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08/02/2013 - 12:01pm Then they shouldn't publish

Then they shouldn't publish policies that aren't finalized.

08/01/2013 - 9:25am What about single game ticket holders?

What seems incredibly unclear at this point is what the money-grab is for the single game ticket holders and visitors?  Have they invented some kind of disposable seat cushion that they'll sell inside the stadium?  Will they sell these "permanent" seat cushions on an individual game basis?

Sure, they're getting some extra money from season ticket holders, but they're missing out on the single gamers.

08/01/2013 - 9:25am If it's any consolation (or

If it's any consolation (or if you see this) you should be able to get an exemption from the AD if you send in a doctor's note (assuming you aren't a season ticket holder).  They'll send you a letter that you show when you go through the gate that will allow you to take in a seat cushion.  That's how I know someone takes in a seatback into Michigan Stadium.

03/25/2013 - 6:25pm COY has an excuse

Unless I'm missing something their Twitter account is operated by undergrads.

03/20/2012 - 9:50am I can't believe there isn't

I can't believe there isn't video of the pregame portion of the St. Cloud State game.  I know my digital camera at the time had a no-audio video mode and if you even had a cellphone, it likely didn't shoot video, but someone must have booth video of that event.

It really is my fondest memory of Yost and was glad to be a part of it (and part of the horrible, unwelcoming band in GR the previous year)!

04/06/2011 - 4:27pm Viewing Angles

Does anyone, that's familar with this video board technology, know if those in the North Endzone will be able to look to their own board for replays (much larger due to proximity) or will they still have to took to the South Endzone?  I typically had to look South due to our angle to the old video boards.

04/05/2011 - 4:03pm Here you go


Additionally, if you could get reliable data service in Michigan Stadium, you could buy a Sling Box and run your replays from home.

04/05/2011 - 3:32pm Compare Usable Screen Size

So, since we shouldn't be wasting space on our screens with advertisements in Michigan Stadium, how do our screens compare with the "usable" area of the top ranked scoreboards in the NCAA?

09/16/2009 - 4:27pm Just because it isn't a

Just because it isn't a simple matter of volume from the current membership doesn't mean it isn't fixable. Some things could be done by Saturday, others like moving the band, rebuilding membership, etc, can't happen until next season at the earliest.

It certainly is easy to critique. Solutions? Those are harder to come by.

09/16/2009 - 4:20pm Yes, moving the band is a

Yes, moving the band is a piece of the puzzle. Don't expect that to happen this season or probably next season given their current plate of building projects.

09/16/2009 - 4:00pm No, nothing has changed at

No, nothing has changed at the stadium since the 70s. The band hasn't moved around a couple times, the field wasn't dropped, rows weren't added, people and their level of involvement at the stadium hasn't changed, the MMB membership hasn't changed, boxes weren't added...

This isn't a simple problem of volume from the current members of the MMB. Get over it.

09/16/2009 - 10:51am Yes, all agree that PIM will

Yes, all agree that PIM will be louder than any band, but I think the most important point is to change things so the MMB can be heard at all points in the stadium. Part of the pro PIM argument is that the MMB falls short 100% of the time given that people cannot hear them. If more people can hear the MMB, then the MMB has a better chance of being appreciated as part of the game day experience.

09/16/2009 - 10:28am Who do you believe carries a

Who do you believe carries a flute in the MMB?

09/16/2009 - 9:19am Another thought on

Another thought on requirement. Maybe we could meet in the middle by providing the choice between membership in the MMB or membership in a "reserves" capacity. They'd get a uniform, march to the stadium, and play in the stands (and post-game). To the public, they'd look like regular reserves, but to those members their time and physical commitment would be siginificantly reduced. I think something could be worked out so that they rehearse music with the band on Friday nights to work on the show music (which should be enough for music majors) after spending some additional time during band week to go over the traditionals and stand tunes.

Choosing membership in the "reserves" would eliminate the possibility of all trips, so it would be up to those members to decide what's important to them.

09/16/2009 - 6:36am Should have been clearer

I thought it worked out well for the Bronco Band of the William Pease era. With the proper direction, as you pointed out with Revelli, it can work out well. Those that aren't motivated won't make block leaving those that want to be there to perform while the rest are there to help with the sound in the stands.

09/15/2009 - 6:56pm I thought it worked out well

I thought it worked out well for the Bronco Band.

09/15/2009 - 4:54pm No Simple Fix

There are multiple issues that have attributed to the band's reduction of sound. Instead of adding to the current laundry list of reasons why, here are some ways to resolve the issues. Some of these issues can be fixed immediately, others will require time and some will require money.

  • Immediately the band can change their orientation. Simply pointing at the band middle of the east side structure (that's up and to the right of their current focal point) should allow the sound to cover more of the stadium. If that doesn't work try other focal points and leverage the new structures and their ability to reflect sound.
  • Get rid of the traveling bands. The traveling bands are cool, but takes the top players from every section away from the MMB for most of the 3rd quarter. So you've effectively taken a smaller ensemble and made it that much smaller. If anything, go back to only having the track band and have them spend less time away from the band.
  • The band needs to increase their numbers. Make membership to the MMB a requirement for more of the MT&D majors. The numbers will regroup as the team gets better (see MMB 2004 & 2005), but a sure thing is to require membership. This obviously won't be able to help this season, but it could for seasons to come.
  • Move the band. Find a better acoustic location for the band regardless of convenience to the field. This may mean putting the band higher into the student section. This could mean giving up the student half of section 25 and claiming section 32 and part of 33 and moving the band around the corner. There's got to be a better place for the MMB to be that, regardless of their numbers, will allow them to be heard throughout the stadium. I know the AD has made a place in the concrete of the stadium for the band, so this will cost money and take time, but it needs to be done.
  • Work on being louder (aka More Damn Sound). I did hear Scott say to the band on Saturday that they need to "fill the stadium". It would seem that some effort is being put towards this issue and as time goes on, they'll be louder.
  • Find a way to connect the band to the team (and Rich Rod). It seems clear that the team likes RAWK music and RR has been a strong proponent of its addition. The MMB needs to find what they can play/do that could connect them with the team. Without this connection, all is lost for the MMB.

I strongly believe that the RAWK music had little to do with getting the crowd into the game. RAWK music did not get section 38 to stand up for the majority of the game. RAWK music didn't make the crowd so pumped that they lost their minds and were loud while we were on offense. The fans have finally figured that their involvement can impact the game. The ND game will remind those in attendance at future games that we can have a home field advantage.