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03/26/2013 - 2:01am You are a complete disgrace

You are a complete disgrace of a Michigan fan and epitomize why people like me stay the hell away from Yost. You're not important enough to spend any time looking into this, but I doubt very much such a hateful bigot as yourself ever attended here. They really should ban your ass from campus. Now go talk more shit on twitter and get yourself fired.

03/24/2013 - 10:06pm I'm disappointed too, with

I'm disappointed too, with the streak ending my first year as a student and the last in the CCHA, but holy crap this comment is classless.

03/19/2013 - 6:05am Well, some would just abandon

Well, some would just abandon what would amount to semi-pro teams, perhaps myself, I dunno, but the whole "student-athlete" concept has been a farce for quite a while. I haven't taken any classes with football/basketball players AFAIK, and while I'm busy with midterms, 8th semester football players are dropping out to focus on the combine. I know there are exceptions, but in general they don't take the education too seriously, nor are they cut out for it. Plus SEC teams are likely already paying them.

Delaney's just bluffing anyway. Yeah, U Chicago and a few elites like Stanford can get by just fine without football, but colleges like UMich benefit too much for the time being to suddenly stop being competitive in sports. The visibility of the football team no doubt draws thousands of applications and at Michigan anyway, the athlete scholarships are a windfall. I think it sadly might also devastate donations to go the D3 route. Sure, most revenue goes to ADs and a few coaches and their pet projects, but we're still talking tens of millions that gets funneled to the general fund.

Now aside from Michigan and most (all?) of the conference teams, I can see headway being made to de-emphasize sports. Not only does the opposite occur at places like VCU (the students subsidize athletics), but the higher ed bubble may burst soon anyway. How these programs that are deeply in the red will start paying athletes I have no idea. If it becomes 20 teams dominating every year cause they literally buy all the best talent, it may as well be the NFL at that point and I probably will lose interest.

03/19/2013 - 5:19am I don't really get into the

I don't really get into the whole 'conference pride' thing because, along with simply hating some of the teams/schools, there's rarely going to be a consensus on which conference is best. If 3/4 teams left are from the same conference, maybe we can all agree then, but it's unlikely to happen.

So if Michigan gets eliminated, I'll probably pull for Gonzaga or another mid major, but no way will I be rooting for little brother (and my little bro is enrolled there, so I get away with that). The only thing that would suck is if half the arena empties out for the 2nd session, but I doubt it.

02/28/2013 - 8:00pm Their off field behavior is

Their off field behavior is taken into account since when? How many ex-cons and murder suspects play in the NFL now? Te'o might have gained a following, but it's just not the same when someone is outted or caught by deadspin in a stupefying series of lies. I only hope that when it does happen, it's cause the athlete decides to be a role model for gay youth or something.

The cynical side suspects that GMs are asking so they can kick off the team anyone who comes out after the draft because "he lied." This is the problem with asking a question like that, aside from it's unspeakably rude, none of their business, and totally irrelevant to playing football.

11/11/2012 - 2:25am Wisconsin is notorious for

Wisconsin is notorious for their half empty student seating at 11 am kickoffs. I'm looking around today and 80% of the stadium was sitting on its ass even in a close game and you think the students are even remotely responsible for that? Your "real fan" who would be getting the ticket instead would in all likelihood be adding nothing to the atmosphere.

As a student who showed up on time today, I am not interested in what loudmouths who never attended have to say about this, but for the rest, let's acknowledge that noon kickoffs against crap teams is a huge part of it. How many of the graybeards would show for a midnight kickoff against NW? How many left early to beat traffic? Talk about pathetic.

Another issue is the student body is becoming more and more from out of state, meaning they did not grow up watching every game. They get tickets cause it's a social event, not to watch football. It's their decision and I certainly care far more about having a quality academic/social experience the 45 weeks a year there is no football. If the game was last week, well I had 3 tests and 2 papers coming, so I sure would've been late or skipped entirely, and I won't ever be apologizing for that. Nor will I be calling daddy at the ticket office to ask for permission or whatever the hell some are suggesting. 

Reducing the number of seats just means the sorority girls who show up after the 1st quarter and leave after the 3rd in a tie game will still be doing that. Likewise for those of us who are simply busy. The freshmen or whatever would be left out and like it or not, this place exists for the students aka future customers. If you think otherwise then your entitlement complex needs a time out. Tickets are already so disgustingly easy to come by for anyone on the waiting list that this argument of giving up our tickets in the corner endzone for a "real fan" is laughable. So we can continue to be divisive about things that don't even matter, or accept that we all have different priorities.

09/21/2012 - 12:17pm I'll try help you out then

Yes, it's what defines sexuality. There's a big difference between acknowledging someone is attractive and being attracted to them. It's kind of insulting to minimize that difference because so many suffer the consequence of same sex attractions, often by early teenage years, before meeting your standard. Do they not count?

I have a homosexual uncle also, actually married 20 years + 3 kids before finally coming out. If I were to say "Why did you tell anyone? Not like it matters, you haven't been with a guy," I think he'd be horribly offended. I'd be acting like it's made no diff in his life ($100k in alimony later!) and it wasn't difficult to tell us.

Why would anyone admit to this unless he knew for sure? Having a partner isn't the only way to know either. If you're thinking of guys all the time, if you do "want to jump in bed with them," if you do...other stuff, that's a dead giveaway of being homosexual.

Back to lurking. Thanks for making lecture slightly less boring.