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06/21/2014 - 8:47pm Two Hearted....

Two cans. It's weird.

11/02/2013 - 9:21pm ^That is all^

No more analysis needed.

10/19/2013 - 6:31pm Shank the ginger!!!

Sick if seeing that lone wolf, ginger, IU fan with the Bball jersey. I'd shank that kid...popping the jersey and shit. Not really, but, you know...

10/19/2013 - 5:33pm Bosch!!!

Bosch is playing well. I like it!

09/28/2013 - 11:48pm Last 2 games

Michigan has been terrible in all of the quarters. Ohio is better now. Accept it.

09/28/2013 - 11:43pm Not top 5?

At this point who would you rank above them? Look pretty top 5 to me.

09/07/2013 - 4:58pm Northwestern line???

A 17 point favorite over 'Cuse?  Did I see that right?

09/07/2013 - 11:25am Tate

Like Tate's wings?

07/28/2013 - 8:32pm My head and ass are right

My head and ass are right where they belong.  I'm not naive enough to think that cash gifts don't go down at a lot of places...perhaps most.  Unfortunately, that's just the way it is.  I don't believe every kid driving a BMW or Benz is receving illegall benefits.  Some kids just have families that can provide that.  I do like to think that Brady Hoke and company do it "the right way" and I honestly believe they do.

07/28/2013 - 8:22pm The brutally honest voice of

The brutally honest voice of reason. 

07/28/2013 - 8:21pm Regardless of what he

Regardless of what he speculated amount is, it could still be Mommy and Daddy money instead of SEC money. Not sure if I believe that, but it COULD BE.

07/28/2013 - 7:59pm GOAT!

With the OL, RB, And overall D class that has been and wiil continue to be put together, Mr. Campbell has all the potential to be the best WR at Michingan in a long time, if not all time.

07/28/2013 - 7:53pm When in this thread did it

When in this thread did it become $5, 000, any damn way?  Last I saw it 1G tops.

07/28/2013 - 7:52pm Mine would have.  That's why

Mine would have.  That's why I just thought maybe every kid with cash in hand isn't handling "dirty money."

07/28/2013 - 7:49pm Reebok?

What does Reebok do now?

07/28/2013 - 7:47pm I was bitter about Ty Isaac

I was bitter about Ty Isaac and Damon Webb.  They'll live and so will we.

07/28/2013 - 7:45pm College funds???

Not all of these kids come from broken, poor, families.  Perhaps Mom and Dad have college funds that they no longer need because stud athlete son just had his college paid for due to his athletic prowess. Could be a little bonues fun money from Mom and Dad. Maybe.

(sp) bonus and use of commas

sorry grammar cops

07/25/2013 - 6:00pm " game in July..."

matters when you're in a playoff race in September.  They all matter.

06/21/2013 - 4:23pm Nowhere

We live in the Keweenaw peninsula. We endure 5-6 months of winter just for the beautiful summers. Nowhere quite like The Keweenaw.

05/22/2013 - 7:15pm I do have to agree about

I do have to agree about Singletary.  I will give you that.  Singletary is more of an all-time Bears legend than an all-time great MLB.  I just don't get the absolute certain feeling of first-ballot hall of famer like I do with a guy like Lewis.  I am not denying that Urlacher was a very good player.  I just think he was over-hyped and therefore overrated.

05/22/2013 - 3:10pm I always thought he was one

I always thought he was one of the most overrated players year after year.  He is not on the same level as Singletary, Butkus, or even Ray Lewis.  Just one man's opinion, though.  A bit surprised by all the Urlacher love on the board.

05/11/2013 - 5:29pm This is a great adittion to

This is a great adittion to the class.  I think this is where LM really wanted to be the whole time and the coaches really wanted him.  Look at that grin in the pic with Ferns.  Very happy for you, LM. Welcome.

05/10/2013 - 8:39pm The relative lack of success

The relative lack of success being predicted by a lot of "experts" reminds me a little of '97.  Not real high expacteations that year either.  We know how that went.  Just sayin'.

*EXPECTATIONS*  Sorry, Oberon...Friday.

05/10/2013 - 3:23pm Girbaud's...

Pretty sure those are Girbaud's.