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08/21/2010 - 5:07pm It changes things...

We can complain about whatever we want, it means little if anything at all. The point is that things have changed, this is a point of fact not conjecture. No matter how they configure the divisions and no matter how they try to schedule the Michigan-OSU game, it will not be the same any longer. It used to be "the game" decided the Big Ten title, and therefore it was significant is many ways.

Now, it's simply going to be one game among many with an emotional attachment. If Michigan plays OSU twice in a given year, it will weaken the appeal of "the game." This is not to say that the hatred will not be there for both games, it will lose that extra something. If it doesn' change any thing for you, then great. However, for many of us who do look for the special game at the end of the schedule for all of the marbles, it will not be the same. IMO

08/20/2010 - 7:03pm Coach needs to get mad

I'd give twenty bucks to see Coach RR get mad and chew the media, refs, players and every that moves a new ass whole. He needs to give up this Mr. Nice guy being politically correct and crying in front of the cameras thing. If he'd cuss a few folks out and told them where to go, maybe the team would pick up on it and get a little tougher themselves.

08/20/2010 - 4:47pm Things Have Changed...Get Used to It!!!

This is a new era for the Big Ten, it will never be the same again. The days of three yards and a cloud of dust, the days of the Michigan vs. Ohio State game being "the" game to decide the BT championship has changed with the addition of Nebraska and two separate division. Money has become the priority of the conference and no matter how we squak about it, we better get used to the thought that this is not our daddies conference anymore.

If we have to play OSU twice, it changes the dynamic of the meaning of "the game." If we don't play them for a given year, it does the same thing. Get used to of now things have changed permanently.

08/20/2010 - 4:14pm Still Hopeful

I believe this years team though young, will be a shadow of a John Beilein team. He is molding this group into what we have seen at WVU but hopefully even better because of better players. I am still encouraged and excited. This european trip with extra practices and games should help this young group get a jump start on the season, maybe even surprise a couple of teams. Hopefully!

08/19/2010 - 11:16pm Young CB's will fair ok considering...

This is college football, not the pros. We've seen freshman QB's, RB's and DB's play and do well. Teams with great depth have the luxury simply replacing the injured with the next five star player in line. However, we've also seen frehsman/sophomore players step in and do well as long as the rest of the unit is solid.

When we look at our defensive coordinator we see a man who has done it all. If anyone can develop a scheme to shore up the weakness in the defensive unit, he can. We know that opponents will key on our young secondary, and this simply means that they have to grow up quickly, but I believe overall they will be okay. Donnovan Warren played as a freshman and did well considering. If Michigan doesn't win the national championship this year, it won't be because of the young CB's.

08/19/2010 - 3:00pm Is he ready yet?

If he can handle the pounding at this level and he's in Big Ten football shape [keep in mind that he just came from high school], then he should see significant action. If he can't take the pounding then he will be used sparingly but used more starting next year. I figure if Brandon Minor being a Barwis graduate had difficulty with staying healthy, Hopkins is not a shoe in just yet.

08/19/2010 - 8:04am Too early to tell...

Although possible, it's too early to consider transfering unless it is CLEAR that he has moved from starter to third string in two weeks. He is still a potential starter for this season. Tate may have cried to someone about the competition and that person ran with it, but I wouldn't buy into it until it actually happens. Now with that being said, I don't see Tate as a person who thrives on competition and wouldn't put it past him to transfer in the future if he loses to one of the other QB's.

08/12/2010 - 9:01am Another good one

I'm still trying to get over the loss of Walsh, but I believe Posada is a good get and he has the flexibility to fill in at OG or OT which is a big plus. With the slots filling up rather quickly now is the time to focus on those key two to three OL candidates that we need.

08/12/2010 - 8:29am Ohio Graduation Test

Here is a reference regarding the OGT. You ultimately still maybe correct however, hopefully this will shed some light on the situation:

What happens to students who have met all of the curriculum requirements for graduation but do not pass the OGT before their intended date of graduation?

Students who have met all of the curriculum requirements for graduation but have not passed all required parts of the OGT before their intended date of graduation will not graduate with their classmates. School districts decide locally whether or not students may participate in graduation ceremonies.

Students may continue to take the OGT until they pass all required parts, which would then allow them to earn their diplomas. The first opportunity to take the test after their senior year would be in July during the summer administration of the OGT. Students should contact a school district well in advance of the test dates to learn of the requirements to sit for the test. Students who are eligible may test during any of the testing opportunities throughout the school year – March, July and October. Click here for test dates.

08/11/2010 - 3:14pm Looks like he's got...ISSUES!!!

This has got to be a reflection of issues off the field. I'm thinking that those on the inside have an idea what is going on, but we're just seeing the symptoms of the problem. He had difficulty graduating high school. He came into Michiganl a step behind, and he's been behind ever since. Other players, even walk-ons are busting their humps to contribute and JT gave the team nothing. He was considered to be more talented than most of the other CBs but he never took advantage of taking over the position when the opportunity was given to him.

I am not saying he's not a good guy, because I don't know him, all I'm saying is, what we saw [or lack of it] is what we got...which is nothing. If he can't handle the pressure of big time college then maybe he should go and give the scholarship to someone else who wants and deserves it.  NUFF SAID!!!

08/10/2010 - 12:00am Jordan Walsh Commits

"Michigan Football Requiting" reported that Jordan Walsh committed to Iowa today. That is a big loss. I hope we land Zettle.

08/06/2010 - 3:04pm Defense should be good this year

"The defense should be good this year, with much more available depth, and more consistency. It's insulting to the team to peg them as a squad that will have to outscore people."

I'm not sure if that was the author or the coach making that statement, but I do believe that the defense will be better OVERALL this year. There are too many question marks to determine just how much better, but there is room for more consistency which lends itself to natural maturity and growth.

08/04/2010 - 11:23pm Looking for a successful RR from now on

Listen, I love Les Miles but we need to get off of that band wagon. The only way Miles would end up here would be if RR has another bad year or two. I wouldn't want that because that would almost assuredly burry the Michigan program. I want RR to be successful and to be considered one of the greatest coaches in Michigan history. That would mean that the football team has taken a great leap forward. I don't think we're caring who the coach is as long as we win again.

07/30/2010 - 11:37am Good Get

He is strong, fast, athletic and very agressive. Has the kind of talent that can allow him to play the OLB position if needed. Michigan can always use top athletes.

07/16/2010 - 11:25am I blog for points?

Now I know why there has been so much useless blah blah blah comments posted, it's because bloggers are trying to raise their point levels in case they lose some points. That is sad. Before, I would only speak when I had something to say, but now I need to be like everyone else I guess...more blah.

06/12/2010 - 6:11pm I doubt this helps us

I would imagine that juniors and seniors who are serious about graduation would think twice before transferring to another school. Keep in mind that the everything is not transferable and the degree programs may not be compatible. Plus realistically the pro scouts are still going to be watching USC probation or not. I don't expect a mass exodus from that school. IMO

06/09/2010 - 9:03am Rejection Could Hurt Our Recruiting

I understand that Michigan's standards have to be maintained. However, I am concerned when students commit to Michigan after receiving an offer, and are not admited that it will negatively influence future potential recruits that maybe concerned about their academic status; especially if they don't have anything to worry about. They may dismiss Michigan to avoid embarassment and go to Ohio State [et al].

The president and the athletic director should force the athletic department and the admissions office to work together. When the admissions office rejects an offered candidate it is Michigan shooting itself in the foot. Schools like ND have very high admission standards for their students but it seems as though somehow they aren't having this problem. Unless we get ourselves together on this, this will hurt our recruiting. IMO

03/30/2010 - 12:00am You can't blame him

We wish Manny and DeShawn well in their futures. When you consider the options for Manny you can't really blame him. These are difficult economic times, and the families in the state of Michigan especially the inner cities are having to deal with stressful financial challenges. Manny will surely be signed somewhere if he's not drafted, and he will have the opportunity to help out his family and himself if there is such a need to do so. I am not saying that I know his financial situation, who knows, Manny's family maybe financially well off, however, if that is not the case, he certainly has an opportunity to help them through this recession. This maybe the reason why so many young players leave early and try not to risk ending their athletic careers by getting seriously injured an extra year in college. We thank him and DeShawn for the time and effort they have given to us and wish them a prosperious professional career.

02/25/2010 - 10:24am The Buck Starts and Stops with the Head Coach...Always!!!

What it means overall is that the buck stops with the head football coach. Even though he maybe busy doing other "football things," EVERYTHING relating to his football team is HIS responsibility. EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE who works under the head coach, should be so on board, and so afraid to be called onto the carpet for screwing up "their job," that they should be on top of what they do, and give a report of 100% to the coach when he asks for it. This monitoring over sight would not have happened under Bo or Vince Lombardi.

Coach Rod is a great guy and a great coach, however, he dropped the ball on this because he should have had a structure in place to confirm that EVERYTHING, is as it should be. He should not have had to wait until there was a report to the freep to look into possible breakdowns.

We don't know how things were handled at WVU, however, WVU was not a major program with rivals like [freep] trying to bring the program down. They could slip up and who would really care? You have to be very careful and diligent in all areas at Michigan.

Also, let us not fool ourselves, every penality will continue to harm the program's progress because it will strike in the areas of need. However, this is the price that we will have to pay for this over sight.

02/12/2010 - 9:39am Nice Win

Nice win for Michigan even against a struggling team because Michigan played solidly and they did it on the road in the Big Ten. We have to keep it up during this stretch and go into the BT tourney playing this way. Yes, we still need to get better and work on a number of things but I believe this team can pull it together.

02/11/2010 - 8:17pm We have to trust in Rod

Coach Rod impresses me as being a big loyality guy. He likes to hire staff that will hopefully stay and be loyal to him and he will look out for them. This Adam Braithwaite (AB) was with him at WVU and followed him to Michigan. Now he can promote him and he will probably be with him for a while. Coach Rod said that AB knows the system very well. He also knows the players he has on the roster and has a good idea of what he has coming in.

Coach Rod has to hit the ground running with this guy who doesn't need to find a place to live, move his family, learn the area, learn the staff and the system. To Rodriguez this is a low risk, potential high reward move, especially if AB actually knows how to coach these positions.

Some may say that this move was about saving money, I don't think so. Michigan needs to get back on the winning track and the football team's success year in and year out actually pays the bills. To make a good hire, was necessary...NOW. Coach Rod's future at Michigan hinges on making smart moves "now" not next year (2011). If this is a good hire or not, only time will tell. Let's hope so.

01/20/2010 - 8:16am Low Risk High Reward

Sleeper or not, this kid was named to the first team at his position at a power school, at the highest level in Ohio. He may have been a sleeper going into the year, but someone noticed him enough to elect him over every other player in the state of Ohio. That says something. Therefore, he is worth taking a chance on. He also fills a position of need. I'll take him.

01/13/2010 - 12:16pm Some random thoughts...

The coaching carrousel didn't appear too much of an issue for Michigan fans until we had to experience the hiring debacle of 2008. We felt that Michigan was a prime job that "anyone" would want. We learned quickly that, that was not the case.

The fans wanted Les Miles, but some administrators didn't. He wanted to come to his "dream job," however, something didn't quite work out and so now we're interviewing candidate number three. Rich Rod, the interview that really wasn't an interview. A multi-million pay out to a coach and WVU that didn't like Michigan taking both their basketball and their football coaches. There were court hearings and things said that made Michigan's new football coach look bad. We shouldn't forget that T. Pryor informed the media that as soon as RR was hired by Michigan, he informed him on a WVU phone that he was now going to Michigan as the head coach. Somewhat "Kiffinesk" so to speak.

IMO, the true victims in cases with coaches running off to the NFL or other college programs after they've almost destroyed a program [Carroll, Kiffin, et al] is the students and the fans. Recruiting classes are disrupted or destroyed. Assistant coaches and their families will have to relocate, again. Tennessee's program has to endure another set back, and what scares me is that if we're not careful, this can happen to us. Just an example, when Hopson left, it didn't bother me so much because he was new and may not have felt comfortable here. However, now that Magee is interviewing for a job (dream job???) it makes me wonder, is this a sign of something else happening behind the scenes? He's been with RR for years, never candidated for another position until now. Are the rats leaving the ship because it's sinking or is this more of what happens in the coaching carrousel? Just something that makes you say hmmm.

Most top athletes with a future will eventually be fine and land on their feet, however, it's the rest of us that bleed our school colors that are left holding the bag and have to pick up the pieces. I know "it is , what it is," however, I hope the NCAA will eventually attempt some means of regulating a form of Ethical employment practices when it comes to hiring coaches from other schools.

01/09/2010 - 1:11pm The Wetzel Plan 2007

Here is a link to the article "The Wetzel Plan" written in 2007, and he gives a break down what I think the NCAA may eventually use because it is similar to what works in the lower divisions. I am sure many of you have seen this before. Scroll down and review the 2007 brackets. The bottom line is, there will never be a system that works for everyone. Coming up with arguably what is viewed as the most fair system may be what they will settle for here.…

01/09/2010 - 12:34am Another Point Of View

Just another point of view. Money aside, when major football coaches are not on board with the playoff idea, it makes one wonder why, and a possibility comes to mind. With a play off system, your team may "never" make it through the play offs to a championship game. Like the NCAA basketball tourney, most teams never make it to the summit.

In a tournament setting, many top basketball teams are defined as either a "Final Four" or "Elite Eight" or "Sweet Sixteen" class team, implying their strength or lack of strength or inability to get to the top. Can you imagine that in football? A school like Notre Dame would be viewed as a "Sweet Sixteen" team and Utah could be viewed as a "Final Four" team. If you're the coach of a football powerhouse, you wouldn't want to be viewed that way.

Then to add insult to injury, suppose your team averages an 8-4 or a 9-3 record and you're never invited to the Championship tournament? Like basketball, it would put more pressure on the coaches to get to the big football dance.

Now when we define conferences as BCS conferences or BCS teams, it sounds like we're talking semantics but we're not. We're indoctrinated to believe that if you're not going to the "Champtionship title game" then a BCS bowl game with a big BCS check is a solid accomplishment, so everyone is satisfied and all of the participants are on a somewhat level playing field.

However, with the current system every team that has an undefeated record is at least in the conversation for the champtionship game. Even if they aren't invited, then they can complain about being snubbed, e.g., Boise State Univerity. Also unlike the basketball tourney where a team has to fight their way to the top through the best teams, a football team like Boise State can pull out all of the stops and trick plays and win that ONE game to be crowned the champion. So to put it bluntly, you can play crap teams all year, become undefeated, and possibly trick your way through one championship game.

If there is a play off system, some coaches may be afraid that they couldn't get passed the lower rounds every year, or lose to "weaker" lower seated teams. Big time Alums would be upset and financial support could further dictate how things are done, who stays or goes etc.

I still believe we should have a D-1 play off system. If the lower divisions can have one, then so can the top levels.

01/08/2010 - 11:18am Low risk

He is a low risk, potential high reward proposition for coach B. Michigan doesn't burn a scholarship and can afford to have him as a project who works on the scout team while developing his game. If he works himself into the system and becomes a real player in two years, he may find himself in the rotation. He is a natural shooter which is needed in this system. If he can shoot at this level and improves his defense, then we have a winner.

12/31/2009 - 8:10pm Another Tough Loss

Another tough loss, but keep in mind that Michigan even with the best teams we've had has always found it tough to win in Bloominton on their court. Last year we narrowly escaped with a win that we maybe should not have had.

This team has a long ways to go for sure, but it's difficult to judge the Big Ten season on this particular opening road loss when this loss has been par for the course at Indiana. Let's see how the team does with the next two games. I expect them to play better.

12/29/2009 - 8:41pm McLimans and/or Jordan Morgan possible?

It is a tough break for both Cronin and the Michigan basketball team. I'm sure, coach B was hoping that Cronin would be able to contribute espcially during the Big Ten season. The bigger body would help espcially with his defensive rebounding and shot blocking abilities. Michigan can really use some size under the boards, causing opposing teams to account for him.

It is difficult to read at the present whether or not coach B will burn the red shirt of either, McLimans and/or Jordan Morgan, but I believe if he thinks he has a shot with Morgan he may burn the shirt, especially if he's healthy. If he gets an early feel that the season is a loss he might leave things as they are.

12/23/2009 - 9:15pm Maybe it's better this way...

Coach Rod has got to let Greg Robinson hire Hopson's replacement. It would help at least in a few ways:

1) Since coach GR knows defense better, then he should be able to better evaluate the proper staff qualifications for that position.

2) It gives GR some additional ownership of the defense and what happens. If it's his guy then he takes the flack for it. At the current time, coach Rod put this defensive staff together and maybe for the wrong reasons(?).

3) With a better linebacker coach that has a greater skill set, it should transfer to the players. The rule of thumb is, that you can't teach what you don't know. The linebackers for their part, needs to know how to make rapid adjustments on the field of play, and make better decisions.

4) I've gotten the impression somehow that Hopson was never really happy here. Maybe he felt out of place, I don't know. If he's not recruiting well, it's difficult to convince recruits to come to a place that you yourself is not sold on.

12/21/2009 - 10:18pm The Kid's Got Skills!

Even though there is never a guarantee with high school kids playing on the major college level, I agree that Josh Furman is a quality young man that has a great upside. He's dominated on his current level, and once oriented to the Big Ten should transfer that same skill and intensity here as well.

Michigan needs to give serious attention to the defensive side of the ball, that being said, if that wasn't an issue, I would assume the staff would see what he could do with the ball in his hands. The kids got skills!

12/19/2009 - 3:25pm Not mentally prepared

Michigan comes in this year with a "better" team than last year, but last year they were hungry to prove themselves. This year they are confused and clearly not ready to play many of these teams they should easily compete with. Until they get their heads straight, it's going to be a long season. They should have worked harder over the summer to prepare themselves mentally for the game.

12/11/2009 - 3:44pm No official notification

It seemed that the other schools also "heard" of the same rule change rumor but no one received an official notice. So the general rule of thumb is, you work under the last notification until you receive the update. That is what I believe the Michigan coaches are doing.

Also it would appear that to impose such a significant change and make it retroactive without prior notice is counter productive to the league and the ncaa teams. In other words, that would be just bad business practice. So I am glad this apparently not the case.

12/04/2009 - 11:58pm Vinopal is a good get

Ray Vinopal is a player that comes from good football stock. He is one of the better players on a football team that is not only the state champs [I believe they're repeating]; but they are currently rated the #10 best high school football team in the nation according to Maxprep. Don't let the skin color fool you, the kid can play. He is nobody's plan B. He's got speed and has a nose for the ball. There was no logical reason for this kid to have flown under the radar but that shows us how reliable the rating services are. Trust me, the bigger schools will be calling him between now and signing day.

12/04/2009 - 8:30am We've Seen This Coming All Season Long, why are we surprised?

It's not as though we weren't expecting this as a real possibility ALL YEAR LONG. However, after the OSU game, he hinted that he "may" come back but he was still going to check on his NFL status. What we heard was that he "was coming back." That is not what he said. When you dangle big dollars in front of a kid who has a real possibility to get it, and when in the back of his mind he knows that he has been playing injured for most of his time here, his leaning for the draft is a strong probablilty. In the ideal world, he would stay for his senior season, improve his game, help his team, improve his draft status and complete his education. The ideal world and the real world can be two different things.

11/27/2009 - 11:05am Concerned

I am more concerned about the DT position. Michigan needs to make this a priority. They can't afford to give up Patterson or anyone else at that position right now. I'm not sure what the plan is but I'm very concerned there. The LB position is also a concern. The jury is out on the Red Shirt freshman coming back, and no one knows how any of the new incoming freshman will turn out. Ideally we all know that it would be great to Red shirt those guys but Michigan may not have the luxury there either. Time will tell.

09/27/2009 - 7:46pm Welcome to Michigan

I understand that Wil Hagerup is also a decent place kicker. I used to think that one should be able to punt and kick. However, I heard one of the "experts" on tv say that they are two different skill sets, and that it requires a different set of body mechanics. Then he said the reason why most kickers don't do both is because of an extra risk of injury. I don't know how true any of this is, but it may be the reason why teams have a specialist in both areas. In any case, welcome to Michigan.

09/21/2009 - 11:48am Excellent pick up

Excellent pick up. JB is putting together a very dangerous team that will scare even the major power teams because of his style of play and the depth of talent that is being stocked.

09/18/2009 - 7:54pm Self Control is Needed

The suspension is bad no doubt about it. However, what is the most harmful aspect of any personal foul during a game is that the lack of self discipline hurts their own team.

I understand that at times emotions run high, but when a player says or does anything that kills their teams drive, or keeps the opponents drive going, or even gets themselves taken out of a game it hurts the team. Players have got to develop self control.

09/17/2009 - 8:48am Be Careful this week...

We need to be careful this week, because Ron English was the Defensive Coordinator that put together the defensive game that beat Florida in the Capital One Bowl a little while ago. He caught them by suprise.

I know EMU shouldn't have the guns to pull that off, but one could argue that Michigan didn't have the guns to win that game as well.

Go Blue!!!

09/16/2009 - 1:45pm ND in top 25

I think ND should be in the top 25 somewhere. It would look better for Michigan having already beaten them. I know they were #18 at the time, but it looks good on Michigan's resume.

09/15/2009 - 12:53pm Look for the chalk on the shoes

The claim of Photoshopped or anti-catholic bias can be solved if we'd just looked for the sideline chalk on the kid's shoes, it's there.

I find it interesting when ND coaches and fans complain about bad calls. ND gets that "Home Cooking" every time in their stadium. It must be the reflection from that golden dome. Their refs only has eyes for ND.

South Bend is one of the toughest places for visiting teams to win at because of the bias calls that ND receives. When you take them away from their stadium they become as every other team... beat-able.

09/12/2009 - 8:54pm Big Improvement from Year 1 to Year 2

ND is far better than I thought and Weiss called a good game overall. ND is stacked with talent on both sides of the ball. They "should" have won because they've been playing together longer with a steadier system, but RR's group was better prepared and better coached.

Another encouraging point is that Michigan's defense has gone up against two of the top QB's in the country its first two weeks. As Michigan gets more experience they'll play better as the year goes on.

Go Blue!!!

09/11/2009 - 12:14pm Michigan Should Still Win

ND has a boat load of talent and they've always had it. The problem with them is that Coach Weiss does not know how to develop his players. He won his first two years because he won with someone elses players who were already developed. When he brought in his own players he couldn't develop them. The only reason ND is competitive now is because of their pure talent which has played together for a few seasons.

ND has not beaten a good BCS team in the past two years, that's bad coaching. He has a good offensive mind but he can't coach. If Michigan had not turned the ball over six times last year, a bad Michigan team would have won that game. Their fans know it. ND has won only a few opening day road games over the past several years I believe? Bad coaching!

Yes, ND is a dangerous team because of their talent, but it would take another bad Michigan performance for them to win this game. Coach RR is an excellent preparation and game day coach. He will have this Michigan team ready to play up to their current potential, his track record reflects that. He's has this team going in the right direction in a shorter period of time than Weiss.

The experts say ND should win this game because they are suppose to be "back" this year. They give Michigan "one more year" so this years Michigan team is playing with house money. However, I still think Michigan will win this game. If I'm wrong what, ND still sucks.

09/07/2009 - 4:26pm Sheridan on the Field

It makes sense to have and use Sheridan during mop up time because you lower the risk of injury to you main QB's. Plus, he can still be developed into a useful QB in case of injury. If Denard gets a sore ankle or knee it reduces his effectiveness because no one is afraid of his arm...yet!

It is helpful to have him there "now" because your other option for the two deep is what, Cone? I'm sure Cone is a great guy but we saw what happened when he closed out the game yesterday. Keep in mind with this offense your run first QBs have a higher risk of getting banged up a bit. So who would you rather rotate in there as you back up? The walk-ons maybe have done well in practice somewhere but Sheridan has played in actual games. He's not our first choice but he's all we have to throw into the two deep.