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02/25/2013 - 9:46pm Sorta been there done that...

Confirming everything people have said so far about tickets to these games, had to buy Sparty seperately but IU was included.  Also confirming that these seats can not be sold online due to barcode restrictions.  This is forcing people to sell them to fellow students who missed the deadline to order them due to the fact that the actual ticket needs to change hands.


Two years ago we played State at home over break and Crisler was absolutely rocking.  I'm hoping the fact that this is an even bigger year for us and the increase in overall student interest will make it even better this year.  My roommate and I were talking yesterday about how anytime we are playing sparty, no matter the sport, the crowd is more electric.  It is simply a natural law of the universe. 

08/12/2011 - 12:12pm Arrogant Michigan Student

My response to our night game jersey all along has been "At least it's not maize."  I like this idea as much as I liked watching Sparty fans run amuck all over A^2 last year.  I personally don't even think a maize jersey by itself would look good.  Even if I could get over that fact, white is pretty much the only color that can be pulled off in a monochromatic uniform (which can still look awful depending on the helmet).  Any time a team has tried to pull of a bright color, yellow for WVU, Minnesota etc, red for the Texans one year on MNF, it has failed miserably.  That being said, the idea of putting blue pants on and turning us into an 1980's softball team makes me sad and depressed.  In short, no thank you.




06/26/2011 - 1:32pm Help from Coaches

The magnitude of this stuff is hard to fathom.  Can't say enough how much we're all thinking about Austin on campus.  


Anyone know how much contact our coaching staff is allowed to have with Austin at this point in the recruiting process?  Knowing what kind of men they are we all know they're gonna want to be there for him for what ever he needs.