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03/29/2016 - 10:09pm awesome explanation

I thought I understood football defensive alignment and responsibility until I read this breakdown.  Great job!


01/31/2015 - 8:49pm what did he say?

Help a brother out!

01/31/2015 - 8:48pm Help a brother out

what did he say on his twitter?

12/11/2014 - 7:42am Is Herman the co-offensive coordinator?

Thanks for the write up.  I thought I read somewhere on this blog that the OSU co-offensive coordinator was offered the job at Kansas.  For all the love that Herman gets, I was surprised that he would not get an offer before the other guy.

07/29/2014 - 1:00pm Did Bilal attend the BBQ?

I thought I saw somewhere that he was able to attend at the last minute.  Then I didn't hear anything about him during the BBQ.

02/25/2014 - 8:57pm Saw a men's meet last year

Saw a men's meet last year with my son who is in gymnastics.  It's pretty entertaining and the arena is small enough so that every seat is a good seat

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