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09/27/2016 - 5:21pm favorite GIF

Has to be "Perry Hurdles Cord" - something about it strikes me as hilarious...

08/18/2015 - 12:59pm The Pride of Chesterton, Indiana, ...

.... Zack Novak.

07/29/2014 - 2:23pm stroke looks pure on the highlight video...

Obviously the coaching staff has earned the benefit of the doubt in their player evaluation and he looks like a great offensive fit.

What struck me most, though, was how all of that half-court offensive action looked like Michigan. There's just a bunch of little nuanced, timing-spacing things where I thought, "Hey, we do that! And that! And that, too...."


01/15/2014 - 12:28pm access to telecast

Sorry if I missed it, but can anyone help direct me to a link to watch last night's MBB game? I had a work commitment and I didn't get to see any of the game...

04/02/2013 - 7:06pm Wonderful, joyful article...

...beautifully, beautifully written. Sometimes sports really can be art and magic and transcendent. Thanks.

01/19/2013 - 3:55pm Hate MSU so much...

It's strange, but as more years pass, I find that I despise Michigan State much more passionately than OSU. I would like to see State's football, basketball, and hockey programs all shot directly into the sun. Metaphorically speaking.

I just can't stand the way all three teams play, there's seemingly very littlle art to any of it. They constantly push the physical/borderline-dirty enveolpe, daring the officials to make calls and knowing that not everything will get called, especially when they're at home.

I respect Izzo's teams but, yuck - playing against them must be like being in a street fight and playing for him doesn't look like much fun, either.

Their hockey team's style of play has been garbage for years - talk about wrecking the fastest game on earth. Trap, clutch, obstruct, hold, flip one at the net on occasion and try to win 2-1...

Their football program is a plague. Always has been...




08/10/2012 - 11:41am Greg Mattison sighting...

...I think, at about 2:50 of that clip, right after the blocked field goal.

09/29/2010 - 1:19pm Comparing awfulness!

For me, Oregon was worse that the App. St. game. Putting aside the I-A v. I-AA divisional distinction, and App St. was probably something like the 50th-75th best team in the country. Maybe higher, maybe lower, but the point is that they were a legitimate team that Michigan overlooked, executed poorly against, then rallied and still could have won at the end. A bad, bad loss, but not historically bad if one removes the divisional bias. Oregon, on the other hand, left absolutely no room for argument that Michigan was still playing on anything that resembled an elite level. Oregon was just so much smarter, so much faster, so much quicker, and in such better condition, physically;  for the first time in my time being devoted to Michigan football, I looked at another program and thought: "They're doing things in a fundamentally better way than Michigan is, across the board, schematically, identifying and developing players, etc. It was awful. I honor and cherish the program's history, but want nothing to do going forward with an organizational regime linked to that history.  

09/29/2010 - 11:36am decay

Couldn't agree more about how frustrating it is to hear people pine for "the good old days". For me the less spectacular, but better, example of how decayed the program's foundations had become is Oregon in 2007. Oregon came to Michigan unranked with a supposedly suspect defense. Michigan had experienced talent on both offense and defense, some of it NFL-caliber. Oregon did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. The final score was 39-7 but I'm convinced that Oregon could have scored 50-plus points if they had wanted to do so. Their first-half drive chart:


12:53 1 03:07 MICH 45 8 39 Field Goal Good
05:19 1 00:39 ORE 11 2 89 Passing Touchdown
03:33 1 03:22 ORE 23 11 45 Field Goal Missed
12:44 2 02:11 ORE 25 11 75 Rushing Touchdown
07:06 2 03:25 ORE 20 9 80 Rushing Touchdown
03:11 2 00:08 ORE 39 1 61 Passing Touchdown
00:24 2 00:24 ORE 8 1 -2 End of Half

That game, to me, cemented home how far Michigan truly was away from playing elite-level football.

03/20/2010 - 1:14pm Is NMU in, regardless?

I have a question for the Pairwise experts - is Northern Michigan in the NCAA tournament regardless of the outcome of tonight's game?

09/28/2009 - 7:20pm Illinois issues?

I haven't had a chance to see Illinois play much at all yet this year, just a bit of the Ohio State game. Since they (and Northwestern) run a somewhat-similar offense to Michigan's, I like to see how other conference teams are able to defend them. They looked horribly overmatched at Ohio State. Has their problem been mainly offensive line play? If not, what's going on with them, offensively?

09/28/2009 - 4:43pm rollouts

Great points re: Forcier's height and throwing lanes. One thing I've been struck by is how accurate Forcier is rolling out, which, by definition, creates clearer lines of sight. Not only accurate, but thrown with touch, both short and intermediate-to-deep routes. Michigan may use this more as they encounter good defensive lines.

09/28/2009 - 9:32am Punt-Run option

Michigan has not yet given Mesko the punt-run option that we saw a lot of last year. I think we may see this on Saturday and going forward for the rest of the season.