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06/03/2010 - 3:29pm Funny...

that you make an asinine typo-correction that includes a G-DAMN TYPO.

There is no silent 'e' at the end of 'not', you dumb jackass.

I have an English degree from UM and I typed the original post in 2 min at my job as a technical writer, so I don't need bullshit instruction from a holier-than-thou armchair grammarian who can't even type a short response without screwing it up. I made a small, and common, mistake while hastily typing.  Go to hell for even caring.

06/03/2010 - 2:46pm Nothing to do with the kid's personal situation....

My comparison is based entirely off the potential impact each would have had at UM.

If Jai Eugene had been at UM from 2006 onward, he would have likely been a major contributor on a team that needed serious help in the secondary.

If Demar were to be at UM in 2010, he would likely be a major contributor on a team that needs serious help in the secondary.

Regardless of the circumstances for their not joining the Wolverines, the fact remains that they would have been impact players.

Regarding your second point, do you really think its likely that he makes it to AA next year, or the year after? SEC schools much closer to home can offer significantly less stringent academic standards as well as "other" benefits.... if he finds out that his path to UM might hurt his potential as a future NFL player, I would not blame him for making a personal decision that has him staying down south.

05/25/2010 - 11:32am In my mind, a few questions remain...

1) What can/should the University to do in retaliation to the Free Press?  Is there any reason NOT to revoke their press passes?  If we cannot do this, why not?  If we can do so, but choose not to, what is the reasoning behind it?  Are there any other avenues (legal, practical or otherwise) for well-deserved revenge?

2) What can/should we, a powerful and large group of fans, do to retaliate against the Free Press?  Of course the passive boycotting of their paper is one thing, but could we not purchase billboards and advertising time to lambaste the yellow journalists who did this to us, as well as their employer? If this is not possible, why not?  If it is, but we choose to sit and do nothing, what justification would we have?

3) If we do end up having a successful season by universally-held satandards (8-4 minimum, but likely 9-3 with victories over ND & MSU at least), will the Free Press anti-Rodriguez faction finally give up their crusade?  If not, will anything?  I could see us going undefeated with a national championship and still receiving flack from that group of charlatans.

04/28/2010 - 11:34am Drake doesn't SUCK per se...

It's more that he represents a new, different style of lyricism that focuses more on creating clever back-and-forths and subtle wordplay (a style made mainstream and popularized by Young Jeezy). His focus is less on a fierce lyrical style/profound wisdom/storytelling and more on creating simple, easy-to-memorize lyrics that make his casual listeners chuckle with simple puns and cultural references.

Whereas a guy like Eminem weaves layers upon layers of traditional poetic tradition (I'm serious- I wrote a long research paper at UM on the stylistic, rhythmic and poetic archetypes employed in "Brain Damage" from the Slim Shady LP- the results were stunningly in his favor as a super genius, whether he realizes what he's doing or not. Please feel free to ask me more about it!), Drake sits back on a sick beat and talks about his life for a few minutes.

Either way, I'm not the biggest Drake fan but I think he gets EXCELLENT beat production (especially 'Say Something' by Timbaland- incredible) and has some pretty clever lines.

He is NOWHERE near a real lyricist or legitimate rapper, but as far as bubblegum pop is concerned I think he makes some pretty good songs.

Take him for what he's worth, but he really doesn't SUCK in the way that Soulja Boy, Lil Jon, etc.. are just horrible horrible non-musicians who got very lucky with their music-business affiliations.