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05/17/2011 - 12:31pm SNIPER!

Turnovers Uber Alles.

03/16/2011 - 7:48pm Sir Flenroy...

What Font You Rockin?

02/24/2011 - 5:46pm Hoke Uber Alles

You, see, Brian, this how arguments are made by Michigan Men...that being old white guys at the country club. Their idea of factions is Lloyd's table playing Hearts, while Hoke's table plays Spades. They never liked Rodriguez playing DICE AT THE BAR! That was only allowed on Casino Night after 9pm.

Meanwhile, Brandon was that guy you NEVER trusted...

12/09/2010 - 12:45pm Man Yoo

"Man U"? Brian, are you signalling your ABU status? Has it come to this?

10/07/2010 - 11:37am Is Coach Gibson the Issue?

Seems like he's a great recruiter but it appears that guy's he's responsible for are not stepping up. Also, the special teams play has not been very good either. Seems like GERG had issues with him last year, also...

Is it time for Gibson to become the Recruiting Coordinator?

09/30/2010 - 4:35pm Reliability...

So, if we used this same model when we were 4-0 last year, what would be the outlook at that time? Just to sober us all up...

09/21/2010 - 5:27pm WSG...

...god dammit, Brian. These obscure TLAs: WSG is Warsong Gultch?


I've asked for a Glossary page. Forthcoming?

09/21/2010 - 12:04pm The 3 & Out Factor

Can the database tell you about Opponent's expected points after 3 & Outs? It seems like this would be a factor from the "How Good is My Defense" POV? Could you approach this from Time of Possession, Number of Drives?

08/03/2010 - 3:56pm Move along, folks. Nothing to see...

 UM just catching up with the security arrangements already in place at major venues. More about re-allocating security resources and cutting costs in gate security staffing than selling more bottled water inside the stadium. Still dollars, but not concessions...

07/28/2010 - 2:36am He Played Safety at a High Level...

both physically and mentally. Played as he was expected to play for the franchise that drafted him and EXCELLED at it.

Don't tell me that if we had a Michigan safety that could wreak havoc on the field we wouldn't take that and run with it every Saturday - and whatever day we played the BCS championship.

A lot of split second moral judment going on in this thread - the kind you probably don't have flying through the air trying to drop a receiver. The man lost a leg to diabetes, was a shadow of his former self, waiting for a kidney transplant when he diesd at 61.

I say let's give him a day to get settled in where ever his maker chose.

R.I.P. Jack Tatum

07/21/2010 - 2:45pm Prediction

We will come back to this post over & over again in the next  4 years.

Also, Brian, how much grit you got in your game?

03/23/2010 - 1:53am All the usual suspects have been notified...

of the post.

Misty Pinson, Corporate Communications
Heather Harvey, Manager of Consumer Relations
and, hopefully, Ben Baldanza, CEO & President

We'll see if Brian gets the call back like this guy:

03/23/2010 - 1:25am Obviously Time for...

The Worst Airline Ever T-Shirt. Someone with MS Paint mock it up.

That and a Downfall video. This needs to be an InterWebs meme...

02/05/2010 - 1:28pm Quality!

Kudos to Tim & Brian putting this out there. By far, one of the highest quality vids I've seen on here. Plus, it gave you an MGoBlog perspective on the kids.

Appreciate it.

01/07/2010 - 12:44pm Maybe next time...

We should include height & weight in the Hello posts...

12/03/2009 - 6:45pm Wait a minute...

This not Forrest Gump...

1) Gary Sinese is spelled Gary Sinise
2) That guy looks nothing like Gary Sinise
3) Gary Sinise only gets shot during Sweeps Week
4) The Gary Sinise Sweeps Week Shooting must take place, not in Brainerd, MN but in NYC, Miami, or Vegas

11/19/2009 - 1:36pm Can't wait to request Saturday

MGoBlog taught us:
Not one without the other.
On with the Muppets...

11/09/2009 - 6:45pm Agreed in Spades

The detractors are the same people that honk their horn at the fast food drive-thru. I'm not thrilled about our staff, but I think that's why GERG got the A-OK from Martin & Coleman. Rodriguez needed someone to evaluate his personnel on the coaching staff. Be interesting to see who he brings in in the off-season, but I don't think the program is broken...

When Rodriguez gets his recruits in and they compete for positions, I think we are going to have a very talented, deep football team.

11/06/2009 - 2:04pm MGoFTW

The one thing that put this blog over the top is the effective oversight of the member generated content. The projects that the diarists are putting together are consistently making the front page, and they continue to carry on the spirit of Brian's original 1 man project.

Another thing that put it over the top, that last Podcast.

Also, The Wiz blows...

11/05/2009 - 9:08pm Gin whacked. Classic. No

Gin whacked. Classic. No better time to obsess on the walk-on factor.

This is the great thing about this blog - we were all like this Sunday morning...punch-me-in-the-dong-a-freude.

10/22/2009 - 2:33pm Michigan Replay mp3

Do you still have this available? Could you forward it:

ten dot gtd AT gmail


09/15/2008 - 10:14am Cats

Them cats. They shriek, they scratch, they cough up fur-balls, they give you looks like Charlie Rose just asked you an assinine question. They get fat, get hit by cars, rub against your leg when you least expect it, appear in the dead of night (eyes aglowin'). All, apparently, w/o reflection.

Fearful, but not scared; tentative, but not worried. Fed, but not content...

...wait a minute, they are content. At least the house cats are. The feral cats, now, the ones out in the wild, with their domesticated genes, not so content. Scratch more, shriek more, not likely to EVER rub against your leg. Definietely less content.

Fuckin' cats.