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11/03/2014 - 9:46pm People need to have a little faith

I think the timeline will actually be longer than people realize. I think Schlissel is going to do long search. He is going through a very rigorous process.  He is not just hiring somebody to hire coaches, he hiring an officer of the university. I expect him to do a search similar to the way they do other executive officer searches. That process takes a long time.  They probably will reach out to a lot of candidates over the next few months. I have confidence that the process will result in the best candidate. I just hope there is some stakeholder input into the process.

For what it is worth, I think Sheehy may be a great candidate. Like people above have noted, his current position actually has more to it than being the Athletic Director. One of the issues with Brandon was his inability to engage with students and other campus stakeholders. Sheehy has experience doing that.

10/16/2014 - 6:35pm Thanks for the support

This has never been about me. It is about representing the voices of all those frustrated by the current situation. If you ever have any reccomendations about how I can better represent you, feel free to tell me. I think my e-mail is on the petition, so that is great way to reach out.

04/22/2013 - 11:39pm I hope the Athletic Department has a plan

They should learn from the basketball experience. They need to have a process to address some of the key issues. For basketball line cutting, seat saving, and drinking in line are major problems. The AD has done little to stop it. The seating saving problem will be worse in Michigan Stadium. In fact I assume it will become standard protocal for greek life.

I hang out with probably some of the most intense Michigan basketball fans. We manage to get front row bleechers every game. We probably will be some of the first people in the Big House under this policy. We are the type of people that will benefit from this policy. Yet almost all my friends hate the policy (including the freshmen). Why? It isn't just about drinking and tailgating. Most of us are upset because now football will basically be a massive time drain. We already spend insane amounts of time waiting for basketball games. It just isn't fun to wait 7+ hours in a line.

03/07/2011 - 3:49pm Student Tickets

Around 1200 student tickets were sold this year. If I remember correctly, 687 returning students bought season tickets when they were available with football tickets. The number of student tickets sold went to around 1160 when freshmen bought their football tickets. Not many students bought them in the September period.


Around 300 students never picked up the tickets (I never heard the real figure but I have seen the stack of tickets). Apparently, on average only half the students with tickets will show up to a game. 600 students fit in the bleacher section so expanding it to the other side would add around another 500-600. In order to be confident that the added section will be full, the Athletic department would want around 2400 student tickets sold. If we can consistently get to that number, we may see the expansion of the student section.