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07/20/2010 - 4:33pm the justin boren saga

wow section 1 theres alot of hatred toward justins parents.  no doubt you are a parent living in picktown north and resent that zach left your school and legally transferred according to picktown rules at the time over to picktown central.  plus you also know it was due to a certain daddy coach who was allowed to take over norths football program that caused the mess there & they got rid of him.

i have to laugh at everyones beliefs that justin actually left um while on full scholly to transfer over to osu where he had to be a walk on because zach wasn't offered a scholly at um.  now lets reason this out.  first of all theres no way in hell justin would ever have left um or any college because of zach.

and what did the family gain by causing justin to leave as you all say is the truth when in the end the family still has one kid on a scholly and has to pay for the other one.  zach had other offeres for a scholly besides um so bottom line is that if justin was happy at um then he would have stayed and zach would have a scholly elsewhere.

justin left um because of  what he witnessed at the time he spent with rich rod and frey which he knew to be wrong.  he stood up for his beliefs which proved to be true to the entire world after awhile except for um fans.

mike and hope never made justin leave um.  he just knew he had to because of what was occuring there.

mike is still close to his former teammates.  those that had been close to him before all this took place.  and he will always be a michigan man who shed his blood on that field.  thats more than any of you can say. 

11/06/2009 - 8:11pm section're full of shit!!!

don't know where to begin but you are a idiot. justin boren never left um because of zach not getting a scholly to um.

you can make up all the lies you want but won't change the facts.

zach was attending practices at osu long before justin left um. he gave interviews stating how much he liked it at osu and would not be a lock to um.

zach was being recruited by um and had rr's private phone number to call him whenever he wanted to.

you say it a two fer yet justin pays his own way and zach is a starter as a true freshman as the starting fullback.

don't sound like zach is an unwanted piece of shit as you make him out to be.

the funny comment justin made about his dad getting in his face at halftime at his high school is because justin wasn't playing up to par and needed mike to light a fire under him at that time. mike has been and always will be a man who wants to always do the best he can in everything he does and to condemn him for that is just stupid. mike loved um and so did hope and the very last thing they ever wanted was for justin to leave um.

justin left because of rich rod and coach frey and he said what he did because he knew what was going on with the team and he had to stand up for what he believed was the michigan way as it has always been up to rich rod as coach.

your lie about zach changing high schools is laughable. a kid can transfer from one high school to another in picktown. he did it the legal way and the reason zach transferred is because a dick head daddy coach took over the team and fighting was going on with all the coaches.

look justin is doing very well at osu and so is zach. so let it go section 1. i know you are from the picktown area or cols. you are jealous of the boren family even though you won't admit it and would rather come here to spread your lies.

justin had nothing to do with ncaa investigation of um.

sounds like there are tons of other players willing to spill their guts on whats going on with um.

i think you all should worry about what is going on with your team and not dwell on hating justin, zach or rest of boren family.

07/18/2009 - 12:09pm nope....not a bit of truth about zachs offer...

thats just a lie that was offered up after justin left um. zach had nothing to do with justin going to osu either. when justin left um he was devestated as was his whole family who bled maize & blue.

he was being bombarded by coaches calling his high school coach and offering justin. and zach had already gotten his offer at this time from osu just not commited. so thats why mike made that comment. it was a stupid comment mike made at the time but he was so upset and wasn"t thinking straight. he meant it for teams like ucla and other far away teams that were offering justin & he wanted to watch both boys play and he couldn't if justin was too far away. at that time i think mike knew justin was going to go to osu as it was the only other team justin had considered when he made his choice and he did really like tressel.

07/18/2009 - 11:31am keep drinking your kool aid.....

believe what you want to believe.....

i just wanted to let you know the truth as i am privy to things unknown to you......peace & goodbye

07/18/2009 - 9:59am frey is lying about boren!!!!

i can't believe that you are believing the lies that frey is saying about boren now to cover his ass.

1. boren did go home on weekends but never missed a practice or meeting & so was a non issue with rr.

2. the comment that justin never wanted to go to um is laughable at best. his whole life he spent loving um & had known bo from a baby. his years with carr and moeller are 2 of the best years of his life. oh sure his dad had to bribe him to go to um. what kind of crap is that?

3. justin loved barwis and barwis loved justin and named him the workout room warrier the 2 weeks in a row before justin left um.

4. justin didn't hate to run.....he wasn't able to run long distances as he had whats called compartment syndrome & he was to have surgery on both his calves the spring rr took over. the coaches all knew about this. by the way he just had this surgery done at osu this year so hes able to run long distances now without cramping up.
ok now your story about frey joking about running sprints.....part of that is true and frey was always making the players stay after practice and after every other coach & player left & made the linemen runs sprints till they dropped.

well at that point and time of freys so called joke which by the way was not going to be a joke till justin left the practice field. and justin left at that point in time because he was at his breaking point with frey & rr

he quit the team right after this episode.

5. barwis had to force justin to work out frey says??? are you kidding me!!!! frey is such a big lier. justin has always loved to work out and i explained this in # 3.

bottom line what frey didn't say to a maize zing is that hes a sexual pervert & every day all day long in meetings all he wanted to talk about to the players was how he screwed a girl the night before that he would have picked up in a bar and go into great details. plus he always had to talk at length about how he was an all american in high school and had to ride the bench in college and how he got screwed over etc.

so believe what you want about boren and others. but in borens case he couldn't continue having frey & rr as his coaches and perform up to his expectations.

and don't tell me in the future how great rr & frey were to never trash boren. they sure as hell did thru others who they got to do their dirty work.

as for rr giving justin his transfer papers......another lie. rr wouldn't give justin his release and held it up and told justin he could hold it up for years. justins dad had to go to martin & threaten a law suit if he didn't give justin his relase.

its so sad how all this came about and so sad for the boren family who loved um & everything it used to stand for.

02/16/2009 - 5:36pm message for jay regarding boren

jay you are very close to the truth regarding justin boren. a couple of corrections in your views. one is that after justin and others on the team went to rich rod to let him know about the words cunt, pussy etc being thrown in their faces by frey he told them its his way or the highway. he never did anything to stop it.

another correction is that rich rod DIDN'T give boren a full release. the real truth is that he did everything in his power to keep boren from getting a release.

borens dad had to go to martin to get his full release as rich rod was being his true dick self in in the matter

zach had nothing at all to do with borens transfer. thats a fact.

you guys keep on trashing a 20 year old kid who loved weaaring the maize & blue. i know it makes you feel so macho.