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09/01/2016 - 8:28am 48-17 Michigan

48-17 Michigan


Hawaii seems to have a turn over problem, they had 5 vs Cal.  I think they will tighten it up a bit and Michigan should get at least 3 turn overs out of the deal.  Hawaii likes to run the ball, but they'll have a harder time doing it against Michigan's D Line.  But still, Michigan's LB's are untested so that is why I gave them a couple of touchdowns.



12/02/2014 - 11:05pm Nick Name for Ricky Doyle

My family and I watched one of the frist games Ricky played in. His hair standing up on the back of his head and he looked a bit lost.  He got his one slam dunk and yelled like most bball players do when they get excited.  

But to us, his yell sounded like Chewbacca.

So we all started calling him Chewy and everytime he slam dunks now, we make the Chewbacca sound.

Go Chewy!

11/30/2014 - 2:24pm Bring the SWEATER VEST TO ANN ARBOR!

I dont care if the coach is a Michigan Man or not. We just need a coach that can win.

01/08/2014 - 8:15pm West Virginia Style

Someone call up Rich Rod!  :)

12/12/2013 - 2:23pm Benjamine Button

HA!  Love that Benjamin Button reference and the "cough up a nearly-random hairball into the championship" line.

Good writing, thanks for laughs guys, it was fun to listen to you on WTKA this morning.





07/22/2013 - 1:43pm Bruce Lee's Hollywood Star.

01/02/2013 - 5:26pm Jersey's

I have to agree with you about the jerseys.   I was watching the game from home and even John Gruden made some comments on television that he was having a hard time seeing the numbers on the Michigan players.  From that stand point, failure.

I was okay with the matted finished helmets, it's better than the Christmas tree ornament look that Little Bro brought to A2 in October.

After this loss and they way it ended, I'm a bit more angry with JT Floyyed now.  Or should I be mad at Brady from not turing into Jim Tressel and playing him anyway.

I'm up in the air about that one.

11/07/2012 - 2:40pm UM 34 NW 17

UM 34 NW 17

07/23/2012 - 9:58pm 2nd Degree Home Invasion


Second degree Home Invasion is another Michigan felony and it is punishable by up to 15 years in prison, a fine of up to $3,000, or both. Michigan Home Invasion in the second degree is similar to Michigan Home Invasion in the first degree, with the difference being that the third element (involvement of a dangerous weapon or someone lawfully inside the dwelling) need not be met. Therefore, a defendant can be found guilty of Second Degree Home Invasion in Michigan the prosecution can prove the following two elements:

(1) The defendant must either break and enter a dwelling –or– the defendant must enter a dwelling without permission. 
(2) The defendant must have formed the intent to commit a larceny, felony, or assault by the time he entered the dwelling –or– the defendant must have actually committed one of those crimes while entering, present in, or exiting the dwelling.

If just one of these elements cannot be proven by the prosecutor, the defendant cannot be found guilty of Home Invasion in the second degree.


I'm guessing he's hoping his attorney Jackie Chiles can pull off an upset.

07/23/2012 - 3:51pm The Rawls Factor

Yes, Fitz screwed up big time here and hurt the team with the big Alabama opener coming up.  I guess we get to see what Rawls is made of on Sept 1.  We also have Vincent Smith who will do just fine.

Hoke should just sit him out the entire year, I think that will help send the message.