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04/24/2014 - 10:23am If this were true Jim

If this were true Jim Harbaugh would be the coach of Michigan, they care, but egos get in the way most of the time.

11/26/2013 - 1:40pm 1910 tickets

Did Dave Brandon raise ticket prices back in 1910 to $48 dollars? Bottom line this is still amateur atheletics and we are paying in some times three times more than you would have too at a professional game. Alot of money grubbing without putting a quality product on the field

11/10/2013 - 2:17am Pizza Pizza

we need bowl practice badly, good thing we got six, Pizza Pizza versus Northern Illinois would be the best bowl game for Detroit ever

03/31/2011 - 6:58pm Don't forget about the bankrupt southern bank

that gave players free debit cards.

03/31/2011 - 6:49pm I think Auburn definitely deserves

the death penalty, cheating is wrong and the NCAA is the law enforcement Auburn shouldn't be  able to  pay twenty players and get away with it, players need to be held accountable, but coaches need to monitor their players and educate them about receiving gifts.

12/03/2008 - 10:28am my playoff

my playoff would consist of all conference champions starting the week of the conference championship games, those conferences that don't have championship games would play each other this week again Texas and Texas Tech would end being jobbed, but Oklahoma is the Big 12, sorry ND join a conference and maybe you could be in my fictual playoff:
Round 1
Alabama vs Florida
Oklahoma vs Missouri
Ball St. vs Buffalo
Boston College vs Virgina Tech
East Carolina vs Tulsa
USC vs Utah
Penn St. vs Boise St.
Cincinatti vs Troy
Round 2 would be determined by rankings: (assumed winners)
Florida vs Cincinatti
Oklahoma vs Ball St.
USC vs East Carolina
Penn St. vs Virgina Tech
Round 3 again determined by rankings.
Florida vs Penn St.
Oklahoma vs USC
Florida vs USC

that way there is no whining win your conference or else.

11/24/2008 - 10:14am success is defined

by beating the hated rival Ohio St. granted a winning season will come to fruitiion if this should ever occur.

11/24/2008 - 10:10am let's not blame Lloyd

Hey Lloyd held his own against OSU for along time a never received a beat down that UM received on saturday. RR can do better and must win this game in the next two years if he does not go to a bowl game.

11/20/2008 - 1:45pm The Game 06 Preview (when it

The Game 06 Preview (when it was all that mattered)

So much emotion, we lost our legendary coach, and lost to the evil empire. Are we being reborn this year? I hope so, cause Michigan football will never die!

Go Blue

11/19/2008 - 2:11pm Rodriguez's success

didn't start until Miami Fl, Va Tech, and Boston College left for the ACC??

11/19/2008 - 2:06pm Nightmares

Well I am having nightmares of Troy Smith and Beanie Wells running all over the place.

11/19/2008 - 2:04pm I heard Desmond too, and it's

I heard Desmond too, and it's not going to stop, Michigan is going to be piled on until they remedy their poor play.

11/19/2008 - 1:51pm He hates UM and would never

He hates UM and would never come to Ann Arbor, he also is waiting for Tressel departure to become their next coach.

11/17/2008 - 12:08pm Yeah but

Yeah but Miami, Va Tech, and Boston College left the conference for the ACC, would West Virgina be as dominate in the big least if these teams were still in the conference?

11/03/2008 - 11:49am Gibson should be on the hot seat

I know Shafer is already there and Gibson is RR's buddy, but the announcers were even criticizing how the DB's were so out of position.

11/03/2008 - 11:18am Yeah but

That was after VATECH, Miami FL, and Boston College all left for the ACC

10/31/2008 - 3:21pm Freshman can have an impact

 I can't see Michigan not having a winning record next year 7-5 is the worst RR should do if they have zero attrition and get the recruiting breaks since they will have all of December to plan recruiting strategy and won't have to worry about game planning for a bowl game or practice, just look at Minnesota, 1-11 last year, already 7-1.

QB: Threet So, Forcier Fr, Beaver Fr
RB: Minor Sr, Mcguffie So, Grady Sr, Shaw So, Toussaint Fr
WR: Matthews Sr, Hemmingway Jr, Clemons Jr, Stonum So, Odoms So, Robinson Fr-R, Rogers So-R,
TE: Koger So, Moore Fr, Webb So-R, Watson, Fr-R
FB: Moundros Sr-R
OT: Dorrenstien Jr-R, Schilling Jr, Ortman Sr-R, O'Neil- Fr-R, Mealer, Fr-R, Khoury Fr-R
OG Barnum Fr-R, Moosman-Sr, McAvoy- Sr, Hugye-So-R, Omameh-So-R
C: Molk So-R, Wermers Fr-R

DE: Brandon Graham Sr, Van Vergen So-R, Banks Sr-R, Butler Sr-R, Lalota Fr, Roh Fr Patterson Sr
DT: Martin So, Sangesse Jr, Campbell Fr, Helmuth So-R
LB: Ezeh Jr, Mouton Jr, Fitzgerald So, Evans Jr, Herron Fr-R, Jenkins Fr, Hawkins, Fr, Barnes Fr
CB: Warren Jr, Cissoko So,  Woolfolk Jr, Floyd Fr-R, Turner Fr
S: Brown Sr, Smith Fr-R, Williams So-R, Chambers- Jr, Bell Fr,  Jones, Fr

10/29/2008 - 3:19pm a victory against the Bucks is entirely possible.

 I highly doubt it, OSU completely ran MSU out of the building 45-7, but I speculate that State rolled over and didn't even care about that game. Dantonio will probably never beat Tressell, the question is will RR be able too?

10/28/2008 - 3:04pm English is a good D coordinator

Yes, I concur RR should have kept a few more of Lloyd's staff, Loeffler and English come to mind and should have been allowed them to keep their jobs, Scott Loeffler had to be the top QB coach in college football with developing so many NFL QB's, even though the style of QB was changing, I believe he could have adapted to RR's offense and possibly helped sway Mallett to stay. English's 2006 defense was among the best and last year they made changes and got rid of cancerous players like Johnny Sears and showed vast improvement. English is not at fault IMO.

10/24/2008 - 3:29pm be safe

and wear a bullet proof vest.

10/23/2008 - 2:50pm Omar Hunter

And when Weis washed his hands with Omar Hunter who did he go after, Mike Martin a Michigan commit. Recruiting is a cut throat business and if Michigan does not make a bowl game, RR should be getting his dagger out and start working on players whether they are committed or not. He will have the extra time that no UM coach has had to do recruiting without preparing for a bowl game.

10/22/2008 - 4:05pm 2009 should bring optimism

 Trent has been a major disappointment, and the OL generated a great push against PSU Saturday, Next year we will have a more favorable schedule w/ home games against OSU, PSU and ND. I can't imagine it can get worse then what we are going through this year.

10/17/2008 - 3:50pm could be if we pick up key recruits

QB: Threet, Forcier
RB: McGuffie, Minor, Shaw, Touissant
FB: Mondross, Helmuth
WR1: Matthews, Clemons
WR2: Hemmingway. Stonum
Slot Odoms, T. Robinson
LT: O'Neil or Ortman
LG: Barnum, McAvoy
C: Molk or Moosman
RG Zirbel, Wermers 
RT Schilling, Dorrenstein
TE: Koger, Webb

RDE: Graham, Banks
LDE: Vanbergen, Patterson
DT Martin, Kates
DT: Campbell, Sagesse
SLB Mouton, Fitzgerald
MLB: Ezeh, Demens
WLB: Jenkins, Evans
CB Warren, Woolfolk nickel
CB Cissoko, Turner
FS: M. Williams, Chambers
SS: Brown, B. Smitth


10/17/2008 - 2:59pm Hey this is my Avatar for this week
M40 1 10 Shotgun 2TE empty Base 4-3 Pass Jailbreak screen Trent 1

Trent(+1) gets a good jump on this, arriving as the ball does. He can't tackle; he does slow Moore long enough for Ezeh to clean up. (Cover +1)