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12/01/2010 - 2:51am First of all Andrew Luck is a

First of all Andrew Luck is a REDSHIRT SOPHOMORE. But anyway, on to your question. I can't speak for others that want Harbaugh, but I think your question raises an important point. Some say that people only want Harbaugh because he went to UM, but as you say, people weren't clamoring for him before now. As for me (a person who wants JH to replace RR), I supported RR from day one. I liked the hire and was excited about it. I thought at the time it was too soon to hire Harbaugh. After Stanford had a decent run last year and we had a losing record again, I still supported RR and was willing to give him another year. I also knew that if JH kept it up and RR kept losing, I was going to want him to coach here. Then after this year, when Harbaugh lost his Heisman Trophy runner-up RB and yet improved his team's record to 11-1, while our team got either pasted or beat handily by the top half of the Big Ten, I knew it was time for a change. Harbaugh has proven himself now and has done enough to earn the coaching position at Michigan. If we hired him three years ago, I honestly think we would be in much, much better shape than we are in now, but he hadn't done enough at the time. We didn't know he was this good of a coach. Now we do and it's time for him to come home.

11/28/2010 - 6:33pm Can it not be true that we

Can it not be true that we both needed a transition and that RR is not the right person? What have you seen to be convinced that we are going to be dominant in recruiting? What have you seen that suggests we are going to contend for national championships? I think you really just assume this stuff but after watching our team for 12 games, we don't seem close to competing for a top 3 finish in the Big Ten, let alone a MNC. We definitely aren't burning up the recruiting trail. I agree we needed some sort of change but that doesn't mean we chose the right guy to do it.

11/28/2010 - 5:51am But his thread title stated

But his thread title stated that Wojo was "at it again," presumably meaning he was again suggesting Rod should be fired. I think that is the part with which the second poster was taking umbrage. Even the most ardent supporter of RR can no longer say that people calling for his ouster are out of line. 

11/23/2010 - 7:21pm I think that is what is so

I think that is what is so distressing--the "had the offense started earlier" excuse can be applied to 3 of our 4 losses (our offense against MSU never really came around). One or two slow starts is expected but three starts to seem like a pattern, We can debate the reasons until we are blue in the face but the fact remains that when we needed our offense to keep pace with the other teams', it didn't.

11/20/2010 - 3:27pm going to a bowl

we are supposed to celebrate this? you only need to win 50% of your games to make a bowl. you have to basically try not to make a bowl. 

04/29/2010 - 2:04pm Just read that

Bruce Feldman said on the radio this morning that Mizzou to the B10 is pretty much a done deal. Apparently he said it on KOMC.

04/29/2010 - 1:07pm That wouldn't be the case

There is no way OSU wouldn't automatically be on our schedule. That's only 3 conference games in your division, so there are 5 others to be filled. I'd guess there would be one locked-in opponent for us and the other 4 would rotate. Not sure how it would work logistically, but I see no way that the B10 would ever do away with UM/OSU on an annual basis

04/28/2010 - 1:20pm Arnie + Vodka

An Arnold Palmer with alcohol is called a John Daly

04/12/2010 - 9:16pm Being in LA

I hate USC way too much to even think about clicking on that link

04/08/2010 - 6:16pm Thanks for the updates Tim

I played lacrosse for 4 years under Coach Paul in the '00s and love that you are covering the team on mgoblog.

Please keep the updates coming!!

04/05/2010 - 11:03pm Heyward

is getting the NBA superstar treatment in this game
He has been hacking up a storm and not getting called

04/05/2010 - 10:32pm Block,

It was awkward for sure.
At first it was nice/touching.
Then he got closer and closer.
Then he was caressing his face while having his lips inches from Da'Sean's

03/30/2010 - 7:40pm NM

03/30/2010 - 7:31pm Anyone

Have a link to a stream?
not having any luck right now.

03/28/2010 - 9:56pm Haven't had dinner yet

but I'm chain-smoking heaters like it's going out of style. my lungs take a beating during the NCAA tourney and the Stanley Cup Playoffs

03/28/2010 - 9:38pm we are so undisciplined

can't take stupid fucking penalties like that when you are trying to get to the frozen four. completely unnecessary

03/28/2010 - 9:30pm Anyone been suckered

into buying the Emery Cat yet? I don't even have cats but the seeing that ad 200 times in the last two days is wearing on me. Might have to order

03/28/2010 - 9:13pm Being in LA

I don't get to watch a lot of Michigan hockey, but my god do we take a lot of undisciplined penalties

03/28/2010 - 8:43pm what the fuck was that???

too many men!!!!

03/28/2010 - 8:34pm well that sucked

we won the draw and everything. couldnt get it around the boards and it cost us

03/17/2010 - 7:30pm I get back to A2 for at least

I get back to A2 for at least one game every season and I will be there for the first night game without a doubt.

There is a different feeling in there when the sky is pitch black. Maybe it was because of how they finished, but the walk back to campus in the dark after thrilling OT victories over PSU and MSU were amazing. Really hope that this is true.

03/15/2010 - 1:48pm SONA

If you want to indulge, then go to Sona and get the tasting menu. The chef is David Myers and he is amazing. I have only been once, but it was by far the best (and most expensive) meal I have ever had. It is on La Cienega just north of Beverly Blvd and you will not be disappointed.

Other Favorites:

--Umami Burger (few different locations in Hollywood. quite possibly the best burger in town, if not the hippest)
--Lucques does a sunday night tasting menu called "Sunday supper" which is $45 a person. It's a different menu each week and is a pretty good deal for high-end gourmet food that tastes great. Check their website midweek for a0
--Il Pastaio--Beverly Hills staple that just makes damn good Italian food. The risotto nero (squid-ink) looks like a pile of rice with motor oil on it, but it one my favorite dishes in town.

02/10/2010 - 3:20pm You will also enjoy this then:…

45 pictures worth

02/09/2010 - 9:25pm Unfortunately

I can report that his hands aren't the only part of Ralph's anatomy that is gigantic. I had a membership to a gym on Eisenhower and State my senior year and Ralph had one there too. Let's just say that he was not a fan of wearing anything but super tight, hiked up spandex when he worked out and I saw a lot more of Ralph Williams than I ever wanted to.

My favorite teacher was definitely Matt Lassiter. Loved his use of pop culture to teach history. Very informative and entertaining lectures

01/29/2010 - 3:05pm I'm very intimated with the

I'm very intimated with the size of Infinite Jest. I get anxiety thinking about opening to the first page. I'm going to do it though once my Kindle comes in the mail. This way I won't have to lug that thing around

01/29/2010 - 3:02pm Anything Russian

Love the suggestions everyone. Anyone have any suggestions on books about Post-Communist Russia? I'm fascinated with it, especially after Scott Anderson's article in GQ:

For those that are haven't heard about it, Anderson wrote this piece on the FSB apartment bombings that took place around the turn of the Century. The reason that I didn't provide a GQ link is because you can't find it on their website. They ran the article, but tried every way possible to bury it. Here's an NPR article on why Conde Nast buried it and tried to make sure it wasn't read in Russia:

It's fascinating stuff and Anderson's investigative article is amazing.

09/23/2009 - 8:10pm Yea I have a hard time with

Yea I have a hard time with the 9am kickoffs...missed the first quarter and a half last week...but I am forcing myself to get up on time and get there this weekend

09/16/2009 - 5:14pm n00b move

double post. sorry!

09/16/2009 - 5:14pm I seem to remember

RR's WVU teams putting up big points on bad teams. I think he will let the guys score points and I think it will be a lopsided win

09/15/2009 - 7:46pm haha

I figured the resident expert would weigh in on this one

09/15/2009 - 6:08pm Ish

You're aiming too low. We can get there in 2011

09/15/2009 - 4:29pm foreverbluemaize

Good use of the Forcier puns. Doc Saturday has a ready-made list for headline writers across the country:…

09/15/2009 - 4:17pm Correct Shock

Who said they are to play at the same time? We can have both, like nearly every other team in CFB and we should have both.

09/15/2009 - 3:13pm While you are certainly

While you are certainly correct that there is a lot of football left to be played, half the fun is getting carried away and dreaming of big victories, being part of the B10 Championship race, making to a NYD bowl and of course, beating up on OSU. Now, the players on the other hand, they need to concentrate on EMU and EMU only. Us? Let's dream big.

09/15/2009 - 2:44pm Which is exactly

why we should have piped in music that the players like. They are the most important part of the equation. Not the people in the stands (though it helps the fans get hyped as well).

09/15/2009 - 2:21pm Keep the Music

I used to be against it. But at the WMU game, I saw how it pumped up the crowd and the players. I am sure this was intensified during the ND game. I know there are those that suggest we shouldn't need music to get the crowd going, but the fact is that it helps. And I don't understand how anybody, after the glowing reports about noise in our stadium, would want to change anything that helps that process along. Keep the music and let it get the crowd and players rowdy for the next play.

10/06/2008 - 2:56pm Fake Handoffs

The play that was most representative of our difficulty defending the fake handoffs, is when they ran one in the red zone, and B Graham absolutely blew up the running back that got a fake and headed toward his side of the line. John Thompson was coming from the other side and could have tackled Juice but he obviously thought that the RB got the ball...the RB who was already in the arms of B Graham. Instead of tackling Juice just to be sure, JT runs by him and heads over toward BG who already has taken this runningback down.

I was seriously in awe about this play. I rewound it 4 times just because I was so shocked. JT knew that BG already had the guy and headed over to either celebrate or i don't know what. If he goes after Juice instead of running toward BG, its a loss of 5. Instead, they got a big gain (might have been a td, I don't remember) To me, this was the play that showed just how ineffective we were going to be against Juice and Co.

09/12/2008 - 5:35pm brian does know something

he knows how to put his subscription to the premium sites to good use. lalota will be a wolverine.

07/28/2008 - 11:29am aww sorry to offend other chris. but not really. relax.
07/14/2008 - 10:37am The most important opinions are that of the team and any potential future recruits.
07/12/2008 - 2:23pm Don't have that number, but White at least 3 times Slaton at least 1 time Schmitt at least 1 time Reynaud at least 1 time Devine at least 2 times Sanders at least 1 time Brown at least 1 time So there were at least 10 rushing plays over 50 yards.
07/12/2008 - 12:21pm Hey Barking You get a bit stuck in the anal stage or what buddy? Barking Sphincter? Walter the Farting Dog? Relax a bit. You are always all up in arms over something.
07/11/2008 - 6:13pm yea I'm with you I was the same way C. I was very happy that it was 'meh' instead of what we were hearing just prior to him and would have been much happier with him than Grobe, Hoke, Ferentz etc. It just didn't compare to the excitement I had upon hearing we might get Rodriguez
07/11/2008 - 2:41pm Go back to December 1 Would any of you say you preferred Schiano to RR? I know it may be hard to do now, because RR is now the guy, but I remember when the reports started to come out that Schiano was going to be the coach. I had to literally work hard to get myself excited for the hire. I was a bit lukewarm on it, but eventually came around to the idea just as we were told he was not going to be our coach. I am much happier to have RR as the coach. I was immediately excited and shocked when his name surfaced. (As Chris Matthews would say, I felt a tingle go up my leg...)