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04/09/2013 - 4:08am Thank you


Thank you to each of the guys on this team: whether you were the Player of the Year or the last guy on the bench, I know each guy had a role on this team and each played that role spectacularly. 

I kept my subscription to the B1G Network specifically to watch this team, and it’s what I looked forward to each week. This last year has been a really shitty year in my life, but knowing that I got to watch this team play a couple times a week kept me going.

To even get that far in the tournament in commendable, but to do so with class makes me proud. I remember shooting around when I was five on my Michigan Wolverines backboard in our Grand Rapids garage in 1990. I have loved Michigan ever since, and this has been my favorite Michigan team follow.

So thank you, every single one of you, who made this season possible. Special seasons like these don’t come around every year, but you all made this one so enjoyable from a fan perspective. I can only imagine the memories all of you on the team will carry on from this season. Go Blue.