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10/11/2010 - 1:52pm Recency Bias Re: SEC


10/11/2010 - 1:51pm Recency Bias Re: SEC


Tim, I think you're suffering from some of the same issues that mainstream poll voters have.  While some may argue with me that I am overvaluing the SEC, I think this weekend's events would really cause me to shake up the entire ballot and place Auburn atop the poll and certainly put South Carolina in front of Alabama.

South Carolina is a 1 loss team whose only loss came against an undefeated Auburn.  South Carolina beat a previously undefeated Alabama and rather convincingly.  If Stephen Garcia doesn't chest pass the ball into his own end zone from the SC 3-yard line, the game might have never have been in doubt in the 2nd half.

If up until Saturday, we were convinced that Alabama was the #1 team in the country and they lost to SC who lost to an undefeated Auburn, how is SC not ahead of Alabama and Auburn not at least in the top 3?  I simply do not understand that logic.

Personally, because of the transitive property, I would place Auburn at the #1 spot.  Stanford/South Carolina/Alabama should be the top 3 1-loss teams and probably in that order and should be ahead of a Utah team whose schedule is pretty weak to date.

Despite an impressive win against FSU, I think you are overvaluing Oklahoma and Nebraska probably warrants consideration ahead of Boise and TCU and is at least on part with OSU/Oregon at this point.

I'm open to feedback and concede that I may be overvaluing certain conferences and teams, but I think the BlogPoll should be willing to shake things up more based on what they see on the field rather than where they have teams in the prior week's poll.