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05/12/2010 - 9:40pm Tickets

patol8, would you be interested in my two season tickets?  Not student tickets.

03/27/2010 - 11:24am Favorite Moments

Other than big moments suchs 98 Rose Bowl, 69 OSU, 89 BB Championship game and AC catch against Indiana there are few moments that are memorable to me.
The 1971 OSU game, I do think everyone stood from the middle of the third quarter to the end of the game. I also believe that was the loudest crowd I have ever heard in the stadium.

The 1974 UM vs Purdue basketball game, in the days when the dunk was not allowed Michigan hit 17 of 18 shots in the first half. The only miss was an uncontested layup by C J Kupec.

The 1977 NCAA Hockey Championship game versus Wisconsin, even though we lost. A great atmosphere at " the old red barn", Olympia for you youngsters, UM tying the game in the last seconds and then four overtimes to decide it, an amazing game.

03/23/2010 - 9:28pm Michigan Stadium

The rows were added in both end zones when the scoreboards were changed. The rows were added to add seats to help reduce the wait list for season tickets and to increase the seating to keep the stadium the largest. At the time there was some discussion of adding a second deck in the end zone sections. I have had season tickets in the area of the change since 1973 until the revised visitor seating was done, the addition took away our back rest.

01/27/2010 - 10:09pm Student 1967-73

You young guys missed the fun. The 69 and 71 OSU games and the 68 Minny game and Tim B destruction of OSU, those were really fun. Tou also missed standing in line for the football tickets. We were in line for two and half weeks for the 73 tickets, what a party!