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11/26/2014 - 7:00pm The Board of Regent

Far as I am concerned, each of these members on the board of regent

should get the Pink Slips and send in new set of board members.

Also show the president out the door and put in a new CEO  for this

university. They are too strict when it comes to rules and policies at this

campus. I understand that they want to up hold the tradition, culture, and

dignity, and people friendly but they need to loosen that real tight grip

(just right tight grip is all it is need it). The university want to be like

a private learning institution like Boston College, Notre Dame, Stanford,

Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and all of the IVY League colleges. It has changed

so much that the leadership don't care about winning games, matches, meets,

and whatever else. It has turned into an academic come first institution then

any extra curricular activities. I will still follow the Wolverine athelatics but NOT

as a diehard TrueBlue fan. I am beginning to follow local college team out here

in Left Coast and I am fine with that.


Samurai Richard