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02/13/2013 - 5:04pm One game try Navy pants at home

Navy pants with the Maize block M located same size and location with our navy jerseys wow we would look sweet!!!! kinda like M hockey on the road!!! brings out the helmets and the block M on the pants look mean!

01/26/2013 - 2:35pm Football Jerseys..What about pants

I agree Michigan home jerseys should not be messed with! and LOVE the Maize pants!! BUT just ONE TIME have NAVY PANTS MATCHING THE HOME JERSEY!  Do you have any Idea how sweet Michigan Hockey looks in the road blues. or for you that cant skate Michigan Blues in Basketball. Think how the dark blues just brings out the Winged helmet even more than ever in Hockey and it will bring out the Block M on the pants as well in football along with the worlds greatest helmet!!!! Just think about it ...For a 58 year old season ticket holder that used to ride my bike to the big house and chain it to the fence and get an end zone seat for 3 bucks on game day. I think I might have an Idea. Just once all navy pants. it could even be a road game. man would that be sweet. I would buy a photo of a swarming Michigan Defense piling up on the opposing team in those unies and blow it up to put on my wall!!!! Man they would look MEAN!