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01/15/2012 - 10:50am And one more point on

And one more point on Harbaugh's love for Michigan and the culture Harbaugh has created in San Francisco with his Niners team? What do you think was on the cover of yesterday's Forthy-Niners playoff game program? " The Team, The Team, The Team!" I've heard Jack Harbaugh imitate the great Bo many times with his impression of it.

01/15/2012 - 10:41am All Michigan Men stand a

All Michigan Men stand a little taller today because of what Jim Harbaugh has accomplished. Listen to "Lumpers" when he says Harbaugh is a true Michigan Man. He is blue through and through. The criticism of the Michigan two-tiered academic system- athletes vs. others- was taken out of context and mutilated by the "Michigan Mob." I know because indirectly I precipitated the comments by simply asking Jim, a dear friend, the difference between recruiting at Stanford and our beloved Michigan. His answer was simple (Bo discouraged him from a desired History major), direct (he had 16 engineering majors on his first Stanford roster and later as many as 23- Michigan had few) and to the point that even at places like Michigan something is surrendered in the name of athletics. The very next day a San Francisco paper called and asked a similar question. The day following the Ann Arbor News picked it up and contorted the sentiment it expressed. The rest is history. As Jim's friend and a proud Law School alum, I was appalled at what happened next- the vilification of Jim. He was right and he spoke the truth. To criticize one who forces you to confront your own inherent weaknesses and who wants you to get better has become a Michigan trap. Michael Hart, also a great Michigan Man, fell in to it by denouncing Jim. Why? Because he spoke a truth none of us wanted to hear? "Come on, Man"! We're "Michigan for ' Chrissakes!" We make ourselves better and celebrate our Michigan successes. BTW, I was at the Niners' playoff game with my favorite Michigan Man last night and celebrated his win afterwards with him in true Michigan style. Not a day goes by that this guy's blood isn't True Blue, trust me AND the facts. Hell, his Dad even gave our newest Michigan Man and Secretary of Defense, Greg Mattison, HIS start. Lastly, don't buy in to the myth that you can't win with men who have the brains to be true Michigan Men. Jim exploded this myth at Stanford. In fact, Andrew Luck chose Stanford BECAUSE Jim would allow his engineering major!