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02/08/2015 - 5:40am Your absolutely correct.

Your absolutely correct. These are grown men purposely deceiving minors. Outside of sports this is a felony. Sports today are almost a joke because money is all that matters and the people in charge don't care what their doing to the sports we love.

02/06/2015 - 8:52pm 1st comment in awhile.

But please stop commenting... osu, texas, ucla all did the same thing. Maybe not exactly the same way but the same none the less. Don't dress up which was worse. Deceit is deceit. And about that run game and high academic culture you all have.... Lol. Congrats on the last 2 years of a nice run game. 2 thousand yard rushers in myers tenure. Props. But let's also not forget you all don't play school...

02/28/2013 - 11:28am Ok... Let's all sit back and

Ok... Let's all sit back and think about what this Michigan team is. Its young and b4 the season started not many ppl expected the season to go the way it has. I figured we could have about 6-7 bad losses. But as of today Michigan only has 2 bad losses. 4 losses to 4 ranked teams that we were very much in the game with. I'll take what this young team is giving us. 5 losses on the road does not equal the end of the world.

And let's b honest... A 1 seed would b amazing given how long its been, but its not what we all predicted at the beginning. Let the rest of the season play out. As bad as our loss to Penn St feels they matched up pretty well in both games. Michigan will pick themselves up from this. A young team needed to b alil embarrassed. Too much hype too early. Time to get up for revenge against State. 2-1 the rest of the season and Michigan's a 2 seed easily or 1 depending on what everyone else does. Let's get hyped for what Michigan has left. A chance to make a statement.

02/28/2013 - 12:14am Im new but Im not new...

Im new but Im not new... Registered casue Im tired of looking at ppl complain. We lost, but we didnt lose because our team didnt play to win. Burke is completely correct in what he said. In games against Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and now Penn St we lost because officials change the course of games with their officiating. Remember Michigan was up 15, then all of a sudden we touch a penn st player and their shooting free throws. no calls, bad calls, or jus plain missed calls always seem to go against us. it is what it is... Players play, the coaches coach, and officials are gonna do what they do. But please dont blame the team for a loss like this. The players didnt play to lose. Sumtimes U jus cant beat the other team and the calls going against U