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11/06/2010 - 6:41pm Yes!

Taking over for Rodriguez in 10-15 years.

11/04/2010 - 5:14pm I wonder

how bad historically the defense is, big ten-wise. Exact opposite of the offense (all-time worst defense vs. all-time best offense)? Or have there been worse defenses?

11/02/2010 - 8:22pm exactly what I thought about PennState.
Purdue is genuninely poor this season.  That game is still winnable.

Exactly what I thought about PennState.

10/21/2010 - 5:48pm It's Hyoogie, not Hiyge.

It's Hyoogie, not Hiyge.

09/28/2010 - 6:09pm Are you serious? Go away.

Are you serious? Go away.

09/08/2010 - 9:13am Thats' the thing -

people not in the student section don't necessarily know the chant goes with the song. They just hear 'you suck!' It's just normal student stuff - better to chant that than nothing at all - I'm glad the students are into it and having a good time. However, when Michigan's losing, or having a bad year, screaming 'you suck' -well, sucks. It seriously makes many (most?) MIchigan fans (not just the geriatric set) shake their heads. Very buckeye-ish. While I'm at it, shaking your keys for a 'key play' is the most lame thing I've ever seen. I'd rather hear 'you suck!' than that.

09/06/2010 - 12:42pm Bring back the troughs!

Short of that, bring back some portajohns. Those lines were ridiculous.

09/03/2010 - 6:15pm Hell, I say if he wins 5 he stays,

in the right circumstances. Brandon wants to see that the program's doing things the right way and will get turned back around under Rodriguez, and if he thinks so, even with a poor record this year, he'll keep Rodriguez. My opinion, obviously.

09/02/2010 - 10:28am Yep.

Worst fans in the country. I want them to lose every game, in every sport, for forever.

08/31/2010 - 9:13pm watch that whole M vs. ND highlights video

Tate looked good before the injury and whatever else. He'll be better than that this year, and Denard may be even better. Optimism!

08/30/2010 - 12:16pm bouje's got a point here.

In fact, I think he's absolutely correct in his view of fandom. Being a fan is SO much easier and more fun if you're 100% behind the coach, and optimistic. Rich Rod still hasn't done anything to piss me off or lose faith in him, and until he does (sincerely hope he doesn't) he'll have my full support.

I think (hope) Brian's just playing around - last year or two he's been optimistic in NY, and look what happened.

08/26/2010 - 2:17pm I've been happy with the addition of Nebraska.

Until now. Screw it, drop PennState and go back to the actual Big 10 the way it used to be!

08/26/2010 - 2:14pm I'm with you.

I'd be happy with an east-west split and let the chips fall where they may.

08/25/2010 - 3:30pm obvious


(Not you. Ohiomaize.)

08/21/2010 - 12:12pm I think you're right.

Players and players' families read this blog. So do recruits. Think about how some of the ridiculous bitchfests look to them.

08/17/2010 - 7:41pm It's a ploy!

This is all part of Rodriguez's plan to totally confuse the media, opponents, and us. Woolfolk will start vs. UConn, and so will Forcier. Please be true....

08/17/2010 - 3:32pm This is my single biggest worry

about Rodriguez's fit at Michigan. I'm 100% behind him, but if he's given enough time (another year after this one) and Michigan's still a .500 team at best, I think this will be the reason. Basically, defenses have adapted to this offense by now.

08/13/2010 - 2:42pm the helmets start out yellow though,

the wings & stripes are masked off, and they're sprayed blue. These would have to be totally different helmets that they'll (hopefully) exchanged for the winged helmets.

08/04/2010 - 8:43am Hope & Dantonio

are way ahead of the others. I get mad every time I see a picture of either of them.

08/03/2010 - 11:56pm They're baggy, but still great.

Manny 7.jpg

08/03/2010 - 10:40pm You're right. They SHOULD know better by now.

But they're young. I'd hope Rodriguez talked to the guys he brought beforehand and warned them about this.

08/03/2010 - 10:08pm Michigan's got some of the best uni's in college bball.

We have the worst uniforms for a big time program that i have ever seen.

You can't be serious.I liked the big M uni's too, but other than the too-baggy shorts that are in style, Michigan's current uniforms are classic. Like football.


08/03/2010 - 10:00pm vocal minority

In other words, happy people are quiet and unhappy people are loud.
Vocal Minority, in a nutshell.

08/03/2010 - 9:57pm These guys are 21, 22.

Maybe dumb, but not unexpected. Give'em a break.

08/03/2010 - 7:36pm now that

is a good idea.

07/28/2010 - 9:12am Worst Games

Agree on 2007 Oregon and 2002 Tennessee. Also 2002 Iowa (L9-34). In general, any game where Michigan got killed like Michigan used to kill other teams. Also includes more than a few games from the last two years I suppose.

06/16/2010 - 3:34pm I prefer #2.

I prefer #2.

06/15/2010 - 5:04pm uh...
06/03/2010 - 8:21am try this

05/30/2010 - 2:59pm Thank you for bringing indie rock up!

Shout Out Louds - Work

Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten

Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks

05/30/2010 - 2:50pm Yes,

Also 'Big Blue Nation.' Stupid.

05/27/2010 - 9:48pm well said.

I walked out of Michigan Stadium after the Appalachian State game wondering how a coach could allow his team to be complacent enought (in the first game!) for that to happen. After the Oregon game the next week (no one mentions this, but to me this was even more embarrassing - Michigan got absolutely smoked, 39-7) I was ready for a new coach.

05/27/2010 - 9:12am Nice comment. I feel exactly

Nice comment. I feel exactly as you do about the whole situation.

05/21/2010 - 9:48am 4


05/14/2010 - 2:57pm great- looking uniforms!

Classic striping, non-outlined numbers, no name on back, appropriate maize (not current highlighter yellow), white sox, black cleats. I could handle these being the road uni's again.

05/08/2010 - 1:50pm David Harris

was awesome his senior year. He more than lived up to the hype he had, which was minimal. I agree with you about Breaston and the rest of what you said.

05/05/2010 - 2:19pm I agree with you for the most part.

But there's something evil lurking below his 'front' - I just know it! His squeaky cleanliness comes across a little false to me. He is, no doubt, an excellent recruiter and coach though. My big fear now is that Brian Kelly turns out to be as good as Tressel and I have to hate him for beating Michigan too often (which is once).

04/30/2010 - 1:27pm So much green!

So much blue! I'm probably just being weird about this, but it drives me nuts the way half their stuff is green and gold, half is blue and gold.

04/30/2010 - 1:23pm That's what I was thinking!

That's what I was thinking!

04/19/2010 - 11:50am sorry

I was tired when I originally posted - didn't make my point well at all. A few of you got it. I'm NOT trying to bash Sheridan - he gets a ton of respect from me. I was just trying to point out what Rodriquez was up against two years ago. I'm a bit happier with our QB situation now. And I hope things go so well that Kennedy gets a lot of mop up time. And then Furrha.

04/19/2010 - 12:50am Maybe I need to clarify:

Maybe I need to clarify: walk-on QB starting.

04/15/2010 - 2:51pm Thank you. This exactly

Thank you. This is exactly right, but too many people don't understand it.

04/02/2010 - 11:14pm STOP!!!!


04/02/2010 - 11:12pm Agree with you

Also way too many close up photos of his dinner.

03/24/2010 - 7:39am why did this guy get negged?

He's absolutely right.

03/19/2010 - 8:36am Stop it!

Michigan is not WV or Cal.

03/18/2010 - 3:25pm I really hope

you're not serious.

03/05/2010 - 3:57pm I'm the same way.

I'm the same way.

03/01/2010 - 8:10am Shouldn't gold count for more?

I've always wanted to see 3 pts for gold, 2 pts for silver, 1 pt for bronze. Then see who 'wins' ...
USA = (9x3)+(15x2)+(13x1) = 70
Germany = 63
Canada = 61

01/19/2010 - 3:42pm agree

well said