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10/03/2011 - 9:33pm So sad to see how far East

So sad to see how far East Kentwood has fallen as a program.  We used to have a legit rivalry with Rockford.  Man, I HATED Rockford back in the day.  In fact, they pulled an MSU-like game clock "mistake" on us in the playoffs the year before that famous '01 MSU-UM game.  Anybody from EK or Rockford on here that remembers that shi#? 

10/03/2011 - 9:30pm So sad to see how far East

So sad to see how far East Kentwood has fallen as a program.  We used to have a legit rivalry with Rockford.  Man, I HATED Rockford back in the day.

10/01/2011 - 3:36pm His same injury was nagging

His same injury was nagging him.  Had his shoe/sock off on the sideline.  Those achilles injuries are a bitch.

10/01/2011 - 3:28pm 55%

The MN game has raised Denard's completion percentage to 55%.  One more solid game from him could get him over 60% on the year. Borges did a great job with the playcalls, receivers ran tighter routes, and Denard made (mostly) better throws. 

09/27/2011 - 9:10pm I can see that argument. 

I can see that argument.  Upon further reflection, I also think I'd rather have our hitters teeing off at Fenway, instead of the Trop (which is considered the second least-friendly hitters park in MLB.)  It just feel like, even with their meltdown, Boston has more weapons and a higher ceiling than Tampa and if that slip gets switched, they could be real dangerous.

09/27/2011 - 8:29pm So who are we rooting for? 

So who are we rooting for?  Rays to beat Yanks or Boston to beat Orioles?  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Yankees roll over to help ensure the Sox get eliminated from post-season contention.  I would rather face the Rays in the playoffs, if I had to choose.

09/22/2011 - 11:53pm I think you should give

I think you should give yourself 109,901 points for moonlighting as the recruiting ninja tonight.

09/22/2011 - 6:06pm I like that the "Jump" is

I like that the "Jump" is back on the frontpage, as I like the discretion it affords me in deciding whether to read further, as it is designed to do.  However, I think it need never be used for this particular feature because it just means extra work for me (yes, one click is work.)  This is such a consistenly good segment it should get automatic full text treatment on the front page every week.  I like Heiko.  Will you be my Purdue game homecoming date?

09/17/2011 - 1:02am All the ESPN BBT guys were

All the ESPN BBT guys were saying the Tigers should be favorite to make it to World Series in A.L.. They certainly have Big Mo on their side at the perfect time. I'm crossing my fingers for best AL record and home field advantage throughout the AL playoffs.  I think they're 3 behind the Yanks.  Hell of a year.  I went to spring training (I lived in FL at the time) and it felt like they'd have a good year, but they've exceeded my expectations.  GREAT trade deadline pick-ups FINALLY!  What a difference that made for their 2nd half.

09/13/2011 - 9:47pm Wow; some real dickheads on

Wow; some real dickheads on this thread.  Carr's a great guy and it was interesting to hear that he's pretty much the same in relatively private settings as he is in very public ones. Regardless of what his legacy as a HC is or isn't, he is first class.  Cool story, Hansel.

09/13/2011 - 10:33am I dreamed a dream

I had a dream last night that McGary committed.  Really, I did.  Residual Notre Dame subconcious high, I guess.

09/13/2011 - 2:03am This is my household

This is my household immediately after Roundtree's go-ahead catch.  My just-turned-3-year-old sings his 3 year old version of "The Victors." Couldn't get it to embed.

09/10/2011 - 10:01pm All you need to know about

All you need to know about how the first half is going: Denard is 2-9, 48 yds.  You take away the one 43 yard toss-up to Hemingway, and he has thrown for 8 yards.  That is not a mis-print, folks.  Total yards is 268 to 90.  Notre Dame's defense isn't THAT good.  Here's hoping for some life in the 2nd half...

09/08/2011 - 11:38pm I will never get those three

I will never get those three minutes back...

09/08/2011 - 9:08pm Fantasic-ly done, sir!  One

Fantastic-ly done, sir!  One of the more entertaining pieces I've read lately.

09/07/2011 - 2:49pm Not gonna lie

I am thinking about Floyd next week and Hillman the week after and a little bit of pee just came out.

09/06/2011 - 6:11pm I will try to get some Houma

I will try to get some Houma video this week so you can make that dream a reality.  Had camera problems last week.  Hope to get out and film him at least a few more times this season. It is very easy for me, as his H.S. is around the corner from my house.  Let me know if you want any specific info from/about him, as it would be pretty simple to stop by and talk to him before/after a practice.

09/06/2011 - 3:10pm Ok, I get it...

Re-read what I type before I hit the "save" button or face the possibility of never living down a type-o.  Will do. At least in my oversight I may have unwittingly stumbled upon a nickname for the kid.  Thanks for the updates, Ace.

09/03/2011 - 1:49am Final Stats

I left too soon.  Houma ended up with 147 yards, 2 TDs on 13 carries.  The QB I mentioned fared pretty well too.  Here:…

09/03/2011 - 12:37am I ain't mad at ya

I'm just not a good enough writer to overcome the absence of tone of voice and body language inherent in messaging board posts.  It's all in good fun; I'm a lighthearted guy.  Sorry if I didn't convey it better, dnak.  But don't tell me to fucking relax--it really pissed me off.  Joking.  See what I mean?

09/02/2011 - 10:58pm Damnit

Assholes, I was literally writing my comment below whilst you were ripping on me.

09/02/2011 - 10:56pm Sole, not soul.  Well; maybe

Sole, not soul.  Well; maybe soul too.  I wrote this very quickly--leave me alone grammar/spelling nazis.  And bassmaster, he will not be 195 after some time in a real strength program.  Whether or not you should be excited about him as a fullback recruit is up to you.

09/02/2011 - 10:40pm Houma Stats (halftime)

Can't start a thread, so I thought I'd just throw this in somewhere--sorry if it pops up again elsewhere.  Just got back from Sione Houma's game.  Well, I went to half of it anyway.  His team (Highland Rams; ranked 4th in state in class 4A) was up 35-0 at half and I figured Houma was probably going to be pulled for the second half, so I left so I could watch the rest of MSU's mediocre effort against YSU.

The home announcer pronounces his name, Say-own-ee Hoo-ma.  They have quite a few polynesian players on the team, so I would imagine his pronunciation is correct.  Who knows?

Sione plays OLB and FB/RB.  He almost always is the soul back and lines up in a 3-point stance about 2 yards behind the QB.  Their offense is NOT fancy. They did not once line up with more than two wideouts; they ran 80% of the time; mostly QB keepers.  Houma runs between the tackles and right at the defense.  Very fullback-ish.  Didn't get to see his speed on display, if he has any.  He is definitely a thumper; solidly built.  He is 6', 6'1" in cleats.  The program had him listed as 6'1", 210(!).  Probably 195, IMO.  He played only 1/3 of the defensive plays and they nearly always lined him up right on the DE's ass.  (As a strange sidenote, their program had 22 players listed as RB's.  Highland played onlyHouma in the backfield, though he didn't get many touches.)

His stats (for one half): 2.5 tackles (one tfl); 40 yds rushing, TD, on only 5 carries.  His longest carry was 15 yards. They simply didn't need him much tonight as they had their opponent (Provo) very outmatched. 

The only other player that stuck out was Highland's QB/DB, #6, Anthony Smithson.  In one half, he accounted for 4 touchdowns, 3 rushing--one of them an impressive tackle-breaking, shifty 70 yard run.  He is listed as a 5'11", 185 lb, senior. I could see him going to a D-I as an "athlete." Sorry; no video.  And it would have been boring as hell. Just picture it: 5 up the middle carries.  Maybe next week if there's anything worth putting up.

09/02/2011 - 6:04pm LOVE watching that moment at

LOVE watching that moment at 8:33 when Denard hits the endzone for his first TD with that huge smile on his face.

09/01/2011 - 6:54pm Hey, Ace--I am hoping to get

Hey, Ace--I am hoping to get to Houma's game tomorrow night.  If I end up with some video, what would you advise me to do with it?  Should I just email you with whatever I get?

08/30/2011 - 11:00pm Nickname taken...and taken...and taken

The ESPN folks were calling him "Sugar" Shane Morris during that 7-on-7 tourney down in Florida earlier this summer (Gridiron Kings, or something like that?)

08/29/2011 - 11:14pm Much Respect and Thanks

Lost my WWII Pacific theater vet grandfather recently--thanks to Dantonio's father for his service and prayers to Dantonio family in their grief.

08/29/2011 - 8:46pm I'll just say this, Jack:

I'll just say this, Jack: Let's revisit our two statements next month.  I did my undergrad at Utah; I was there during Urban Meyer's time and I was at the '08 Utah-UM game at the Big House.  Don't shoot the messenger; the UM-SDSU game will be a close game. Again, if I'm wrong then you indeed will have to learn to live without my sage insight.  I'll put my money where my mouth is.  It is a win-win for me because I would LOVE to be wrong.  If UM "rolls" SDSU I'll be a happy man.  But when that doesn't happen, you are going to be exposed as the uninformed homer fan that you are.

08/28/2011 - 10:33pm The Inescapable Truth about Boise State

I don't care if you hate Boise State and I hate Boise State and we all hate Boise State; they still play in a shit conference and Kellen Moore is even more experienced going into his final year.  Don't let your bias blind you (and screw up your predictions)--Boise will probably end the year in the top 5 again and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it. 


Disclaimer: I know they start their season off against Georgia, but if they get past that they only have two other semi-challenging games the rest of the season (TCU/SDSU). Even if they lose to Uga, it won't hurt them that badly given that (a) its the first game of the year (better to lose early then late, as we've seen over and over again), and (b) its on the road.

08/28/2011 - 10:12pm I will never make another

I will never make another comment ever again if we "roll" SDSU.  They are legit.  Not Top 15 legit, but definitely top 25.  That is going to be a helluva tough game.  Reminds me very much of when Utah came into town in '08 (though clearly UM is better now than the '08 team--it is also true that SDSU is better than that Utah team was.) Where I live they replay SDSU's games from the last two years over and over and over on tv.'ll be a fight.

08/27/2011 - 8:07pm I'm going to be honest,

I'm going to be honest, Turd...I have no idea what Houma will ultimately do at Michigan.  All the write-ups here in Utah papers/blogs about Houma refer to him as "one of the top fullbacks in Utah," but he is 6', 190 TOPS.  He also plays linebacker.  Here's the thing: polynesian dudes can get huge and are all-around beasts (physically.)  I assume that the upside Hoke & Co. see with Houma is what its all about.  Because as-is, it is difficult for me to see this kid as a Big Ten fullback.  Certainly not as a running back. Linebacker?  With some coaching and the inevitable extra beef he'll add, there are multiple posititions he could end up playing.  I plan on attending his game next week and the week after (and apparently there is some other dude on here who is also planning on attending his game in two weeks, where he will be shocked to see a Houma 4" shorter than he is expecting to see.)  I will shoot some video of him and post it--probably in some random comments area since I lack the points to be worthy enough to create my own post.

08/27/2011 - 12:19am If anyone is up and bored

If anyone is up and bored (sad) on a Friday night, you should be able to catch the 4th quarter of Houma's team playing live here:…  Houma's team is the Highland at Cedar link.  He plays for Highland.

(Sorry for the semi-double post)

08/27/2011 - 12:17am If anyone is up and bored

If anyone is up and bored (sad) on a Friday night, you should be able to catch the 4th quarter of Houma's team playing live here:…

08/27/2011 - 12:14am Houma

His team is still playing at the moment--3rd quarter just ended (we're on Mountain time out here, of course.)  They are up 41-7 and he has scored one touchdown, but the stats aren't available yet (obviously.)  Will update when game is over and stats are out.

08/26/2011 - 2:11am I hated Rockford when I was

I hated Rockford when I was in H.S.; they were our biggest rival when I was at EKHS.  Though from what I understand EK hasn't been good enough to be considered much of a rival for quite some time now.  When I was there (late 90's), EK and Rockford were two of the biggest schools on the West side and they really did have some hella-good games.

08/24/2011 - 5:50pm Spare me the protesting

Corporate bullshit? (Eye Roll).  For God's serves food, beer, and shows sporting events on really big, really nice t.v.'s.  How dare someone like a chain!?  Damn  the man!  Give me a break...

08/21/2011 - 12:58am Houma's H.S. right around the corner

I'll try to get some video of him playing in the next couple weeks.

08/18/2011 - 5:11pm Finding the right position

Finding the right position for a player can be a pretty spectacular thing.  Remember, Desmond Howard was an all-state running back in high school.  Thank goodness someone was smart enough to make that switch.  I'm not saying which position Justice is best-suited for, whether it is as a slot receiver, a tailback, or a cornerback.  But I am excited that he is versatile enough to play all those positions because chances are he'll excel at at least one of them; it is always great to have options.  Certainly there is nothing to indicate that he can't excel--he is nearly the exact same size as Desmond was during his UM playing days.  (And no--I'm not making a 1:1 comparison of Hayes to Howard; just a general observation.)

08/18/2011 - 4:46pm I also thought that to be a strange thing

I can only speak for one, but I'm an attorney.  I'd also be curious to know if there is actual data that somehow shows a large percentage of users are, in fact, lawyers and engineers, more so than other professions.  Very strange.

08/18/2011 - 4:40pm When they make the Lifetime original movie...

detailing the rise of MGoBlog, called "The MGoSocialNetwork", Brian can be played by any one of a number of grungy rock stars (see thread on his hair), Greg Mattison will absolutely be played by Jerry Adler (look it up--dead ringer), and Brady Hoke will be portrayed by Chris Christie (especially if you get a photo of Gov. Christie at exactly the right angle; its eerie.)  Now all that needs to happen to complete the story is for someone to come forward and say that MGoBlog was YOUR idea and Brian stole it from you, cheating you out of billions.

08/10/2011 - 2:07am I just moved to the Salt Lake

I just moved to the Salt Lake City area and live within a couple miles of Houma's high school. I would be happy to try and get some video of him playing this fall, if anyone is interested.