put the State fight song as a discount play on the juxebox... it got ugly during that game. There was an older guy with one seriously retro Michigan sweatshirt who was there almost every week and fun to chat football with.

I did make a couple road trips to Ithaca and the game was always on at Joe's. Almost everyone who watches there is an extraordinarily hungover Cornell or Ithaca grad student. The week of the Michigan-Illiois game in 2010 they decided to take shots every time Michigan scored. It was a poor decision.

08/27/2013 - 11:33am NYC Bars - Best Option Without a Reservation?

Hi all,

So I think I'm aware of the name of every NYC Michigan bar at this point along with various reviews on mgoblog and Yelp, but can any locals fill me in on which might be best to go to if I'm on my own and thus not making a table reservation (for the opener this weekend)? I don't mind a crowd that's into the game (have done multiple Mich. bars in Boston & Chicago) BUT it would be awesome if there's one of the bars where I have a chance at getting a sitting/leaning spot at the bar (for easy beer access) if I arrive early. I won't have a chance to scope out bars before Sat. at noon or later.

I do want to go to a bar with other Michigan fans, as here in Providence I almost never encounter anyone with any college sports enthusiasm (much less Michigan fans) -- always make it a point when I'm traveling to get to Michigan bars.


11/09/2012 - 9:54pm Yup



Maybe because Michigan was up by enough someone got bored watching?


Guess it's back to radio...

11/09/2012 - 9:22pm Thanks!

Works great for me; much better than audio only!


Though I do find these feeds where you can hear the pizza man and see the halftime act slightly disconcerting... Those things should be kept private...