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05/13/2014 - 12:08pm Interesting Situation

First, Nelson was totally out of line to kick the unconscious guy in the head, obviously that is terrible.

From a criminal standpoint, i've already seen his lawyer stating that the 'real damage' was done by the Redshirt Guy and witnesses all do say that the punch rendered the victim unconscious.  So I assume that is your argument if you are Nelson's lawyer, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Nelson's kick and not the knockout punch that caused this terrible damage.

Also, I don't know if anything matters about Nelson being punched by the guy first.  Obviously kicking a guy who is knocked out is not self-defense, I just don't know what rules are about retaliating against someone who has already assaulted you.

Agree with the posters who talk about how worthless bar fights are, nothing good can come of them and this shows the gruesome side of where they can end up.

In another weird twist...the lawyer for Nelson, just got done representing and winning the case for the MSU coach (where victim played).  If you remember he was accused of child porn for having photos of his kids playing naked on his university issued cell phone.

10/06/2011 - 11:36pm Rosenberg

So this will probably be taken the wrong way, but....

Rosenberg appears to have violated several codes that a good journalist should abide by.  However, he had two people that he really despised Martin and RR.  And say what you want but he had an instrumental role in the downward spiral that forced them out.  Now I don't agree with his methods, and I don't know if 'credit' is the right word.  But for a journalist with an agenda, he was able to force some of his will on the landscape and future of the Michigan Football World.  It may have been a scheisty way to go about it, but the guy got what he wanted.

09/26/2011 - 10:47pm Saw last night...

On another board, and this is hearsay...but from a guy on the track team that knows Denard.  He gained about 10 lbs of muscle since his track days at Michigan...he says that this inevitably would slow him a little bit, but I think it is a worthy trade off if he is a little more durable.



12/05/2010 - 3:38am Rational Debate - Same topic, better dialogue...

When you come in and get rid of some of your highest performers and have no QB contingency plan for 2008 causing you to be 3-9 despite having 5 NFL players on my friend have really F'd up.  When your second year, you run out the avg. but experienced starting QB and start a true freshman, causing you to go 1-7 in the Big Ten, you my friend have really F'd up.  When in year 3 you still have not beat one (maybe '08 wisco) good team...yet you are 34 games into your my friend have really really F'd up. 

I'm honestly weary from trying to reason with people.  To me there are two major problems with Rodriguez and staff, the first is recruiting.  In particular, recruiting talented defensive players and recruiting your own backyard (Mich, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Chicagoland).  This staff has focused on Florida kids that the Big 3 primarily did not want.  Most elite kids out of Florida will not leave SEC land, so we are looking at good but not great players from there.  This has been the strategy of many Big Ten teams over the years, but never a top level Big Ten team.  Michigan, Ohio St., Penn St. have all established themselves as elite programs primarily drawing from their nearby regions.

The second major problem is that there has been terrible mismanagement of the team and program.  Many of the traditions, and much of the Michigan 'brand' has been lost.  Former players, faithful alumni, everyone has a very sour taste in their mouth and I just can't ever see getting that out without a change.  Rodriguez came in and neglected our current QB for the future, banking on a recruit to lead us at QB, he had no contingency plan, that resulted in a year of lost offense.  He fired our first D-coordinator (which he hired) who has had success before and success after he left.  He then got to hire whatever D-coordinator he wanted and the result was the worst Defense in Michigan history.  His inability to win just ONE big game in three years and a record of 6-18 in the Big Ten is inexcusable beyond any excuse (regardless of merit).
The only positive has been what people think is an explosive offense.  But the team I watched couldn't score against good teams when it matters.  In fact, the atrocious offense of 2008 actually scored more points in the 1st half of the Big Ten season than did our 2010 offense.  MSU, Iowa, PSU, Wisc, and OSU our great offense averaged less than 7 points in the 1st half, that will not keep a team with no ball control in any games.
The following article should warm the cockles of your heart and with a football conscious will help you realize only this will get us back to football prominence.