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07/27/2017 - 10:55am Smoked beans...

I smoke baked is truly special, and pretty easy.  I have an electric smoker, so that makes it quite a bit easier.

Ingredients:  Baked beans (32 oz.), Black beans, drained (16 oz), bacon 4-5 strips, 2 boneless chicken thighs.


1)  Mix beans in foil pan, and cover chicken in bbq rub.

2)  Place in smoker at 275 on a middle rack.  Place the chicken above the beans, so they drip yumminess into the pan.  SMOKE SWEET SMOKE  (about 3 hours is right...depending on how much smoky flavor you like.)

3)  Bake bacon at 375

4)  Chop up bacon and chicken into smallish bits.  Add it to the beans and stir.



08/19/2014 - 10:25pm They were...

...painted by a friend of mine who worked for the University while we were students. Never doubt the resources, abilities, and power of the MGoCommunity. Here is the link...

01/08/2013 - 9:08am I love...

...optimism!  But, you're assuming too much improvement.  I also think you are undervaluing experience, especially on defense.  Don't get me wrong, I hope you're right, but I see it this way.


Big Will - Pipkins:  Tie with upside

Roh - Beyer:  Downgrade.  I'm not at all sure Beyer is Roh's replacement, but if he is that is almost certainly a downgrade.  If it is Wormley or another man-childish young lineman, we still downgrade due to a lack of experience.  Roh was better than people give him credit for.

Floyd - Countess:  Upgrade...agree.  Although they have played different positions, the CB corps should improve overall.

Demens - Bolden: Tie with upside.  Remember when Ezeh taught us how important it was for a linebacker to do his job?  I hope Bolden can be assignment sound as well as Demens.  He might not be able to do that.

Kovacs - Wilson/Other:  Downgrade.  Again, we can't underestimate the importance of a player, especially a safety, being in the right place almost all the time.  Also, Kovacs, while not an athletic freak, is as sure a tackler as we've had in a long long time.  That is critical for a safety.

Overview for the Defense:  Tie with some upside.  In reality, we'd do well to be just as good defensively next year.  Mattison and the boys were tough this year, and thank God he coaches at UM.  A great deal of our success next year on D is attributable to him.


Denard - Devin:  Tie with upside.  That depends on our new line's run-blocking.

Roundtree - Other:  Upgrade.  Whoever replaces him will likely be faster and a better downfield threat.  But, we will miss Tree's penchant for the awesome.

Lewan - Schofield:  Duh!

Barnum - Kalis: Upgrade...especially in run blocking.

Mealer - Miller:  Upgrade with downside.

Omameh - Bryant/Other: Downgrade with upside.  There are some reasons for optimism, but I believe new starters all over the line will hurt...especially here.

Schofield - Braden:  Downgrade


Offensive Overview:  I'm hoping we have a 1st Team All-Big-Ten RB come December.  Short of that, we'll struggle.  That is a tall order for a brand new OL.




08/12/2012 - 2:15pm I'm not worried about the procedure....

...I am worried about the reason he needed the procedure...whatever that is.

08/12/2012 - 1:38pm It worries me that...

...Roy had to have his knee scoped. Any word on what that is all about? Sometimes that is nothing, but sometimes it is related to a nagging injury. I don't want to sound an alarm, but I do wonder if anyone has more info regarding Roy's knee.

08/09/2011 - 8:47pm I also...

...noticed that Smith looked electric.  He also seemed to get a ton of first team reps.  With such a small practice sample, that could be coincidence.  He is similarly sized to the guy SDSU started last year.  hmm...

08/07/2011 - 9:23pm No ND derp...

...but, I do desire a little "rabble rabble MSU rabble rabble Rucker rabble".  Comparing Stonum to Chris L. Rucker seems a lot like apples to apples.  Is this just another example why UM is better than MSU.  I applaud Hoke and his willingness to enforce tough discipline.  Huzzah!

07/28/2011 - 6:00pm American Suburbia...

I believe it was HIS 365.  It was History of American Suburbia, and the class, professor, discussions, and ideas were awesome.



07/27/2011 - 2:10pm I disagree...

...the Sox BP is not more desirable than the Tigers.  I'd take the Tigers 10 times out of 10.  Perhaps if we ignore the 7, 8, 9 inning guys, the Sox would look more enticing.  But in each of these scenarios who would you rather have...



Thornton or Sale /Albuquerque


The Tigers are stronger where it counts most.  Sometimes middle relief makes a difference, but usually when they're pitching their team trails big anyway.  Benoit had a rough start, but he's lights out right now...I'll take the Tigers.

05/07/2011 - 1:57pm The implication...

The implication is that it has something to do with breaking laws or probation.  In the ESPN article Quotes Hoke as saying that Stonum will have to "fulfill all his commitments he has to the legal system and our program."

No guessing game from me, but I'm confident it has nothing to do with failing a class.

04/22/2011 - 10:07am He plays..., and you insult his ability to do so.  You write on a message board, and you do so with piss-poor sentence structure.  Nicely done! 

04/18/2011 - 10:07am I saw...

...Gallon throw a block early in the "game".  He was out there with the #2 offense and the play ran left.  He had a strong block on that play, but that's my only memory of him.

04/15/2011 - 10:26pm Please send...

Don't know if they're gone, but if you could send them my way, that'd be tremendous.  [email protected]



04/09/2011 - 10:16am I am also...

...anything but objective, but I really think we'll roll MSU this year.  But, I think I said that last year too.

03/31/2011 - 11:23pm Yes... is true.  Edible Arrangements are delicious, and frankly I think she deserves one.  In all seriousness, I applaud Coach Mattison for his being a family man.  It is an example that I hope the young men under his tutelage will learn.

03/31/2011 - 6:56pm I just learned...

...that it wasn't Hoke, but Mattison's daughter responsible for his return to Ann Arbor.  I'd like to send her a fruit basket or perhaps an Edible Arrangement.

03/31/2011 - 6:51pm Taylor Lewan...

...looked right at the camera and told us that Denard is doing great in the new offense, and we can relax.  I like how well he knows us.  He's hillarious.

03/28/2011 - 4:54pm Originally...

...I was uncomfortable with the grammar nazi tendencies of the board.  The egalitarian nature of the whole thing seemed mean and unnecessary.  I no longer feel that way.  This garbage is becoming too common.  Posts like this are the reason I don't care what any poster on Rivals or MLive has to say.  I don't read that crap because it is nearly impossible to take seriously.  If that is mean, so what.  I love this place, and I really really do not want it to erode into a world where punctuation, capitalization, spelling have no rules.

02/20/2011 - 9:30am knock it off...

...You're  not sending a text message.  You are posting on a blog full of people who aren't 13 year-olds.  Use punctuation where appropriate.  Capitalize where appropriate.  STFU when appropriate, or please stay away.


iz dat kewl?!?!

02/12/2011 - 12:37am hmmm...

...I love me some Marvin Robinson.  I can't wait to see him tear heads off this season.  That guy looks like a manimal.

01/19/2011 - 11:51am seven...

"In the first case, seven regular starters and 11 of the top 15 tacklers return in the fall,..."


Roh, Martin, VanBergen, Demens, C. Gordon, Floyd, C. Johnson, Vinopal, Kovacs

That's 9...not counting TWoolf.

I think the wealth of returning players...yeah, I said "wealth"...will pay off in 2011.  I do think we'll see some changes to the starting lineup, but for next year, we should actually have pretty good personnel.

01/19/2011 - 2:28am Depends... the MTTC you're taking.  The Basic Skills Test is so easy it's silly.  The subject tests can be a little harder.  You mentioned PoliSci, and I think that is only a teaching minor.  Would that mean you're taking the Social Studies test? 

I've taken the Basic Skills, Economics, History (major), and Social Studies (RX).  I did fine, and you seem to be quicker and wittier than me.  Plus, you're Hunter S. Thompson...I'm suprised they haven't exempted you.

Seriously...the history test was flush with world history questions, the economics was full of common sense (high school econ BS) questions, and the social studies was super general.  Let us know how you fare.


Good Luck!!

01/16/2011 - 8:52pm This is...

...exactly the guy I was thinking about.  I couldn't recall the name until I saw it.  History of American Suburbia was a great class, and I actually reference it regularly.  I occasionally reference some of the 7 books we needed for the class.  He was a phenomenal professor and would be very easy for a anyone to follow along background knowledge required.  In my mind, you couldn't do any better than Lassiter.

01/16/2011 - 4:40pm not surprised... the poor turnout in this draft.  I do think Mouton will get drafted, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go a little earlier.  His measurables at the combine are likely to be strong.  That said, this class was bound to struggle in the draft.

Check out Magnus' blog and see how well we should fare in next year's draft. 

Hemingway, Molk, VanBergen, Woolfolk, Martin, Koger, Stonum and perhaps others could all very well be drafted.

01/16/2011 - 4:28pm as much... you and I are addicted to UM Football and athletics, I'd like the think the psychology department has other work to do.  However, if they are bored...I know a couple kids named Seth and Brendan who could use some tutoring.

01/16/2011 - 3:41pm This was...

...a very insightful post.  I appreciate it, and I think you're onto something.  Also, this sort of post coupled with you avatar, makes it even better.

01/16/2011 - 3:00pm Well, yeah...

...recruiting will be more important next year, but that is because two years of poor classes in a row is devastating.  A weak class this year, is a big deal.  We are one good recruiting class away from having real quality depth and a team full of scholarshipped athletes. 

I do not believe RR would have had nearly the "decommitting" difficulties we are seeing.  That said, the situation is not Hoke's fault, and there is no use complaining about this reality.  It is Brandon's mess and Hoke is responsible to clean it up.  I trust that he is doing everything in his power to do just that.  But, I'd like to see some results very very soon.

...and, thanks for the avatar.

01/15/2011 - 2:55pm Right on...

...Nothing good has ever come from prayer and/or quiet reflection.  You nailed it!  Man, isn't insulting the faiths of others AWESOME!?! 

01/12/2011 - 1:21pm It is possible...

...that the smile only indicates the quality of food.  I know that good food makes me happy.

01/12/2011 - 1:18pm forward...

...this quote directly to Hoke.  He should say this verbatim.  It perfectly conveys what he needs to convey...c'mon the damn cue card!

(no sarcasm whatsoever)

01/06/2011 - 3:56pm Hi, Matt...

My name is Brian, and I'm an MGoBlogolcoholic.  I've been addicted for 3 years, but it has getten considerably  worse in the past 6 months.  It has been 4.5 minutes since my last MGoBlog visit. 

01/02/2011 - 1:43am what the hell...

...happened to you?   Have you lost your mind?!?

We should strive for intelligent discussion around here.  We should write intelligently so we remain the last bastion of thoughtful discussion on the interwebs (and YES spelling does count).  We should support the University of Michigan...that doesn't mean we always have to agree with what is going on or with who is in charge.  However, you are acting like an Asshat.  That should be beneath this blog, and I hope it's beneath you.

12/30/2010 - 6:03pm We aren't... the top 10 and three teams who we compete against and recruit against annually clearly outspend us.  Spending more money isn't necessarily the answer, but it is a sign that the school is committed to the program.  I would like to see us commit more money to the program.  We sell out every game, have the highest attendance, merchandise up the wazoo.  I'd think we make money hand-over-fist. 

Shouldn't we be higher on that list?  Shouldn't spending whatever it takes to be the best team in college football be a top priority?

12/27/2010 - 5:09pm You said...

... that "I don't think there are really haters...".  That is unfortunately very incorrect.  I would not venture a guess as to what portion of the anti-RR crowd felt this way, but I heard from more than a few people that they were concerned RR would win enough games to keep his job.  They would rather have UM lose in order to get RR fired.  ...Those people are haters, super-haters! IME they tend to be very old alums or fans who don't really know much about football.

But I think the majority of the fanbase is on the fence.  Good results force them to lean in RR's favor and poor resutls force them to lean the other direction.  It can change week-to-week, or even quarter-to-quarter.  A 31 point win would get a lot of those fans, and they would be firmly behind RR until UM has a bad game, or quarter, or possession in 2011.

12/24/2010 - 9:33pm Dude...


"I haven't heard 1 Michigan fan, employee, alum, reporter or connected individual, who has expressed any animosity for the idea of firing the current coach. Most would pull the trigger now if given the chance."

You need to get out more.  Of all the UM fans that I know, I'd say it is split 50/50 on whether or not they'd like RR to be back next year.  The vast majority of those who I know that want him kept are alums under the age of 60.  Many of them would have animosity if RR was canned...myself included.  I think Harbaugh would be successful at UM, but I would still be very disappointed/upset if RR was not given one more year to do the job.  I know I'm not alone in that. 

12/23/2010 - 10:18pm bad list!

Lots of first year players: Carvin Johnson, Vinopal, Cam Gordon, Avery, Demens, Rogers, and Thomas Gordon.  Those are all first year players.  It is valuable to discuss freshmen because they are typically smaller than their opponents, however first-year players are also often at an experience disadvantage.  I too am curious about where the program is headed...especially the defense, but I wouldn't use the word "doubts".

We return the following starters on defense next year.  (I'll assume a 3-3-5):  Roh, Martin, VanBergen, Demens, C. Gordon, Kovacs, Johnson, Vinopal, Woolfolk (I count him as a returning starter), and Floyd. 

That is 10 guys who have been starters for us, and will likely be starters for us next year.  There is room for improvement and some guys we aren't counting on may steal a starting job or two from the guys on this list.  I'm optimistic about the future, I'm excited about that list of players, and I do not have "doubts". 

12/21/2010 - 11:09pm yeah, but...

...what makes a difference is the high school coaches' opinions, biases, and guidance.  I think a we'd be far more naive to expect a high school coach who has benefited greatly from a relationship with Saban to not have positive feelings toward him as an individual and his program in general.  We'd also be foolish to assume that would carry no weight in terms of influencing recruits either consciously or unconsciously.  This stuff does matter and should be against the rules.  It is an example of Saban being shady.

12/21/2010 - 5:19pm This is the... logo idea I've seen.  It is bold and strong.  I always like the idea of the crest/shield shape used in the background.  It conveys tradition and power.

12/21/2010 - 5:17pm That is... innovative logo.  I like the 0/2.  Well done!

12/21/2010 - 9:16am Barwis... encouraging, but what about the wolves.  That is MOTIVATION!!

12/21/2010 - 9:14am maybe...'re right about Hoke never being offered the job.  But never is a strong word.  Hoke may be a candidate down the road, but in 2011, it is either going to be RR or JH.

12/21/2010 - 7:31am I disagree...

...completely with what you said.  There is no way that he attended the second best academic university in the state.  Either Kalamazoo College or Michigan Tech should easily be considered superior academic institutions.

12/07/2010 - 2:27pm Here's...


I will always support Michigan.  I know that DB has more information than any of us, and I trust his judgment.  However, I want to see what RR will do with an offense of upperclassmen.  I want to see if the defense improves as much as I think they will returning 8-10 starters.

If he's fired, I will be matter who the next coach is.

11/10/2010 - 8:41pm Hey! Dammit, ...

...I'm an assistant principal, and I'm a delightful fellow.  It would be a treat to spend time with me.  In fact, I am around me constantly, and I'm very happy.  It is almost entirely do to know, being pleasant.

10/06/2010 - 1:01am I know for...

...certain that whatever the result may be... it will be telling.

10/04/2010 - 11:59pm The point here... pretty clear.  Our offense is better than their offense.  We score more touchdowns.  We are not good at kicking field goals, but we are lucky, because Denard Robinson devours third down yardage like fat kids in red-white checked overalls eat burgers.  That is to say...he eats third down yardage ferociously and he cannot be stopped.

09/30/2010 - 10:10am Oh yeah...

...sprarty hrardy!

09/30/2010 - 9:06am wisdom...

...and great spelling.  This guy is a double threat!

09/16/2010 - 9:24pm Oh my...

...goodness.  His shoe is undone!  How perfect!?!

09/14/2010 - 10:17pm I just...

...watched the Denard Robinson postgame interview, and I'm a smitten kitten.  He seems like such a genuine and nice young man.  I'm extremely proud of our newest ambassador.