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01/02/2010 - 7:05pm Stupid

That's dumb

01/01/2010 - 4:53pm Think

What if your father-in-law was actually reading this

01/01/2010 - 4:45pm I personally think

I think that Les Miles would have landed even better recruits that we got along with the recruits we got. At the time when we hired RR I thought we should have hired Les.

01/01/2010 - 4:24pm And who is to blame

An Athelete and and his dad named Craig

01/01/2010 - 4:13pm The field

I think that Penn State's only chance of winning would be on this type of field for the sole reason that LSU's speed is pretty much a non-factor(other than Holiday).

01/01/2010 - 2:14pm Yes

This is your father-in-law and stay away from my daughter and i would take the flip and I have no idea why my comment would even relate to your comment

01/01/2010 - 2:03pm Why

Why is it positive not to have the anxiety when other teams are scrapping for a W in a bowl game

01/01/2010 - 2:00pm Cousin

My cousin is at the game and he called and said it was terrible

01/01/2010 - 1:29am With the fam

I was with the family in Grand Rapids, MI

12/31/2009 - 10:05pm Cant u spell

First of all you spelled mention wrong and it doesn't matter if he owned him he is still and will be in contention for a national title. I don't know if I have ever agreed with a comment this guy has made, I mean honestly lets just ban him

12/31/2009 - 10:01pm Cranky?

Someone is a bit crabby

12/31/2009 - 9:55pm Im taking it back

Im actually taking them back to the pants store right now

12/31/2009 - 6:13pm I guess your right

I forgot about the suspensions

12/31/2009 - 6:01pm Michigan State

Unfortunaltley I think Michigan State has a good chance to win with all the controversy surrounding Texas Tech

12/31/2009 - 5:56pm Someone I went to highschool with

His name was Harry Dick

12/31/2009 - 5:52pm A new years wish

For the SEC to fall because im sick of all the announcers talking about the SEC speed, I wish they would talk about Michigan that way

12/31/2009 - 5:49pm His Offense

When doesn't Mike Leach come up with a great quarterback who is always in the FBS top ten passing yards

12/31/2009 - 5:47pm My Resolution

Work out some more

12/31/2009 - 5:41pm Terrelle Pryor

His skills aren't good enough yet for the NFL

12/31/2009 - 5:41pm Terrelle Pryor

His skills aren't good enough yet for the NFL

12/31/2009 - 5:39pm Mike Leach

He always has been a little "different"

12/31/2009 - 5:30pm Hoping for better

I saw one game of Gardner's carrer and that was the state championship game and in that game he did not impress me, although I heard from other people that watched some of his other games that he was a great one man show. So i don't know what to expect

12/31/2009 - 5:25pm Rooting for Big Ten

I never understood people like you who don't root for other big ten teams. I think what the big ten needs is to become a stronger conference. Because right now we are known as a weak power conference

12/31/2009 - 5:16pm Niether am i.

I usually root for big ten teams but i personally think that Ohio State has little chance of winning.