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09/22/2011 - 8:52pm Reasoning behind Under Center vs Shotgun

The reason why coaches prefer the "under center" snap is that hypothetically speaking, there should be less margin for error on the center-quarterback exchange.  In a shotgun set, the center is throwing the ball under his legs back to the QB, whereas in an under-center position, the center is handing the ball to the QB.

Many will say hiking the ball in a shotgun set isn't difficult, but when you are running 500-750 plays per season and every snap counts, there is no margin for error for coaches who are being paid millions and can lose their job on one play.

I don't have the statistics to prove this theory (some of you probably have stats to actually disprove my thinking), but that's one coach's perspective.

06/24/2011 - 6:45pm Sensitivity

Stop being so sensitive.  If you don't like, don't read the damn blog.  He gave his honest opinion of a player that in all honesty probably won't be a contributor.

What about a kid like Demar Dorsey?  If a post regarding him had been written and it included the phrase "questionable academics and character issues, may not qualify" isn't that an analytic statement about the kid of the same vain?

What's wrong with being honest in your assessment.  I honestly believe if he reads that post, and if he's the type of "Michigan Man" everybody wants to talk about, then he will put that in the back of his mind everytime he straps on the wings and use it as motivation, along with everyone else who doubts him (myself included).

This is exactly what Adam Carolla calls the "pussification of America."

10/12/2009 - 3:19am Points per game and points

Points per game and points per game allowed are not very telling stats.

These two teams could have the same PPG and PPGA.

Team A gets blown out but scores a lot in half their games and dominates/shuts out their opponents in half the games. PPG: 30 PPGA: 15

Team B playS tight in all their games and wins them all. PPG: 18 PPGA: 15

10/12/2009 - 3:07am This was his 6th collegiate

This was his 6th collegiate start. Give me a break.

I think the more important thing is the "big picture" anyways. Michigan was 4-1 going into the Iowa game. They probably were hoping for a shot at the Big 10 title. Now, realistically of course, we are out of the race for the Big 10 essentially (Iowa has the tiebreaker over UM). But it was important for Rodriguez to get to see Denard play under a stressful situation. He did get it done the drive before might I add. Perhaps Denard should have even started the game. For all I know Tate's shoulder was 60%. The kid weighs 160 pounds drenched and in his pads.

Everybody relax. We are good. Let's look at this as honest fans. We are a 8-4 team. Much (much) better than 3-9. Let's look at trying to finish in the top half of the Big 10 and look at contending (top 3 finish) for a Big 10 title next year.

10/11/2009 - 12:44pm NO QED - Sorry, you are wrong.

Yes, Tate in PREVIOUS games has proven that he can make a 10+ yard throw. Not last night. Not against Iowa. He did not look like the same super freshmen we have all been touting as the next great Michigan QB last night. Without Denard Michigan is not even in that game. Yes, Tate was done in by the turnovers just as Aaron Corp at USC was done in by the turnovers of his playmakers against Washington. The idea here though is that Tate was personally responsible for two of the turnovers.

A quarterback is a playmaker. Last night Tate was not that. Period.

10/11/2009 - 1:54am Haha, wasn't referring to

Haha, wasn't referring to you. Was referring to my friends who are wrong in their argument.

10/11/2009 - 1:49am Thank you. IS (those are your

Thank you. IS (those are your initials), I know you read this blog. You're from Cali. Deal with it. You are wrong.

09/08/2009 - 1:58am Not sorry about the passion...

Because sorry to say, Notre Dame has one of the best student sections in the country. And I want Michigan to be the best student section in the country. Flat out. As douche-y as Notre Dame fans can be and are, they are at the games early and loud. They are unified and that's why Notre Dame is a tough place to play. 30,000 less fans but probably two or three times as loud as the Big House. Michigan should (and will) be the loudest stadium. Period.

09/08/2009 - 1:35am Hilarious picture

Hahaha, only Mike Barwis could carry $1000 worth of pennies. And maybe if Mike Barwis is the only one who can carry $1000 worth of pennies, and I will be carrying $1000 worth of pennies...

(No, I'm not Mike Barwis. I'm Korean and weigh 170 pounds. My phone number is 323...)

09/08/2009 - 1:13am Point taken

I've been put in my place. I just called it that cause even though it'll be 70 degrees I'll feel like I'm freezing cause of this 100 degree weather out here.

Agreed on Chris Berman. I want CB's legs to stop at his knees; he would look hilarious.

09/08/2009 - 1:11am 1. Obviously $1000 worth of

1. Obviously $1000 worth of United States pennies would not fit in a water bottle. It would not fit in a 5 gallon water jug. Trust me, I've tried it.
2. Yes, I tried shaking the 5 gallon jug full of pennies. Alas, it did not make any noise.
3. Agreed. The water bottle should be filled to 36% for maximum effectiveness (no hyphen needed), which comes to $2.73 or 273 pennies.
4. Obviously the $1000 worth of pennies is not just for me. I'd have nowhere to put them. I will be handing them out freely as pennies are worth nothing.
5. Obviously I will not have $1000 worth of pennies. But I will have a large farva amount of pennies.

09/08/2009 - 1:02am Ha, sorry

Nope, that wasn't me. I'm a LA product who graduated from Michigan in '08 and just an honest fan. I'm realistic in terms of what I expect from Michigan and give credit where it is due, home or opponent. I also have lots of opinions and thoughts that I like to get feedback on from other fans of Michigan. I'm very open to having my opinions changed.

Hahahaha, this should be my profile on

09/06/2009 - 2:03am Agreed

Check post above for my analysis.

09/06/2009 - 2:02am Good call. I've changed my

Good call. I've changed my opinion. We need him for quarterback depth at least through next season. Sheridan and Cone showed today they are incapable of making plays as the number two. Maybe as a junior Denard could be used in the spot I'm talking about. I just think this because realistically he doesn't project to a QB in the NFL, but he definitely IMO has NFL talent. I think Denard would be better suited, and Michigan as well would be better suited (in the future), to convert to a skill position at some point. With Devin Gardner coming in and possibly redshirting his freshman year (but probably not because Rodriguez wants the competition), if he is all that he's hyped up to be, he can learn under Tate for a year (Tate's junior year/Devin's redshirt freshman year). Denard could possibly become the starting running back or a back who can also have the option to throw the ball (nobody has proven to me that you can't do this as long as the linemen stay at the LOS). I just think that this could take the offense to a whole new level. (Maybe I'm just dreaming but legitimately I think you could do this. It's like a run-pass option squared, mathematically speaking. Both the quarterback and running back have the option to run-pass. The QB actually also has the option to pitch to the back, which leads to the second run-pass. Sorry, overanalyzing. Just want it to be clear.)

But yes, after all that, I agree with you that he is too valuable as a quarterback at this point.

09/06/2009 - 1:27am I think he'll get as many

I think he'll get as many snaps as the two Justin's combined will at Michigan (Boren and Feagin).

09/06/2009 - 1:09am Exactly. I thought that with

Exactly. I thought that with Tate in the game, Michigan could have scored at will (yes, still understand it was only Western Michigan). Thought it was kinda cool after Tate drove the team down late in the second half that Rodriguez pulled him to let Cone try and get in the box score. Big confidence boost from his coach. Rodriguez probably told him something along the lines of "We know you can get us in. 100%. Let's see if Cone/Sheridan can finish it off. Good work today kid. See you for 18 hours tomorrow."

09/06/2009 - 1:05am What do you think about

What do you think about eventually moving Denard to running back or running back/quarterback? I really think Michigan could use Denard like the Eagles are gonna use Vick minus the dog murdering. You could have him in the same backfield as Tate and even after giving up the option to Denard, Denard could still throw it as long as Tate gives him a lateral. I'm pretty sure that is still a legit play as long as the linemen don't go past the line of scrimmage. Someone prove me wrong?

09/06/2009 - 1:00am I need mgopoints like Tate needs Barwis

How do I get more of these 'mgopoints' you speak of? And can you just give me like 10,000 of them? Thanks.

09/06/2009 - 12:46am Forgot to mention...

Forgot to mention my thoughts on Denard's future. Check the editor's note within the posting. Let me know what you guys think...