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10/17/2017 - 5:13pm "Digital Community" Promo code for B-ball Tix

I just now signed my email up for receiving the newsletter on, which is referred to as being a part of the "digital community."  Given that I just signed up today, I didn't receive this, but apparently those who are signed up have received (I believe they already have it, but I'm not so sure) an email with the promo code that allows them to go ahead and purchase single-game basketball tickets a day earlier than the general public.  Any details regarding this or SIMPLY WHAT THE PROMO CODE IS would be greatly appreciated.  I really want to drive up to A2 and bring my friends with me to go and see the IU @ Michigan game.  

Hope someone who has information sees this.  If you're seeing this and don't have the promo code, please ask around and try and find someone who does know.  It would be a big help.

Thanks. Go Blue!

01/05/2017 - 1:59pm Freshmen

Freshmen need to get more playing time. I think it would help the team in the long run if Beilein worked Watson and Tesje into the rotation somehow. MAAR's and Donnal's minutes could be siphoned to make it work. Have to look for a little bit of a spark to wake this team up.