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06/12/2018 - 9:57pm 1a: Hayden Christensen


1a: Hayden Christensen

1b: Hayden Christensen

2: Adam Sandler

3: Kristin Stewart


All three have impressive bodies of work, or at least one has an impressive body,  but all are misunderstood in Hollywood for their refusal to take the easy path to stardom.  Craft before commercial is the common theme for these thespians.

06/03/2018 - 9:33pm Russian Government

often helped subsidize these goons through their oligarchs, Young guys would show their fight skills and aggression in fields and old men off to the side would evaluate their actions and offer them employment as enforcers for teams. A lot a fascists and racists in their ranks. Now that FIFA is coming they are trying to reel them in. Unfortunately that is easier said then done.

04/14/2018 - 12:10am Need to have kickoffs so we

Need to have kickoffs so we can have another commercial break 8 seconds after the previous commercial break.

04/11/2018 - 10:33pm Open vs. Laproscopic

Opens are reserved for when there are other associated problems (abscess, perforation, retrocecal position, etc.) and take much longer to heal.  Drains may have to left in for days. Think weeks if all goes well. Laproscopic is reserved for non-complicated appendectomies and likely would cause a normal person 1-2 weeks to recover fully.  Football shape maybe longer. These estimates are if there are no subsequent complications. Fortunately CT and US permit earlier and more accurate diagnosis and laps are most common.

04/02/2018 - 12:08pm As explained to me this

As explained to me this weekend by a Spartan fan the video on the hard drive of Dean William Strampel of Nassar abusing a young woman was merely evidence he was reviewing to determine Nassar's culpability.  Sounds as logical as some of the other comments floating out of East lansing.

01/11/2018 - 12:01pm Hmmm...

Morgan Freeman?

01/08/2018 - 10:33pm Not a first down. Third

Not a first down. Third down.

01/08/2018 - 10:30pm Was that a block in the back

Was that a block in the back on the sideline on the return?

12/15/2017 - 11:57am Smart guy

My son is a recent aerospace engineer grad at Michigan (with a MS in space systems) and he gave up Fencing to maintain his grades.  Can't imagine playing football, with all the additional time requirements and injuries, and passing your tests and research papers. Engineering is difficult, and aerospace one of the more difficult specialties.

11/19/2017 - 9:14pm CT Scan

You can tell quite a bit with a CT scan but you cannot tell if there is a concussion or not. You are mostly looking for intracerebral hemorrhage/ mass effect. Concussion is largely a clinical diagnosis.

10/11/2017 - 2:02am Time to rebalance

I have been a fan for 40 yrs, have 2 UM degrees, have 7 more in my family, and travel from out of state for at least one game per year. I used to get very upset at losses. After watching a rivalry game in my basement that we lost with no time left I got so pissed I started yelling at the stupid players and refs that lost us the game. By the time I arrived upstairs I could not locate my young children- they were hiding behind the couch, scared of what I had turned into. That is when i decided I needed to put the games in perspective- I still am annoyed by ugly loses, but do not take things quite as seriously, even while living is Ohio.

04/25/2015 - 10:57am Soft skills?

I didn't know that my wife and I, both UMF grads, both with grad degrees (she from Purdue, I from UMAA and YTM), were so deficient  in soft skills.  I guess we had to make up for that absence with our pure ambition- nope, can't have that unless I am UMAA or Ivy pedegree (but apparently not Cornell or Brown.)  Some day, when I am lying on me death bed and my mind revisits my life, I will finally comprehend why there was such a huge empty chasm in my soul.

I will have to tell my daughter at BGSU that she is destined for mediocracy.  Say, if she married someone of ultimate grooming like you  would she still be accepted in society?  

04/24/2015 - 10:06am CROB

I took nearly all my classes at the MMB but  I did work-study from the Plant Dept building next to I-475 4x a week as a groundskeeper.  I would first walk to the old now non-existent Halos next to CROB before heading to work.  If you used to see a guy covered with dirt and grass and drenched with sweat while mowing the grass or shoveling snow it was likely me.

04/23/2015 - 11:13pm I went to UM-Flint back when

I went to UM-Flint back when it was still split into two campuses: the science/math building and the CROB campus.  I enrolled because my father told me I could go there and he would pay tuition, or go somehwhere else and I would.  It was a no-brainer, as I had no money whatsoever.

I don't know if I could have enrolled at Ann Arbor, for I had major surgery in my freshman year in HS and my grades suffered.  I likely could have transfered into AA after two years at Flint, but I met my future wife there and my path was set, as she is much more important than the prestige of AA.  I got my degree and went to UM AA for grad school, and later med school at the UM way down south (YTM.)

I do tell people that I graduated from UM-Flint;  that is on my CV.  I donate money to UM-Flint, not Ann Arbor. I love Ann Arbor, my son is finishing off his Masters there following his BSE last year, and I consider both schools my collegiate home (but not YTM.)  I am not ashamed to any extent of my degrees.  Are the schools different?  Of course, as UM-Flint still has a large commuter and older student population, and a goal of servicing these students in a cost-effective manner.  I would bet that the students generally come from poorer backgrounds, often blue-collar, and often working their way through school as I did.  The drop out rate is much higher as a result.  I found my professors much better teachers at the expense of not having much ability to mentor research.  UM AA is a much more research-intense environment, with more higher-level high school applicants, with a lot of classes taught by TAs of varying ability and interest.  The best students at Flint are equal with the best at AA, (and I have/do know many extremely smart and talented individuals), but as others have pointed out there are greater number of the best  in AA overall.

I now live and work in Ohio.  For 99.9% of Ohio I am merely the Michigan fan from up north.  I consider myself a Michigan grad. They don't care from which campus I got my degree, or even know of the existance of satellite campuses, just like most Michiganders don't know all the OSU campuses.  As far as work goes the name on your undergrad parchment does not have a lot of advantage for many, perhaps most,  jobs.  As soon as you get into college your HS diploma is nearly forgotten, and when you get into grad/professional school your undergrad degree soon loses value, and when you get a job only your effort , drive, and results have long-lasting meaning  (unless you are named Jeb). I could not tell you where 95% of my residents did their undergrad, but I know where they finished Med School. 

Rambling over.






03/20/2015 - 2:48pm You have to scramble and try

You have to scramble and try to find a program in the field you wish to study that did not fill all of it's residency slots.  Depending on the specialty you are interested in it may be fairly easy (but you have to be flexible where you are going to live for a number of years, and it may not be the best program) or impossible for the upcoming year (in the very popular specialties.)  

Occasionally a slot opens up because of unforeseen events and you may be able to wiggle your way into the slot if you are at the right place at the right time;  more often you either start training in a less popular field and try to transfer after a year, or do a research year somewhere to burnish your resume' and try again the following year.

If you did not get into a less popular field to begin with you likely had a bad academic record, did not interview at enough instititions, are bad at interviewing, or went to school off-shore or a DO school ( and I have had residents  fom both, one of whom later became my partner, but  the success rate from these schools is lower, particularly is you apply for residencies on the coastlines or heavy academic/research universities.)

03/20/2015 - 12:26pm It's all about the base...

It's all about the base...

03/20/2015 - 12:03pm But how to change it?

I did the match 25 years ago and fortunately managed to get my first choice.  I now sit on a residency committee and interview and rank med student applicants every year.  I agree that the match feels arbitrary and can be a very vexing, often expensive, and nerve-racking experience that can result in great highs or utter disappointment.  I remember some med school classmates being devistated that they matched a thousand miles away from where they wanted to settle down, or not match into the field they wanted.  

Now being on the other side of the ranking system my colleagues and I are often amused by the number of interviewing applicants that are clearly using us as practice for later more coveted programs, cancel an hour before the interview session, or tell us how much they want to join our program only for us to find out that the matched in a completely different field of study.  The interview system for us also lasts months and takes a lot of our time we could be doing patient-care or teaching.

At least the match is supposed to be more slanted to the applicants than the programs' ranking compared to decades ago.  I know that not every resident who joins our program had us listed in their top couple choices. We work hard to make their time with us productive, happy, and resulting in successful board accrediation and acreers.

I am not at all perturbed that neither of my kids did not choose medicine as a career.  Many of my residents have 200-400K in debt after 6 years of post-grad training.  I remember being elated that after med school I could finally read a novel instead of a textbook.  You really have a have a passion for your area of study, a thick hide, and acceptance of greatly delayed gratification.

01/12/2015 - 11:36pm Game.

OSU just is firing on all 12 cylinders. The Ducks resemble a Smart car.

01/12/2015 - 10:50pm OSU

Is just an wry good team. Jones may not play school but he does play football very well. If OSU could hang to e ball this game would not be close.

01/12/2015 - 10:50pm OSU

Is just an wry good team. Jones may not play school but he does play football very well. If OSU could hang to e ball this game would not be close.

01/10/2015 - 11:03pm My son was on the travel team

My son was on the travel team during his first couple of years at Michigan and had a lot of fun. It also got him into great shape. Watching a dozen teams go at it at ND was really cool. Unfortunately his Areospace Eng. major at up all his time and he had to stop competing. The team survives on a shoestring budget while several other B10 teams give scholarships.

06/17/2013 - 11:41pm The Truth about scores

If you are planning to enter a non-competitive specialty then passing is good enough, especially if you a a US-trained graduate. If you are planning to enter a more competitive field then a great score is necessary. I am an associate residency advisor for a competitive field and interview 40-50 candidates; about 300-350 applications are filtered. What is a great score? 250-255. The score can be lower if you are applying in the Midwest, or smaller community-based programs, or if you have ties with the program. Doing an away rotation helps tremendously, especially if you are active and help with a paper or poster. We elicit resident assessments of the visiting med student to help rank them, and most rotating students will at least get an interview unless they are underwhelming. Once interviewed the scores are mostly tiebreakers, as interviewing well is the most important factor.

03/24/2013 - 5:28pm Never saw it coming...

I was playing White against iChessPro and taking on the Scillian Dragon variation when the Black KingsideKnight vaulted over my pawn structure and took out my Queen side bishop without compensation. I had bile in my mouth after that play. Six moves later I resigned.

02/08/2012 - 9:42pm Morgan!

Big fella running the court with the finish!

02/08/2012 - 9:19pm Fail. IPAD issue. Sorry.

Fail. IPAD issue. Sorry.

02/08/2012 - 9:17pm Ugly half

Neb with 15 points and the game is still close.

02/08/2012 - 9:17pm Ugly half

Neb with 15 points and the game is still close.

02/08/2012 - 9:08pm Painful

No ability to penetrate is disappointing. Maybe the team needs a couple of viagra.

02/04/2012 - 12:12pm ungulates abound

Thar be moose in der state. Moose can be dangerous.