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09/17/2016 - 2:25pm I'm pretty sure that was during spring or fall camp, thus no

I'm pretty sure that was during spring or fall camp, thus no game to stay for.

09/20/2014 - 11:39am Get that notion from anywhere?

03/20/2013 - 1:59am It is from their Harlem shake video

they just released

07/23/2012 - 3:53pm My legal advice to the Football team:

07/11/2012 - 7:56pm Zipper1527 - Miami (FL)

Yes that Miami

04/03/2012 - 9:40pm all intents and purposes

02/06/2012 - 9:05pm Nice video

would watch again

08/11/2010 - 4:53pm down

[email protected]

05/20/2010 - 8:34am Rob Renes

My friend got in a severe skiing accident and was weelchair bound for months.  When my mom told Rob, he insisted on suprise visiting him.  Nicest guy in the world, sat and talked with us for a long time.

12/23/2009 - 2:13pm FWIW Rivals has Jay hopson visiting

FWIW Rivals has Jay Hopson visiting Torrian Wilson's school just before winter break.

11/19/2009 - 6:51pm I will go to the bar and order a pitcher

of whiskey.

11/19/2009 - 6:14pm I was 10 years old at a san francisco 49ers game and I tried

to start a wave, my dads business associate promptly told me to sit down because "we have enough homosexuals here already." I have refused to participate in the Wave since.

11/19/2009 - 5:56pm People in the big ten think we are the 2nd ruddest

[Some silly SI poll]