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12/23/2009 - 7:40pm Position coach bashing is, to

Position coach bashing is, to me, an attempt at crafting an easy explanation for a complicated problem.

I highly doubt that with a "better" LB coach, last year's LB performance would be ANY better. As the genesis for GSIMMONS10000 would say, WS6's fucking rule and if you disagree, you're a pussy jimmies 'n joes,not x's and o's.

The problem, like most problems in the world, was probably due to an amalgam of slightly-to-significantly over matched players (in both physical and mental contexts), coaching instability, and bad bounces. Deal with it.

We're probably talking about a different situation if, say, Witherspoon isn't declared ineligible. How different is anybody's guess.

Good luck to Hopson. Once a Wolverine means always a Wolverine. I've got a feeling he'll put out some great CUSA defenses at Memphis. And if he doesn't, well, that's certainly not anything that any of us should revel in.

12/23/2009 - 2:11pm You spend too much time

You spend too much time concocting these "the world hates Michigan" theories. Easy on the cool jets. Really, you can't possibly have any sort of comparative basis that enables you to say that OSU or USC are dirty programs. Maybe they are, but maybe they aren't, or maybe every program in the NCAA is "dirty."

Just, you know, take a deep breath. I'm speculating here, but getting all worked up about "thug" programs probably isn't good for your blood pressure.

12/23/2009 - 2:02pm jay hopson have not only

jay hopson have not only COACHING skill but also nice MAMMARY. goodbye caoch :C

12/22/2009 - 5:13pm My Last Facebook Update

My last Facebook update was this: "8===========D~~~~~~ :=("

It was meant to be a statement on the total lack of post-colonialism in Africa and my implied disappointment in such fact.

It was taken out of context, however. Today, the interwebz are afire with hearsay about my personal, sexual choices.

The point? Facebook updates kill.

12/19/2009 - 6:31pm The Rumor

The rumor wasn't so much that he wanted "something on the side" but instead that he wanted Michigan to fund the travel expenses for his family/friends to AA. If you remember, the staff abruptly stopped looking at him during a period in which we were really struggling to find QBs.

I mean, I guess that constitutes "asking for something extra" but it wasn't like he was asking fistfuls of cash or a bunch of Chucky Cheese gift certificates.

I think if the staff would have kept recruiting him, he would have come up here.

12/15/2009 - 5:10pm it's the real me

yeah. i did youtube my name once, and it came back with this:

i mean, germans, man.

12/15/2009 - 2:23pm Naked Man

In the naked man, some see beauty. Others see horror. But always, he's provocative. Behind this mustache, he's got that Mona Lisa smirk that breeds an incredible sense of mystery.

12/15/2009 - 12:46pm Thanks for participating!

I read Mgoblog every day and have for several years. I actually have another username that I post content under, but I'm using this "alter-ego" (ironically, my real identity) in order to preserve as much internal validity as possible.

Part of the genesis for this research project was Brian's transition to Drupal, which fascinated me on a number of levels.

Again, thank you so much for participating. I'm getting pretty good response rates. If we can keep this up for the rest of the week, I'll have an UNHEARD of sample size. The more, the merrier, so to speak. Internet surveys are difficult to distribute, but I've had a ton of help from Brian and other CFB bloggers (e.g. Burnt Orange Nation, Troy Nunes, Barking Carnival and a number of other really wonderful blogs) disseminating this survey.

I think the culled data will end up being richly descriptive. I'm quite interested to see the results and I think many of you will be as well.

Thanks. If you haven't taken the survey, please consider doing so. If you'd like to talk more about the project, feel free to e-mail at [email protected]

And, haha, no, I'm not the naked man. A part of, maybe the biggest part of me, wishes I was.